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  1. Please see post #2 second part. Vanguard wants you to fill in a form to set up a standing order for SWIFT code wires into any Thai bank. On that form you can specify Chase as intermediary, for a $2 fee in additional to the $10 wiring fee at Vanguard.
  2. While transferring from Vanguard to Bangkok Bank Bangkok, an ACH/IAT via Bangkok Bank NY will cost about the same as a SWIFT wire if you use Chase Bank as the intermediary at $2 flat fee instead of Bangkok Bank NY . Assuming you pay $10 to Bangkok Bank NY to receive an ACH and $10 for Vanguard a wire. ACH: Vanguard $0 + BBLNY $10= $10. SWIFT: Vanguard $10 + Chase $2=$12. ..plus the BBL Bangkok receiving fee. Vanguard wires are free for accounts with balance over 1M.
  3. Can you order a domestic wire from Vanguard to Bangkok Bank NY? If possible this wire will use the ABA number which you used to link Bangkok Bank NY to Vanguard. If this failed you will need to set up international wire transfer using SWIFT Code. The set up form is not available online so you need to call or send a message to request. The form needs a medallion signature guarantee which is not available in Thailand. You will have to check with Vanguard what is acceptable in lieu of the Medallion signature.
  4. Extension of stay with 800k in fixed deposit based on retirement at JOmtein yesterday, did not need 12 months bank transaction history. Just sharing my experience. 100B for a bank letter, updated bank book on a BBL machine, as I did before.
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