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  1. It depends on the area where you are going to live. The area of Natai and Kokloy , which is close to Phuket,has some farang presence, French, British and Dutch. Several big estates belong to the Russians. The area further north from Phuket, particularly Khao Lak, has a little German community and several Scandinavian families live there most of the year. Very few farang people live in Phang Nga Town and the area around. It’s advisable to speak Thai to survive there. Western foods can be a problem in the inland areas. We cook. There is almost no apartments or condos, farang ppl live in houses in Phang Nga.
  2. I find it very convenient to understand what your Thai friends and relatives write in social media. I usually answer to the Thai language messages in English. For me written Thai is much easier, probably because I stay in HK or Europe most of the year and I am exposed to spoken Thai only 4 months a year. I have already lost my ability to speak any coherent Thai.
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