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  1. Wow, what a long winded deflection. I hope you realize that implying anyone left of the Dems is a fan of Pol Pot et al is not a sign of neither an inquisitive nor a learned mind.
  2. And all your vast knowledge of politics (as well as an amazing range of other subjects!) leads you to conclude that anyone left of the middle ground of the US Dems probably "prefer the Pol Pot...Khmer Rouge or North Korea type Communism"? Tell me, was your degree earned at Trump U?
  3. Trump doesn't do blackface, he does orangeface exclusively.
  4. You grasp of the political spectrum is....uh, "special".
  5. A bigger headline would be "For the first time in three years Trump neither tells nor tweets a lie - world is in shock!"
  6. Link: Pelosi Cites Trump ‘Meltdown’ as GOP Blasts Syria Reversal "A White House meeting between Donald Trump and congressional leaders to contain fallout from the Syria crisis broke down abruptly Wednesday, with the president hurling insults at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who accused him of having a “meltdown.” Pelosi said Trump appeared to be “shaken” after 129 Republican lawmakers backed a resolution rebuking him for withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Trump’s insults of Pelosi during a “nasty diatribe” prompted Democratic leaders to leave. A Democratic source familiar with the discussion said the president erupted after Schumer quoted Trump’s former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who said Sunday on NBC that if the U.S. doesn’t keep up pressure, Islamic State “will resurge.”" Link: Trump Rages at Pelosi, Mattis, ISIS Escapees, and Communists During ‘Meltdown’ in White House Meeting "President Donald Trump invited Democratic Party leaders to the White House on Wednesday and proceeded to have what those leaders described as a “meltdown” in front of them. Before the lawmakers left early, Trump managed to rail against communists, his own former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and House speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom he called “a third-rate politician,” according to the Democratic leaders and sources’ descriptions of the meeting."
  7. Link: Trump, Graham swing apart over Syria "The golf-and-politics alliance between President Donald Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham frayed Wednesday over Syria, with the South Carolina Republican threatening to become the White House's "worst nightmare" unless more is done to protect Kurdish fighters against Turkish attacks. Asked whether he could still work with Trump, Graham huffed, "I don't care right now.""
  8. While your haikus are a a nice change of pace from the standard type of posts I must say they're awfully high on feelings and woefully low on facts.
  9. You base Trump supporters do have a way with words....
  10. Nonsense. Destabilizing the whole region by pulling out a few troops will in the end lead to more American deaths. If you can't put 2 and 2 together PM me and I'll explain in more details how that will come about so as not to bore our fellow posters.
  11. As it should be since it's painfully obvious the president of the US is a criminal with mysteriously cozy/subservient relationships with foreign despots.
  12. George Conway on Twitter re. Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of northeastern Syria: "You’re incompetent and ignorant, and you’ve failed miserably, having made a colossal geopolitical blunder of historic significance. No amount of your desperate, whiny, and pathetic tweeting can undo that simple fact." https://news.yahoo.com/george-conway-trumps-syria-decision-222748172.html Link: US troops express anger at Trump's Syria policy: 'We betrayed' the Kurds "A wide range of American military personnel and defense officials are expressing a deep sense of frustration and anger at the Trump administration's refusal to support Syrian Kurds facing a Turkish military assault, over half a dozen US military and defense officials have told CNN. Several US military and defense officials, including personnel deployed to Syria, expressed dismay at how the Trump administration has handled the situation. One US official said it is well known that some senior US military officials are livid at how the Kurds have been treated given their role in helping the US fight ISIS."
  13. Sorry, but your disregard for simple facts and you lack of knowledge of geopolitical affairs makes it absolutely pointless to debate with you.
  14. You know what's not cool? When that president has a dim intellect and morals.
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