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  1. Not surprised, given the total lack of intelligible information on how to scan QR codes. I have a Galaxy Tab A with android 9, and I've searched the Internet and Youtube, and I'm still struggling. Guess I'll have to download an app.. Apparently, I'm supposed to have an automatic reader, went into the 7/11 today and tried it out, nothing. Been through all the settings and what have you, nothing. I'm just stupid, I suppose, despite having an IQ of 10,300, oops missed a few decimal dots, make that 103, ha !
  2. Yeah, it seems a bit weird to concentrate on a dog in such circumstances, but It's heartbreaking to see. She'd be his Mum, if my own SO's relationship with her pet dogs is anything to go by. It just Ilustrates her Irreplaceablity. Hope the guy recovers. Hope the dog gets taken care of. Hope they can resume some semblance of family life after this horrific tragedy.
  3. Feel sorry for those single mothers supporting a kid, I've met at least one girl who was trying to give her kid a decent education, quite admirable, a lovelier and more caring person you couldn't hope to meet. A freelancer, you'd never get her to go long time cos she was always mad keen to go home and see her kid home from school.
  4. Start a YouTube channel or whatever, add to the National Wealth. Ha! Decreasing cake is gonna leave a lot of losers, whatever way you look at it. Welcome to the new reality. Looking into my crystal ball I foresee a nice war, always worked in the past.
  5. Whenever I look at a review, or survey, or whatever, I always look at who is funding it. The US is on a losing wicket if you ask me. Hopefully, they'll put up a good fight before the inevitable happens. Like you can retire with good grace or go the UK route. The UK reminds me of my miniature poodle, small size but big heart.
  6. The latest on Vit D https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/news/latest/2020/05/high-doses-of-vitamin-d-supplementation-has-no-benefit-in-treating-covid-19.aspx The message seems to be that low levels are bad but it's no miracle panacea. Pretty much fits in with my own view that the institutionalised are more vulnerable, whether that's a care home, hospital, or whatever.
  7. Agree, but having your own monitor won't help much at the hospital. As the guy says, the blood pressure test is pretty much de rigeur. From my own experience, I can't think of a worst place to be, coronavirus wise, than a public hospital, (except maybe a boxing match, 555). The blood pressure test is the least of your worries. These places are crowded, very crowded, keeping personal space is almost impossible, unless things have changed drastically since the last time I was there.
  8. So who loses who wins? I'm guessing it's a lose/lose situatiòn or a win/win situation. But what do I know, I'm just a pleb. Hopefully they'll sort it out. I can't see trade embargoes working on either side - we need them, they need us. The other major players, China and The US, are no doubt sitting on the sidelines and licking their chops at this major market potentially being up for grabs.
  9. I know of at least one guy in Thailand who shot himself in the chest twice. Leave a note. Saves everyone a lot of trouble. The revolver thing is just a meme, there's no good way to kill yourself. Apparently, Hitler killed himself with poison, but his followers tried to make it look like he used a revolver, as I said, it's a masculine way to go out. I doubt, in reality, it's very pretty, blood and brains splattered over the ceiling.
  10. "As you say..you are guessing" The fact he doesn't have 17,000bt to rub together is a bit of a giveaway don't you think?
  11. Have an exit plan. A revolver in the cabinet is a good idea. You don't want to be one of these guys that does a flier. There's something rather dignified, masculine, and even courageous, about the bullet in the head, as opposed to more wimpy methods. And yeah, leave a note. Most important, why do so few of these guys leave a note? You're gonna die someday whatever, choosing the time and place is almost an assertion of your human dignity.
  12. I'm guessing he lives month to month on his pension, and pays an agent for the retirement extension. It's all money ìnto the Thai economy. Beats living in some death camp care home in the UK. Win/Win situation, Thailand wins, he wins, UK loses though. Maybe, if they made things slightly easier to take your Thai SO into the UK, they might see more of my money. Don't see why I should have to justify myself as a Brit born and bred, with stupid income rules. I refuse, almost on principle. Me and my lady would be probably dashing between here and the UK all the time without these stupid rules.
  13. I am a little concerned by your apparently racist remark, pinklist him I say, or better yet, multicolour rainbow list him.
  14. It's a matter of keeping your options open. Like, maybe they will be given permission to travel onwards eventually. Go back to Nigeria, you're stuck at square one again. God knows how much they've invested in this trip.
  15. It's a trick many ex-pats pull, oh, I'm broke; you usually find they have a sister or something hidden away, few expats are truly broke; like living on the edge with a safety net.
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