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  1. Last year the Bangkok Bank branch that held my account was in Bangkok. The local branch here in Chiang Mai had to send a request to Bangkok Bank main office to get a statement, which took 5 business days. After the statement arrived the local branch here did the letter. I have since moved my account to the Chiang Mai branch, so this year my local branch was able to do the statement and the letter while I waited. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. My experience at Bangkok Bank. Last year I used a different branch than where my account was held. It took five days. This year I went to the branch where my account is held and it took only 20 minutes.
  3. Don't know what price range you are looking for. I stayed 5 days at the end of August at the Shangri-la Chiang Mai. I booked a premier room. When I got to the hotel they offered me an upgrade to the next size room at half price. The room was an executive suite (86 sq mtr / 944 sq ft). They also had free breakfast and 20% discount on all meals except for room service.
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