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  1. Prices depend on size/type/age of the vehicle, the type of insurance (Class 1, 2 or 3), what kind of mark-up the broker adds on and if you've made any claims before. I could tell you what I was quoted for Class 1 and 3 insurance on a 15 year old Harley but that wouldn't be the same price as on a 5 year old bike or the same price another broker might quote. If you've made any claims against your insurance before, even if you weren't at fault for (whatever) then the Insurance company may increase your premiums to try and make back whatever they had to pay out before.
  2. Very, very long post below. Be warned if you hate posts that have 2 or more words in them. Let me preface this by saying, I spent just over 10 years living, working and travelling in the Middle East. Working/living in Afghanistan, travelling in Egypt and some time in places like the UAE and Bahrain (and India for that matter). I met a lot of Muslims during that time. I've also read an English language translation (done by an English Professor) of the Koran (which is only supposed to be read in Arabic, regardless of which country you are in. Keeps dumb people ignorant and prevents the "w
  3. You're being taken for a ride. I spoke to the law firm (not an accountant) that I deal with in Pattaya about a company closure. For a company with no assets, they charge 46,000 broken down as Meeting Report - 2,000 Company Update - 3,000 Final Balance Sheet - 16,000 Company closure - 25,000. To be sure, a lot of the cost of each of those items is probably pure profit for the law firm but the flip side is, do you really think you could do all that yourself ? If there is a transfer of assets (i.e. land/house) there would be an additional 10,000 baht for the transfer (plus
  4. I can't recommend any as I use Global (across from the Big C on Pattaya Tai). There are a number of small (shophouse) insurance brokers scattered around the Darkside. Seems most major sois (Siam Country Club, Nern Plerb Wan, Boonsamphan/Khao Noi, Khao Talo and Chaiyapruek 2) have at least one. Many don't have websites or even Facebook pages and, knowing Google, some may not even be there anymore. Some double as travel agents. Pretty much all of them though will be selling policies from Thai Sri Insurance. It seems no matter which broker I go through, I always end up with a Thai Sri in
  5. Are you talking about 3rd party (Class 1/2/3) insurance or the mandatory gov't insurance that you normally pay for when you do your annual inspection ?
  6. Coming to a High Speed Train/Monorail near you soon (by 2022/2027/2122 or "eventually") In theory, it all sounds good. The gov't announces a bunch of proposals, then sits back and gauges the public support for them. Some proposals will then go on to the next stage (planning/bidding) and others will go back into the "let's try this again in 6 months" basket. Most of these things will happen eventually. Pattaya isn't going to shrivel up and die. Very few cities shrink or collapse these days. Most continue expanding at a pace far greater than the city's ability to support it. Yes, we kn
  7. Just so I've got this straight (it's early in the morning and I'm still on my first cup of coffee). The OP is a European who moved to Australia and has lived there for 45 years. He's on his 2nd wife and comes to a forum that is (primarily) about Thailand, to complain about people who complain about their wives/girlfriends ? Not sure if I should start making my coffee stronger or if I should start adding Bailey's to it instead of powdered creamer.
  8. Sigh. 3. Monorail to meet the high speed train, three tram lines with 34 kilometers of routes. Cost: 50 billion (raised through PPP investment). The company that wins the bid to build the rain/tram lines would no doubt recoup their costs via a long term lease with the city to maintain/operate those lines and collect all the revenue from them. The other 30 billion in projects would no doubt be split between the 3 levels of government and spread out over a couple years. It's not like Pattaya is suddenly going to spend 80 billion in a single year's budget.
  9. They forget to mention the Cruise Ship Terminal that they have been hawking since last June. 11 June 2020 - "Pattaya City Hall holds presentation on the Pattaya of the Future vision-Monorail, Cruise Ship Terminal, Walking Street modernization" (a local media outlet article). 9 July 2020 - "Pattaya cruise terminal project attracts little interest" (Pattaya Mail) 11 Sept 2020 - "Public gives initial thumbs-up to Bali Hai redevelopment at 1st Pattaya hearing" (Pattaya Mail) 28 Oct 2020 - "Pattaya City planning major improvements including cruise ship terminal and world class skywalk"
  10. Here is the actual notification from the Royal Gazette. Unfortunately it's all in Thai of course and when I use Google to translate it, it comes out in unintelligible gibberish. http://www.ratchakitcha.soc.go.th/DATA/PDF/2563/A/088/T_0006.PDF From what I can glean, it does refer to new licenses and renewals. So theoretically, you should be able to continue using your current license until it expires. But - this is Thailand - and the cops could decide that everyone (riding a big bike) has to get a new license regardless of when the old one expires. There's no way to tell how it's go
  11. They were quite nice - 13 years ago. Nothing a decent plastic surgeon in Pattaya couldn't fix in an afternoon though. (Her rear is getting quite large though.) Would I complain if I was waking up next to her each morning ? Maybe only about my aching back and lack of sleep !
  12. Just watched this last night actually. Sort of funny, sometimes. Still plays heavily on the "foreigner who doesn't understand America" cliches. The more I think about it, the more I think the whole thing is a joke. I was having a hard time trying to figure out if most of those "extras" were real people or actors because their actions seemed ridiculously "dumb" under the circumstances. Supposedly they are all real people. One media site (IndieWire) tried to get in contact with them and either they couldn't be reached or they refused to be interviewed (even while confirming that the shop
  13. When I hear accusations being made 25+ years after the alleged event, accusations that seemingly were never reported to the police at the time and the victim apparently never went to a hospital but she held onto the dress she was wearing and it supposedly has "DNA" evidence on it, I get really suspicious. Especially when the accusation comes out just before an election involving the alleged perpetrator. Kind of like how, 11 days before the last election, the Director of the FBI suddenly announces they were looking into more of Hillary Clinton's emails and that became the number one topic
  14. Forget the Chinese, Isaan farm girls would be eating them as snacks as fast as they could catch them ! I remember watching them eating those little black (seeds ? nuts ?) that were hard as rocks. I tried a couple times and gave up as I was sure my teeth would crack before the (nut/seed) did but the girls were crunching on them like they were popcorn. Those beetles would surely not present much of a challenge to those girls !
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