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  1. excellent use of funds. confiscating peoples money to ensure that rubber is "the proper price" helps society in so many ways.
  2. Now more videos of other officers around the country committing similar acts are coming out. He should be charged with murder (and convicted) but the problem is not racism or the current media narrative. The problem is the system. These officers are trained to take these actions which is why so many officers stood their and watched. This officer was following protocol. People have every right to be mad, police kill people every day in every country. It would be great if the anger was directed at the state itself. The state is the one who wrote the laws, the state is the one who confiscated the money to fund the police, the state is the one who wrote the standard operating procedures, the state is the one who arm these thugs and outfit them in military attire. Until people wake up and realize that its not the individuals but the entity of the state that is the source of this needless violence, people will continue to be killed and maimed in broad daylight. Had someone tried to step in and stop this assault they would have been arrested for "obstruction of justice" and possibly shared George's ultimate fate. If a group of civilians continually acted in this fashion we would call to disband that entity. But since its the state we fright amongst ourselves. Team red and team blue are already pointing fingers at each other and distracting most everybody from the actual problem.
  3. Its actually not a terrible idea, if i was coming in and needed to be quarantined id like the option. For sure would not want stuck in the cheapest hotel the government could find.
  4. Yes, the term "junk bond" simply means a low credit rating, typically BBB or lower. Many counties are in "junk" status.
  5. The baht is not getting stronger, if it was then the prices you list above would be going down not up. What is happening is that the baht is weakening more slowly than the major currencies due to all the "stimulus" that many western countries are pumping out. Most of these "stimulus" packages are financed by central banks (o.e. printing more money). As those central banks flood the market with excess currency the value of those currencies goes down faster than the Thai Baht which gives the illusion of a strong currency. So if you want to know who to blame for the lack of value your home currency now demands, blame your home government/central bank. Its funny to hear expats on this forum blame the Thai government for the lack of purchasing power of their home counties currency. The Thai central bank would be wise to increase the value of the baht rather than decrease. A strong currency would lead to economic growth through foreign investment. It would also result in a price drop on goods and services within the economy which would benefit the Thai people in the long run.
  6. The shame is that CNN and the normal suspects are able to turn this into a racial thing instead of what it is. Government agents following government directives created by government bureaucrats to quash peoples freedoms. where were all these protesters when Duncan Socrates Lemp was shot by police in his home.......... WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING. Dont get me wrong, what happened to Floyd is completely unacceptable and its good to see people waking up. I just wish people could come together and realize that its not a black/white issue. Its not a blue team vs red team issue. This is government tyranny vs the people issue
  7. Because the Fed and ECB are printing money in quantities that is unprecedented. I know "unprecedented" has been thrown around a lot recently. But I am using the literal definition in this case. Its not the Baht getting stronger, its the dollar, yen, euro etc all getting much weaker
  8. Then what is the purpose of all this? https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/situation-reports/20200402-sitrep-73-covid-19.pdf "there has been no documented asymptomatic transmission"
  9. The point of this is to isolate people who may be infected right? Has anyone thought this through? im curious what people are going to do/think when the actually try to enforce the repercussions. What exactly will people do when a government official shows up at their home and tells them "come with us., we need to separate you from your family because you may have the virus." What if the person doesnt have the virus and you put them in a place with a bunch of people who DO have it? How many of you cheering this on will willingly get in a government detention center and be confident the government (same ones who handle your visa applications) will take better care of you then your own family? I can already hear the response of "they are just going to check to see if you have symptoms." What if you happen to have an unrelated cold? And if that is all they are doing what is the point? If you have symptoms of covid you should see a doctor anyway. This is complete insanity.
  10. This is exactly what is happening world wide. Governments all over the globe are using this as a scapegoat for their past incompetence and failed policies.
  11. You mean all the government "stimulus" and regulations didn't counteract the forced government stay at home measures? Shocked I am, shocked i tell you. Dons worry folks, there will be 10 new committees and 3 new departments to assess the situation and provide new policies. It's amazing how brave these government workers are. They assure us that we need to stay home for our safety because leaving the house may result in death but they are willing to take that chance and continue to work as normal. It's almost as they don't believe their own rhetoric .
  12. How about letting people get on with their lives and the rest will sort itself out. The only thing the government can do to help is get out of the way.
  13. If your concerned about traffic then Bangkok is probably not the best place for your to live. I have a feeling its less to do with the reasons stated and more to do with their own property value. More new supply means lower prices for their units/houses. Be interesting to see if these are the same people complaining about lack of housing 30 years from now like in many major cities in the USA (SF comes to mind).
  14. Another one with the "you want people to die" if you do an honest assessment of the situation. Stop attributing motives you look foolish and without a proper argument.
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