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  1. My Wife did a makro run last week, and i asked her to get some good beef. She said not a good idea as there has been some dodgy stuff going round apparently. (Maybe she saw something on the Thai news)
  2. Got a good new Android from Lazada a few weeks ago. It was Just under 10 000 Bht cheaper than what i would have Paid for it in the UK (took 2 days to arrive If you know what model you want, there are some good bargains on there. However, if you don't , hit the mobile shops or shopping malls.
  3. Yes i agree, guess it all comes down to where you renew it/how busy etc. Up until earlier on in the year,they used to fill it in for me . Always worth keeping a pre-filled in one though. This last time i was done and dusted within under 2 mins .
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