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  1. I take hope in the collective mindset of the oririentals. Individualism had had its day. Now we're facing problems that cannot be solved individuslly. Still, I do my best - I live by this rule, if everyone did as I do would the world be a better place.
  2. Why wouldn't she? Pushing a dead horse. I think it's fairly obvious now thst leaving the EU is a dead option for the UK, it's all about logistics.
  3. My friend, 2 million baht is abdolutely nothing in this country. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
  4. It's a gamble, on the one side we have the new world order, on the other we have a total mess. We're in for a ride. Guys who pontificate are full of sh@t, no-one knows how this is gonna turn out. But I'm pretty certain the British people didn't vote for this roller coaster ride. Just get out, do it and take the consequences, that's all I can say. The fact the majority of people are now against it means FA. You screwed it up big-time politicians. Just wait until the ordinary man feels it in his pocket.
  5. Doesn't Cambodia have a bone fide retirement visa now, or retirement EOS (extension of stay) to be more accurate?
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