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  1. Could make it a field day in any of the national parks, tourists will happily come from, no idea, and pay 500 Baht only to attend :D. What are you smoking, TAT? Good stuff!
  2. They actually look for volunteers at the immigration offices to help people do the right things. May this be something for you and to better all of us?
  3. Man, you still don't get it, do you? It is not about the overstay but that he get reported for nothing by some BetterHuman for having a skin a bit darker than Isaan. Look up what "Denunziant" means. I wrote it now the 3rd time.
  4. With such Thailand Understanders as yourself it does not really cause problems that the bank repossesed that smart BMW . They can rely on Denunzianten.
  5. You don't get it, do you? He did not do a thing, he was reported by a BetterHuman because that BetterHuman did not like his face. I call this not only racist but a shame that Thailand Understanders like you try to talk it right. Which it is clearly not to <deleted> your fellow neighbors.
  6. As I wrote before, that pretty much confirms that there will be no automatic extension anymore. Probably 30 days on application in person for 1900B.
  7. Nicely racist report. Was it a local or an alien who got intimidated by a guy with a darker face then themselves?
  8. What kept you out in the cold so long TAT? Inactive posts looming?
  9. Ok, bit late but never too late for the party TAT. You guys shoud be the first and foremost to be fired if there is ever anything to be better to be implemented in this country.
  10. Don't need to make this another 90 days discussion. If you don't trust it, go there, simple.
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