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  1. Interesting.....just have him check only people with elevated body temperatures....24/7? Actually a better idea than "tracking wristbands". But a unit of dogs would actually be needed.
  2. I find this interesting, because it proves they keep last year's extension documents. Now, of course this begs the question about actually using previous data in a useful way; to facilitate efficient processing of extensions that change very little. Bureaucracies seem to be universally (or nearly so) inefficient.
  3. For the most part, I think you're correct. IMO, there is a type of tourist who might well submit. It is the "cruise ship" variety. As long as food and drink are included or some incentive to make them imagine they are 'getting a deal', this "day care" variety of tourist, might just be interested. But, from what I've observed in this country, the instigators have a long way to go before such a thing is possible. It might be because, they don't have any real investment, as do the hardworking capitalists that support the tourist industry...by investing, owning and running the businesses that made
  4. I suspect most other countries give tests for free. This makes the most sense.....if a particular country actually wants to prevent covid 19 infections. The mass poor of any country are not likely to pay for a test and will also avoid a hospital, unless they are feeling so bad that they think they're dying. The survival rate is so high, that (IMO) most will risk not paying for an expensive test anyway.
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