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  1. She was 15 when she made this disastrous decision, motivated, no doubt, by the most altruistic of motives, that's all I can say really. After that life took over. We all live and die by our early decisions, the reason we don't give children adulthood until 18 at least.
  2. I'm not sure Scotland, or Wales for that matter, has a strong enough sense of national identity to go independent; unlike say Éire, or India, which were always totally different countries, culture wise. Irn Bru and The Gorbals doesn't really cut it. Yeah, I'm using hypebole to make a point. During the course of my life I've met guys from Scotland, guys from Wales, and even guys from N.Ireland, and we always got on well, due to a common cultural heritage. Full disclosure, I'm half Irish, and to my mind these two halves don't mix well, but with the Scottish, Welsh, and N.Ireland guys, no problem
  3. It's all bluff. The only reason the UK wants to keep Scotland on board is to secure our borders; they can play this card all they like, Hadrian's Wall can be rebuilt, if push comes to shove.
  4. You can't spend what you don't have, and most guys are up to their eyes in debt already. I don't know how close to collapse we are, but when it happens it's gonna be dramatic.
  5. Mai khao jai, why do government employees on guaranteed incomes need relief? Well, I can guess. The amount of money sloshing around has reduced, that has consequences for everybody.
  6. Thailand's attraction for me, when I lived in the UK, was always the visa exempt entry. Like you just got on the plane, arrived, and enjoyed. No planning needed, often it was a spur of the moment decision. I don't know about other nationalities, but all these barriers to entry would definitely have been a turn off for me. I wouldn't be here now under current entry conditions. Now you might say "so what", a few UK guys not coming makes little difference; but that easy introduction to Thailand made me want to live here, and spend millions of baht here. Small pennies, I suppose, in the general sc
  7. I'm guessing Iran is the real deal; as opposed to Iraq, where it was mostly smoke and mirrors, or N. Korea, which is a minnow by comparison; a nuclear armed Iran is gonna be a difficult one to deal with. Yeah, delaying the inevitable; they know they hold all the cards long term. Short of a mass invasion, and all the consequences that go with that, WW3 basically, I don't see any solution to this problem of dealing with Iran as a major player on the world stage.
  8. Buy low, sell high; now, whether this is the right time, I don't know, probably why I'm still poor, relatively speaking. Certainly wouldn't buy at a peak, I know that much. To be honest, blockchain technology is all a bit of a mystery to me, I'm still not sure if we're looking at a Tulip Mania or the way forward. If the latter, then obviously any investment will probably appreciate over time.
  9. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, or something to that effect. I must say I was quite impressed when my 90 year old Dad got a shot the same day as the Queen - egalitarian or what?.The Brits have a history of being slow off the mark, being a bit reactive rather than proactive by nature, but when they do eventually get their act together they can be quite impressive.
  10. It never rains but it pours, as if Phuket didn't have enough problems already.
  11. What's the ducking under the elephant thing all about? Some years ago we still had mahouts and elephants wandering about Nonthanburi and, when a mahout and his elephant appeared outside our condo, a guy mentioned this as something you could do. For good luck, methinks, but never did get the full story as to the reasoning behind it.
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