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  1. been having no other option lately thanks to covid....saving lots of money tho!
  2. As per the free crabs Im pretty sure the bargirls in pattaya would match that offer... small deposit req'd...
  3. Soon to be quoted as "they're all dead"...Film at 11. Hence the saying Ignorance is Bliss....
  4. Said my granny masseuse while giving me my happy massage..
  5. Is what the doc told me if i chose to have laser surgery.....seems confirmed with google search too...what meds are you taking to keep the "status quo"?
  6. Funfact my sister lived in the same apt building as that Bobbitt gal in VA........they did a Netfix series about LB....recently...interesting watch......
  7. I too have had this happen..she texted saying she was coming over after I threw her out days before---makes sense about key cards and security guards in LOS..
  8. Ok ok..I'll stop hanging around...was just trying to be a wingman.......as to the OP...your post answered itself--cut her loose...many fish in the sea-esp during covid
  9. Well the PM DID promise to Bring Happiness to the People........wanna play---you have to pay--Covid refuses to quarantine....
  10. just had the camera go "in" this week and my prostate is growing.....my dad had the laser reduction but he wanted a vasectomy anyway my doc said if i got a stent-euro-lift procedure it may hold 5 yrs but may have more "function" as opposed to the laser of destruction(of ur sex life)
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