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  1. The only constant is inconsistency even from the same IO. As xylophone said above "Never a dull moment".
  2. Better check your valuables again to see whether any items is missing.
  3. Does any one knows what is happening with Flints-One Bakery at Chalong (near to Wine Connection)? It seems to be closed for more than a month. All shuttered up with no notice posted.
  4. For my recent TM30 report (returning from overseas) using the drive through, I only hand over my passport and the latest TM6 card (not copy). No need for all the document that were required for reporting your address.
  5. When you use the drive through booth, you have to go in a car or motorcycle. There were previous reports that the IO will not process the report if you "walk-in". When you use the drive through, there is no need for any document. Just your passport and your latest TM6 Immigration card. Tell the IO you are still living at the same address and you will get a new report slip in your passport.
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