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  1. JLCrab

    Time To Call It Quits.

    I agree -- why would anyone want to visit a sterile city where everyone who wants to visit has to dress in uniforms.
  2. I already can so what's the big deal -- no Transferwise SWIFT straight from bank to bank with FTT in the passbook. Already easy to do the 2-6 month statements online which my friendly of 10+ years bank manager will have no problem stamping and signing and has already said if the IMM folks give me any problem: "Have them call me."
  3. JLCrab

    Time To Call It Quits.

    The guy is having too much fun with this -- even if someone guessed correctly where are his new digs, he'd probably say no.
  4. JLCrab

    Retirement Visa

    I don't know -- ask an agent or someone who uses an agent.
  5. JLCrab

    Retirement Visa

    You're right -- I'm biased. I'm biased about promoting how to comply with the law not about promoting how to not comply with they law. If someone wants to come on here and promote how not to comply with the law, I don't know why I should have a concern for them now or, if in the future, they get stung by that.
  6. JLCrab

    Retirement Visa

    I don't need to promote anything -- it should already be obvious.
  7. JLCrab

    Retirement Visa

    Good for you -- I'm not concerned for any of them: Agents, clients, IMM officers or you however you might fit into the mix.
  8. JLCrab

    Retirement Visa

    Maybe he already has just not so publicly. It seems to me that there are a lot of folks on here who say "I just use an agent" with the same abandon as buying a Chang beer at the 7-11 and putting a whole lot of faith in that continuing to be the case.
  9. JLCrab

    Retirement Visa

    They cannot fake the entry into the computer, so don,t see use of a fake stamp in pp! The risk is that the IMM big shot who authorized the Section 35 waiver of extension requirements will be removed from his/her position for taking under-the-table payments from agents and all the extensions issued under his/her purview be subject to review. ... or as per the recent posting here: “I’d like to remind all foreigners that their stays and businesses in this country have to be legal,” (Big Joke) Surachate said. “We’re watching you.”
  10. Thank you, Nostradamus. Some us move 65K+ baht into Thailand monthly anyway and have for years and the extra -- in my case -- SWIFT charge is no big deal vs. other options. And I looked at Transferwise months back when it was announced the Bangkok Bank NYC ACH transfer would end and said No way! for me.
  11. The IO may only want to see an FTT in a Thai bank passbook and say: Transferwise no way.
  12. Maybe not you but the bunco artists could real easily send that money back to home the home country account and then withdraw it again via 3 ATM slips the following month.
  13. I would say that an IMM officer always has the right to ask for corroborating information or documents just as they did with the prior embassy income affidavit regime.
  14. Thanks -- Nice to hear your one side that it was the intent of the 40/65K monthly income program that not one baht of that money might need be actually spent in Thailand but, after it is deposited and resident in the Thai bank account for a few milliseconds, it can be shipped in whole back to its country of origin.
  15. Makes no difference to me. I ain't the one who needs the revolving door deposit-withdraw-deposit again routine to be the long-term play.