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  1. Now I am even more confused Thanks for the responses so far. MS> http://library.siam-legal.com/thai-law/land-act-2497-limitations-of-foreigner-rights-sections-86-96/
  2. Good morning: Thank you for helping m out here. 1) Can a foreigner co'own a house and land it's on with a TH wife, registered officially on Chanode? 2) What happens if wife dies? Can foreigner keep ownership? What are procedures? 3) Anybody with an English link to the Civil/Commercial TH law where I could read up on this. Any responses much appreciated. Regards. MS>
  3. The guy is a nutter and often seen on Bouakao. In fact he almost stepped in front of my bike the same afternoon after the morning drama. Obviously he lives on a different planet, never wears shoes. MS>
  4. Amazing TH. How about asking some experts from abroad before starting this soap opera. Or at least the TV experts.... 5555555... MS>
  5. Did it improve the flooding situation? Don't look like.... 1 hr. downpour today and Soi Bouakao the usual flooded mess. They will never get this under control.. MS>
  6. I need to send some documents in reasonable time frame, about 7 days, to England. Any recommendations please what service to use without spending a small fortune. Thanks. MS>
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