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  1. 'Please Don't Try This At Home Kids' If You Suck Up A Bum Gun,You'll End Up Attached To The Wall . And Certainly Wont Be Moving Anywhere Fast !!!
  2. No,just spellcheck/ keyboard problems, thats all. sorry you got scammed pal.
  3. Ha ,like i said the spellcheck was playing upland with the TV delay it was too late to rectify it.
  4. I try to see the good side of pretty much all Nations if i can. Sure i can see the faults as well, but nobody's perfect eh !
  5. i meant son dogs not ski dogs.flipping autocorrect !
  6. most ski dogs won't hang around even if they see you picking stones up Poet. I guess they are used to seeing that ! My 2 don't like water either.
  7. All the relevant information is freely available if you care to look.
  8. Just think how much the coffee shops could make though. 1 coffee and 1 free glass of water every 2-3 hrs all ads up you know !
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