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  1. confused. why in the first place travel alone to your "own" country, and leave Thai family and child alone? if traveling and staying alone wasnt a probpem before, pls dont let it suddenly be a problem or blame the Thai governement.
  2. no countries of course. but the intention of this article, and most farang articles about "Thailand" is to make a sensational article with half truths, a dose of ridicule, etc, at the expense of the host country. Also, i doubt if there still are great numbers of "stranded farang", i bet my m0ney these farangs on an amnesty visa, stay here in safe Thailand out of free will, reluctant to return to their own unsafe home country. Many are in fact looking to get a one year visa from visa agents. They are loving it here.
  3. meanwhile in a country far far away, Bozo the Clown still refuses to wear a mask and says 99% of corona cases are not that bad, while thousands and thousands of people in that Great Country croaked in make shift tent hospitals. you cant make that stuff up.
  4. i still dont get it. Whats with the constant China bashing? China has covid under control (unlike the usa). And China is a neighbour of Thailand, with long stable good relations, and lets not forget the many Chinese immigrants who integrated and helped Thailand grow economically (oh what a difference with the cynical farang immigrants..) Its only natural and fair and common sense thatChina would be included. The current anti China sentiments are basically a war drumbeat from global bully nr 1 usa who cant handle competition from China instead tries to warmonger other western countries in an unfounded Anti China sentiment. Pathetic.
  5. yes, sure, they are all clowns and idiots, all Thai profesionals, officials, politicians, and just about anyone here in Thailand. Except you of course, the Pinnacle of Wisdom and Knowledge and Compassion. anyway, making predictions and than learning from it and adjusting is a normal way and smart way to go. nothing wrong with that.
  6. i'd rather be a coconut picking monkey in Thailand than be a pet dog in a western country locked up in a home all day and only outside on a leash. Peta lashing out at coconut picking monkeys is based on rascism against Asian ppl (the myth of the Cruel Asian.) Its also smart because its a fast declining practice anyway. Next year Peta can claim a "victory" for the monkeys and the cashflow from peta donors starts to flow. As a vegan myself, i deeply detest Peta. I know and understand their tactics and campaigns, and these are mainly designed to satisfy their supporters (and not to educate the public) and make sure tye donations keep flowing. Peta, once a great organ9sation, turned into a bunch of clowns. sad.
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