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  1. In countries where corruption is endemic the "rule of law" does not apply. I would take any conviction for " embezzlement" with a pinch of salt. She probably didn't grease the right palms so ended up inside.
  2. Nobody here is getting a free ride. Europe should not be held responsible for housing and feeding the third world.
  3. He'll be great at it - he has the background and experience already. Cambodian lawyers are all greedy, corrupt liars.
  4. Ok. It must be just be my local Studio 7 who are crooks. They lied about the warranty when I bought the computer. When it faiiled after nine days they lied again. When I called Apple they were not happy - it reflects badly on their reputation. Apple spoke to the store manager - he lied to them too. Anyway, back on topic - I just ordered the M1 Mac Mini 16GB directly from Apple - should be with me mid-December.
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