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  1. oh, the "nanny state", eh. something happens let's sue somebody else instead of taking own resposibility. lets pray Thailand will never become a sue culture like the usa where victimhood is encouraged and a sure way to get free money.
  2. uuumm, not sure, what is this news topic about? you have to pay 250 baht a day for parking your car at the airport, but if you can show evidence that you were stuck abroad die to covid restrictions, you dont have to pay fully but get reduction. seems like normal to me.
  3. Here we go again, positive initiatives are being ridiculed...
  4. If it was simple to fix why was it annoying? And what was annoying, the immigration officer for pointing it out, or you for not having the correct date on your insurance?
  5. just crazy white farang fantasy: the Thais should "beg" now for the farang to stay. i might get banned but this is just disilusional... sidenote. Desperate times are in America and the west, not here in Thailand.
  6. how and where did you get your understanding that "both parents have to be physically present"? how about letting the wife inform at the proper authorities how exactly to get a Thai passport. info from the right source might be more correct than an unspecified "understanding." lastly. i dont get it. your daughter is Thai. Born in Thailand. Why she has an American passport but not a Thai passport. I feel the whole dual nationality thing often turns into a superior feeling that the homecountry of the father has more value than the mother country of the child.
  7. Its a nice play with words, but thats it. America is a democracry and will be a democracy. Even though a clown like Trump fully abuses the democratic system. Calling a country a "dictatorship" just bc it doesnt have your style of western democracy is a deep selfserving lack of understanding and respecting other cultures. Most or at least a broad segment of the Thai people fully support the governement. This governement also has been democratically elected. (even if you think the rules were "rigged", at least you have to admit that anybody can fight ba
  8. thank you for sharing your opinion from your western point of view. Pullitzer material!
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