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  1. fforest1

    Article 44 may be used for poll postponement

    You could ask the same question about many countries....
  2. fforest1

    Article 44 may be used for poll postponement

    There is a name for this train of thought...Its called enabler.... The election lies have been going on for YEARS now....Please stop enabling and justifying false promises....
  3. fforest1

    Pattaya launches study into tram system

    Baht Buses are the best public transportation I have ever used in any country in the world.....More countries should use baht buses...
  4. There are conspiracy theories and there are conspiracy facts..... Fact....Expats in Thailand are given ZERO benefits or help in any way... So the ever tightening visas (which shows no signs of stopping) is reducing income to Thailand at a ever increasing pace by the reduction in the number of long stay tourist and expats..... For a Thai to voluntarily reduce their income with no compensation would be almost unthinkable..... So Jack is right that some one some where is being very richly compensated for the reduction in Thailands income... But I do agree with you talking about it probably will not change any thing.....But it is kind of fun to try and figure out witch levers the wizard behind the curtain is pulling....lol
  5. Boy this Thai Visa help section use to be a lively place a few years ago.. It looks like most of the post now are mostly about retirement extensions and marriage extensions.... Its looking to me like many many under 50s may have said screw it and thrown in the towel....If your under 50 you can only milk the tourist and Ed visas for X number of years before your done...Its sure as hell is no picnick having to renew tourist visas in a number of different countries every 3 months...... I dont really have any big point to make....But the the Thai Visa universe sure seems to me to be shrinking....
  6. But people that are different than me are scary and I enjoy making fun of them...
  7. Folks its critical that we protect Pattayas beautiful world famous coral reefs... If we dont protect them one day we might see the beach covered in Trash and the ocean water a filthy black color.....O-Wait.....
  8. fforest1

    Pattaya launches study into tram system

    Beach and second road is the last place Pattaya needs a tram....There are like a Zillion baht buses there now.....How about a tram out to the lake or some thing useful... Who the hell is going to ride the tram? Are you going to wait 10-15-20 minutes for the tram or catch a baht bus in 30 seconds? The ONLY way the tram would work would be to ban the baht buses....Talk about a downgrade.... O-yea and the Zillion baht tram cant charge over 10 baht to compete with the baht buses.... The tram is just a stupid and expensive idea for Beach and 2nd road...How about that turn at walking street from Beach road to 2nd road ? They would have to tear out a lot of buildings there to make that work....
  9. We live in dangerous times and national security is a serious matter Please stop drinking the Kool-aid.....
  10. Como Estas---How are you Cuanto Por Poco Tiempo........How much for short time
  11. So can I now claim to be a refugee escaping Donald Trump in America? And no more need to renew my retirement visa?......Could the Brits claim to be a refugee from Brexit ?..........Hey a refugee is a refugee is a refugee......Right?
  12. So can I now claim to be a refugee escaping Donald Trump in America? And no more need to renew my retirement visa?......Could the Brits claim to be a refugee from Brexit ?.......... Speaking on Wednesday, the newly appointed head of immigration, Surachate Hakparn, said refugees would no longer be returned home “involuntarily”. Thailand’s immigration chief has pledged a reversal of the country’s notoriously harsh treatment of refugees following the global furore around a young Saudi woman’s attempt to seek asylum
  13. What do you think Thailand 4.0 is really about? What do you think all this escaping the middle income trap rubbish is all about? They want to make Thailand a EXPENSIVE place to live just like Singapore....They see Singapore as the perfect model to strive for in every way.....Only problem with this I have yet to meet even one expat who ever wanted to move to Singapore.....Hell most guys you could hardly pay them to live there...lol...........Never remember any one on Thai Visa saying they wanted to move to Singapore either.....So they are striving for things many came here to get away from....
  14. Guys can any one tell me just one thing immigration has done to make visas more easy in the last 10 years ? Online 90 day reporting being the exception....Man loads of you guys are so gullible you will believe any thing they say...... The last 10 year visa was a complete turd...... If this was a roulette wheel red and black says the next 10 year visa will also be a turd green says the 10 year visa will be really great visa.........The odds do not look good...
  15. fforest1

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    The Tikka center across from Soi Honey on Soi Bukow makes excellent Nan...Fresh and hot every time....The Tikka center has been my go-to Indian restaurant for years... They did just raise the price of the Nan from 20 baht to 30 baht.....They are getting greedy.... But they do give you some very good green chutney for free.....