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  1. at 38 baht to pound and getting lower due a large part to brexit it wont go far and they are expecting it to go to 29 baht after 5 years of being out of EU
  2. The only positive for me coming out of it as a uk national is that my future trips and long stays will be in the Philippines no longer in Thailand as its them that are more accommodating . friendly , better exchange rate , and people not just wanting your money , also they don't harass a tourist with visa changes every month , the best bet for Thailand is to devalue the thai baht instead of getting 40 baht to the pound and dropping , the uk pound should should be 80 baht to the pound I base this on 15 years ago I was getting 70 to the pound so 15 years later this with prices going up etc should now be 80 baht to pound then I can take 2 girls for 25 pounds instead of it costing me 50 pounds excessive rip off
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