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  1. They should include hotel 27 on soi 22 Sukhumvit the foreigners will soon get the gist oif government state Thailand style with the constant cochroaches in your room and filthy rooms after short time girls been there with a hundread customers in 3 days
  2. The democrats and FBI got together with chinese who all dont want trump in power and asked the chinese to let the virus spread all over so it would destroy economies and USA economies and make it look like trump was doing a bad job in election year , what a coincidence it happens in usa election year eh ? so that usa voters would vote in democrats , well trump will bring back usa economy in time to show US VOTERS to vote for trump and fingers crossed trump gets voted in again , they say there is a 2nd wave ??? nobody knows and if no 2nd wave are we going to wait inside our houses NO ! make sure democrats dont get there way VOTE TRUMP ! AND BEFORE YOU SAY IT IM FROM UK and can see whats happening
  3. they sound almost as bad as the police on beach road who allow drug dealers to peddle drugs marujana etc same faces doing it everyday on beach road , BUT if you sit down for more than 5 mins its an offence , maybe police ought to concentrate on themselves and which of them is getting the commission off the drugs
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