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  1. Someone should make a movie about these guys; oh, they did:
  2. It depends how well you relate to the children, and what age group you are teaching. I would imagine an older guy into their interests might pull them onside. Personally, I found a sort of passing interest in cos play and Dr. Who gave me a connection. My colleague though, who was into music, blew me away. The kids loved him.
  3. Comfort works for me. Haven't tried the"Body Guard", maybe I'll give it a go.
  4. I suppose it's statistically unimportant, like, what are the chances of me being mown down; but, I must admit, psychologically I'm scared, every time I venture out on Thai roads, especially when I'm on a motorbike. Luckily, we have a pretty hefty pick-up, but even that is little protection if you meet one of these lorries. I can fully understand why Thais put faith in amulets.
  5. Anyone in the college system knows it's full of fraud. It's not only this but guy's buying cribs over the internet. I knew a Turkish guy who got straight As throughout the course, I thought this guy is really intelligent, then I caught him looking at a crib before one of the exams.
  6. I get the feeling we're on the back foot. It was always a game of bluff and the EU is calling it
  7. Yes. I guess. Or maybe not. At least we won't be dependent on some politician's utterance. What me and the rest need, is some kind of certainty. You can't plan when you're standing on quicksand.
  8. That's plan D sorted. Plan A, get my second pension and stay here supporting an SO, a pick-up, and 4 dogs; plan B - go to Cambodia; plan C - go back to the UK and live with my sister; plan D - live on the streets; in fact, I'd probably live on the moors for six months of the year, health permitting.
  9. The SDF is showing their humanity, or their alignment with Western values. Besides, it's a good tactic. You want people to fight to the death, kill your prisoners, preferaby in the most horrible way imaginable. In a way, ISIS became their own worst enemy.
  10. I disagree, it's a lot deeper than that. In America and the UK, only the lowest forms of life go into the miltary or the police, or at least that's the perception. It's like the no alternative option - lawyer, doctor, accountant - miitary.
  11. I just love how British democracy works, just a pity we couldn't have had the debate before the refererendum rather than after; still, better late than never, I suppose. I guess every career politician is looking over her or his shoulder. You know, I think there's a real opportunity here for some reckless guy to lead us into a new Golden Age. I'm a remainer by the way, but, as a British guy, this sh@#fest is just embarrassing. I think I'd rather go out with no deal than have our national credibility destroyed. I'll live with it.
  12. Not surprised, not surprised at all. Half the Establishment was bent in the old days, and the other half turned a blind eye. Not all were victims though, I know at least one young gay guy who built his career on this. A bit like a club.
  13. Which version is epidemic? I've had one (and now have a natural immunity), I understand if you get the other it's pretty serious.
  14. Young men and guns don't mix. There's a reason we don't reach full physical development until our mid-20s.
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