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  1. Hi, I will be returning to Chiang Mai midyear and wanting to get my son (6 year old) into a bilingual school in chiang mai (He grew up in Thailand but he has been attending school in Australia for the last year). Wondering if any parents out there have their kids enrolled in a bilingual school in Chiang Mai and can tell me if they are happy with their experience there, and what schools you would recommend or steer clear of. I have been looking at Ambassador Bilingual School, seems to be reasonable fees and also only teach thai for 4 hours a week, the rest of the lessons in English, which sounds great, but have no idea what the actual experience is like. Appreciate any input
  2. Hi, I am a day trader, mainly trading bond futures, wondering if anyone else in Chiang Mai community is in the same profession? Would be good to be able to have a few beers after stressful day with a fellow participant
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