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  1. You can buy the generic V in any of the pharmacies for 180 per pack , made in Thailand now the the patent has expired, exactly the same stuff but generic.
  2. A what a bunch of suck holes, take this gift and all will be forgotten makes me want to throw up.
  3. Did they not bring them all in a few days ago with a meeting on how to be polite and not to overcharge customers, they even gave a free first aid course after the meeting. WAs the Sparta knife loss of face defence course included in the meeting? I must have missed the memo on that one.
  4. I was in a 7/11 the other day and I witnessed a Thai girl put her Thai ID card in the the machine on the counter so it could read the micro chip with all her information, I found it to be an invasion of privacy for a retail store to be able to read all this personal information, as for you passport, don’t worry about it, as other posters stated everybody from banks, hotel, motorbike rental company’s and immigration has a copy.
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