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  1. An unfortunate accident, I don't think people on either side were expecting this outcome, sometimes life throws you a curveball. I've noticed Thai police, when acting officially, tend to be quite restrained in their use of firearms, like they'll go for the tires or a leg. I don't know the police involved or the father, so anything I can say here has to be formulaic by nature, still I feel for you guys.
  2. As I thought, click-bait. Anyway, my extension isn't due for renewal until March 2020, and if a week is a long timr in politics, 5 months in Thai immigration time is like something approaching eternity. Ha!
  3. You're <deleted>@#ed. That's the reason a lot of us aren't having children. Get your act together or say goodbye.
  4. Read it and weep Thailand, never mind, I'm sticking my usual 500,000bt a year into you, for now anyway. Won't miss that, will you? A drop in the ocean. Well, apart from a few soi dogs, my teerak, the credit company supporting her rather impecunious purchase of a pick-up, and numerous local traders and neighbours. Why I stay here is beyond me. I'm just lazy. There will reach a tipping point though - not quite there yet, but getting close.
  5. Well, I hope they gave her the morning after pill and a big wait for her to see if she's HIV positive. At 43 I guess she can take it, still not a nice experience.
  6. If you're a male dog, and your loving lady owner is gonna cut something, I understand why you might get nervous.
  7. Synchronicity or what, 10 mins ago I was looking at this. Slow walking in Thailand is obviously a climate thing, watching the Farangs rushing from air-conditioned environment to air conditioned environment is a bit of a spectator sport with me, it gets especially interesting when they meet that motorsi coming down the road the wrong way. Ten years here has made me a sloth, a lizard; do I lose by it, probably not. Like, as a retired guy, I have all the time in the world. Now ain't that strange, as a young guy, with all the time in the world, almost immortal really, I was rushing everywhere; and as an old guy, with mortality pressing on me, from deaths of family and loved ones, I take my time.
  8. More fake news. Personally, I don't care what they do. I'll <deleted> off to Cambodia or somewhere, sunk costs or no sunk costs, up to her.
  9. I'm into Latin at the moment and the phrase "Nullum unquam exstitit magnum ingenium sine aliqua dementia" springs to mind.
  10. Bring in a bunch of guys from war torn areas with PTSD what do you expect - chocolates and roses? Ha!
  11. Well, soon you won't have any risky long stay visitors, as those with sunk costs die out, and new guys don't come. Problem solved.
  12. Personally, I'm always amazed at how cheap the taxis are here. Basically, you have to know the route to where you're going, but with google maps that's not really a problem anymore. 10 years and only one bad experience, and that was a guy who'd previously worked in Phuket, enough said.
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