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  1. Maybe they are going through a gradual process of getting eligible ITIN holders to renew. Of course this is an assumption on my part. My wife has had an ITIN since 2002 with me claiming her as an exemption every year, and a couple of years ago we got a letter stating it was set to expire that upcoming January. The letter explained that her number fell into a range of numbers that were required to renew. We sent the documents as requested and it was renewed very quickly, and we experienced no changes to her being on my tax return as a dependent. We have always filed "married filing jointly".
  2. Sharing my experience with the upgrade to Catalina yesterday. I normally wait for about two months at least before upgrading to a new release, but for some reason I didn't this time. Around 1 pm I downloaded the update, that took about 12 minutes, and I started the install at 1:15 pm. It took a very long time, and several times I thought it had stalled or stopped. I was patient, and the install finally completed at 4:40 pm. The first screen that came up was "Screen Time". It gave the option to set it up later, so I selected that. That is when the install hung up. It just sat there, with the "back" and "continue" buttons greyed out. I searched the web and the advice I got from one of the Apple forums said to give it some time and perhaps it would resolve the problem on its own. They recommended "a few hours" time. I waited a little over two hours to no avail. At that time I decided to restart, and reset the SMC on my IMac. I powered down, unplugged the power cord for more than 15 seconds, plugged it back in, waited for over 5 seconds and then restarted. Thankfully it booted up just fine, and has been working as advertised for now, although I haven't tried any of the new features yet.
  3. The first time I used an outside pharmacy instead of the hospital pharmacy I requested a prescription because I thought it was required by Tricare. Since then (7 years ago) I have never submitted a prescription, just a hand written receipt from the pharmacy stamped PAID. I have never needed a controlled substance, so I don't know in that case what would be required.
  4. I have also never had a problem with a handwritten receipt. I always make sure they stamp the receipt PAID as an added precaution.
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