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  1. If I had to take a bet on anyone having been in the SAS or SBS, it'd be that quiet guy in the corner who doesn't say much. You know when they die, apparently. Like some Welsh guy told me a story about how a pretty ordinary guy in his village got a salute from a double rank at his funeral.
  2. Football lost its way a long time ago, IMHO. As a guy who always loved, as a kid, playing the game; and, as an adult, watching not so fascinating matches, purely from territoral interest. It's come a long way from its working class roots.
  3. So basically we have, or they're trying to impose by terror, a state within a state, an Islamic state within the French state.
  4. What is a Sparta knife? Like, what distinguishes it from your everyday run of the mill knife. From the photo he has some kind of oblong shaped thing in his hand; certainly not a knife; is it some sort of razor knife, like those credit card things you can buy on the market? Sorry to show my ignorance, not really up on these things.
  5. No, just a bit weird. Happy guys don't volunteer. I volunteered cos it was a way of escaping a very bad situation where I was screwed career wise, healthwise, and relationship wise. A war on two fronts is bad enough, a war on 3 fronts is too much. Luckily it turned out OK, more through luck than judgement. Must admit though, a year or two in Thailand, is worth a lot in terms of experience, especially in the early days, before you get settled with the three dogs, two cats, and the crazy woman.
  6. Really depends on how you view the situation. Ninety per cent or more on one side, ten per cent or less on the other, who's going to win? It will be bad for Thailand, that's for sure, violence I mean.
  7. Just to say it was a bit of a thing to stand up for "God Save the Queen" in English cinemas in the 1950s. The habit declined over time. Thailand is just playing catch up. As I understand it, most guys wait outside, and then go in after, presumably to avoid confrontation.
  8. All candies are rubbish, but in my youth these would be special treats, not ingested on a regular basis. I can say the same about soft drinks and fast food. I doubt the odd candy, soft drink, or burgher here and there did much harm. The problem really came with increased prosperity, where people were ingesting this stuff as part of their normal diet. When I think back, a lot of the stuff we were eating was grown in the garden, or on the allotment. Fruit and nuts were a pretty rare commodity though, every Xmas us kids would get a bag full of the stuff, obviously someone thought this was a bit o
  9. I really don't see violence as the solution to the crisis; counter productive, in fact, given the mass of the people are clearly unhappy with the current status quo. As always, I reiterate the opinion that banning the FFP was a big mistake, which is clear to most, and doubling down on that mistake seems a little, shall we say naive, to be generous. Every cauldron needs a release valve.
  10. Now that brings back memories of my student days, when I shared a flat with a guy from Glasgow.
  11. Two things - don't argue with a cement truck, give them a wide berth; and kudos to the driver for not running away, presumably he wasn't high or drunk. As for the helmet, I doubt it would've made much difference. Sorry for the kid's family. Sending a 16 year old kid out on a motorbike in Thailand is always going to be a gamble though. My own mother hated and banned two things in our household, motorbikes and knives.
  12. Cash rich and struggling for something to put their money into, I'm available, and won't run off into the sunset, promise, cross my heart and hope to die.
  13. Not good news for the herd immunity advocates. This gets to sound more and more like the flu, speaking as a layman. Like you get it once, and you get it again, and again, and again. The current strategy reminds me of an old saw - you can protect some of the people for all of the time, you can protect all of the people for some of the time, but you can't protect all of the people for all of the time. Strategy one would be best, strategy 2 is what's happening in reality, and failing; and strategy 3 is what they're going for long term, with vaccines.
  14. Weird timing, I have to say; still fighting the last war, which was about knocking out leaders, rather than the current war, which is about hearts and minds.
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