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  1. arresting and deporting 15 cameroons for illegally cutting protected trees. thats what i call a good job. well done. um, i think most of the more than 2000 arrested foreigners are not western farang but most likely people from Laos and Vietnam. Married to a Thai, living and working here since many years, and now just like the farang, suddenly hit by the new finacial rules.
  2. i never seldom see a farang being "happy". most of the time the farang walks on the street or the shopping center with a face as if he just swallowed a dozen lemons. His unhappiness is most likely unrelated to the enactment. he most probably is happy that the mf is caught, but not able to express that happiness on his face.
  3. well said. its nice to see an understanding person who can compliment the police for a job well done, and understand and respect Thai society. if all were like you, Thai Immigration laws would be very different. We would be WELCOMED by Immigration.
  4. bloody hell. the police does an excelent job and catches the attacker, yet "the forum farang" cannot express gratitude simply the usual cynical anti thai garbage is spewed. reenactments? nothing wrong with that. its called transparancy, and maybe it makes "the shy farang" a teeny bit uncomfortable, Thais dont mind. Its Thailand here! u r >not< in yr home country. they catched the mf in no time. GOOD JOB DONE!
  5. you are not being "critical" not even mentioning the new(harsh) rules u r merely ranting about mafioso in Italy and police in London and how happy u r in London. the usual cynical unfair rant of another farang who chose to live here, married his favorite bargirl, is treated nice bythe Thai, yet knows nothing better to do than being an ungrateful dog to his new country. again, stupid remark about the police. and bottpm line,it still stands, if u r so happy in London and so unhappy here, nobody forces u to live here. and thats totally different than being "critical".
  6. if u r so happy in London plz stay there, nobody puts a gun on yr head to come to Thailand. Dumb unfair remark about Thai police. My experiences with Thai police is they are profesional friendly and corteous.
  7. Suicide isnt possible here in Thailand. It has to be some sinister murder involving a Thai girlfriend or her Husband. And of course the police is too lazy to investigate or somebody bribed them! the paranoid from the forum farang goes a long way. Sad, really.
  8. it seems all the farangs like to do is trash their host country, expressing extreme cynical views about Thailand and Thai society. Very unfair. Not a big fan of Prayut but we must remember the whole story. Without the Thai military stepping in the Red Shirt agitators would have pushed Thailand in acivil war. After weeks of disrupting Bangkok they start with burning down Central. Military did what it had to do. If anythong, it were the Red Shirts who forced what came next. Besides that, Prayut did not a bad job all these years. As an environmentalist myself, i noticed he did some pretty good stuff with regards to the environment. Even if you oppose so strongly, we live here voluntarely, we are guests. Why get involved in politics in such a negative way? Funny song for the farang but it m9ght be denigrating for at least some Thai. Dont like it here? Move to Vietnam. Anyway, thx to this farang sucker, life has just become a bit more dificult for the farang.
  9. why? it would have been better if they rounded up and arrested dozens of girls and their customers? i say, fine, if they needed a pr photoshoot, well done, they have my blessing.
  10. Not Thailand. It always turned a blind eye to overstayers and never or seldom actively removed them and only in the case of an overstayed troublemaker.
  11. He is not even a Farang but a fellow Asian. I can fully understand and agree, and even VOLUNTEER to kick out all those bloody lowlife cinical farangs who walk the street with their bargirl-turned-wife and a big sour smileless expression, and who spend their hours on forums complaining about Thailand, visa or not, kick them out, lowlife cultureless bastards, but why kick out a seemingly old pensioner, and many other harmless foreign people?
  12. another case that clearly proofs the Good Guys In Bad Guys Out slogan is just a complete piece of garbage. Last week an Altzheimer patient forced out of Thailand, now a poor old harmless Japanese guy. Shame on Thailand.
  13. silly man. do not underestimate immigration or think they can be used. Thai Immigrationa always is aware of all farangs, they know the troublemakers as well the illegals. Its just up to them to act on that. Maybe their bosses up in bkk upped the numbers for catching illegals.
  14. Unbelievable. Another lowlife farang scumbag who has to belittle other people to feel great himself. And THUMBSUP for the motortaxi guys who first warn him and if all fails put the <deleted> out of business. Should have kicked him into the hospital for all i care. Do it at home, not in somebody elses country.
  15. yes that what you can expect from Thai people, nice and corteous. I had similar experiences (plural).
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