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  1. My visa going to expire june 16, so it would actually be better for me to do a visa run before this date because I would get 3 months from june which puts me well after july 31. But if boarders are closed guess dont really have a choice :S
  2. Has anyone done a visa run on land recently? Or know if we can. I usually do a land visa run at Mae Sai, holding a Non-Imm ) multiple entry visa, so every exit and rentry I get 90 days more, with the whole covid situation last one I just got an extension (60 days) from immigration, so not sure if I can do two extentions, and Im really just wanting to do the easier boarder run for the extra 30 days of not worrying about it. Not sure if the borders are open though, and would hate to do the crossing and then being stuck in Burma and not allowed back into Thailand Anyone with any experience of the situation of boarder runs, especially Mae Sai , would appreciate any info. Cheers
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