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  1. As per usual, I went in to Immigration first thing in the morning, mid-week. Had all my ducks in order (paperwork prepared and signed, photos/photocopies/bank letter, etc). Was the first at the desk. Handed over my paperwork. The IO gave me 2 additional sheets to sign (an STM.2 Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions and an Acknowledgement of Penalties for Overstay). Took all of maybe 4 minutes for him to go through my paperwork, highlight stuff with a yellow marker, put everything together, collect the fee, give me the "90 Day Bank Check" form with the date stamped on it and my little ticket to come back the next day to get my passport. Had to remove my mask so he could take my picture and he took a picture of the pile of paperwork with the matching "ticket" attached. I was back out the door and on my way in just under 5 minutes. Went back today to get my passport. I was a little early (supposed to start at 14:00) but the girl waved for me to give her my ticket and gave me my passport (didn't take my photo though like they used to). I went and got a ticket for Desk 6 to do my 90 Day report (which was due at the same time as well). Got a photocopy of my new Extension and they called my number. 2 minutes to get my new 90 Day slip. Got a queue number for Desk 2 (Re-Entry permits). Never even got to sit down before they called my number. Handed over my paperwork (already completed of course). Handed over the fee. Was given my ticket number back and told to have a seat. Barely 2 minutes later I was called back up and handed my passport. (Last year they said it would take 20 minutes but had my passport back in 10. This year was blazing fast by comparison.) Headed out the door and looked at the time. 7 minutes from start to finish. So a total of about 12 minutes this year to do the whole thing. Annual Extension, 90 Day Report and Multi Re-entry Visa. (5,700 baht in fees and 5 baht for a photocopy.) For my Extension: Passport TM.7 (completed, signed and phone number written in beside signature). Passport Photo Photocopies (all signed): Passport (Face Page, page with Visa Transfer stamps, Page with current Extension Stamp, Page with last Entry Stamp) Photocopy of last TM.6 Departure Card Photocopy of Drivers License (front and back) as proof of address Photocopy of Bank Book (page with name/account number and page with latest balance update) Bank letter (I used the "money in bank" method). STM.2 (Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions for Permit of Temporary Stay) - the only copies I can find online are .pdfs that I can't fill out on the computer. Plus the (locally produced) "The Acknowledgement of Penalties for a Visa Overstay" form. 1,900 baht fee (And in return they give you the "90 Day Bankbook Check" form with the date you are supposed to report back and has a checklist of the paperwork needed.) (Note: I'm on a "Non-O" Visa and no mention of Insurance was made at any time, though there is a sign saying if you are on a Non-O(A) then you will need insurance.) For my Multi Re-Entry Permit: Passport TM.8 (Completed and signed with phone number written beside signature.) Passport Photo Photocopies (signed) of Facepage of passport, Last Re-entry Permit, New Extension of Stay Stamp, last TM.6 Departure Card 3,800 baht fee I have copies of the 2 Acknowledgement forms so I can photocopy them and have them ready for next year. Probably the fastest turnaround I've every had when doing my Extension and they are usually pretty fast already. Happy camper for another year !
  2. If I recall, the "halo" around the sun (or moon) is indicative of moisture in the air at high altitudes. A close, "tight" halo means a lot of moisture (and potential wet weather soon) while a wide halo means the air "up there" is drier (thus less moisture to refract the light from the sun/moon) and probably means good (dry) weather for awhile.
  3. Americans. They are studying sewage in New Haven and noting when spikes in the SARS-COV2 RNA appeared compared to when spikes in infections started appearing in local hospitals. I think what they are trying to determine is if it's possible to predict an outbreak in an area before masses of people start showing symptoms. As we know, people can be carrying the virus without showing symptoms, however, when they defecate, virus cells are "shed" from the body and can be detected in the solid waste matter at treatment plants.
  4. He beat his meat now has to beat the heat. He waxed his pole until it waned. He polished his pope, oh what a dope ! He tickled his twig now he's in the brig ! He stroked his rod then along came the plod !
  5. Pattaya - the Hub of Nailed Coffins ! That poor old coffin has had so many "nails" put in it (just by TVF members) that Nail manufacturers have started mining it to make new nails with !
  6. Actually they do. A lot. Especially on holiday weekends. Not so much to lay on the beach, but they sit on it (dressed) and splash in the water and drink and eat. Like a big picnic everyday. Many a time I've been trying to get to Pattaya from Bangkok on a long weekend and had to contend with (well the taxi driver had to do the contending) with huge traffic jams that started well out of Pattaya. And on the evening before the holiday ends (or the morning of the first day back to work) there are often traffic jams going the other way. Even now if I'm planning a trip I check to see if it's a holiday weekend so I can plan accordingly (to leave sooner and come back later if need be, even though I'm usually going the opposite way of the majority of the traffic flow).
  7. I never said it did. I said if it smells "off" I usually turf it. And that was before I even knew that shrimp could also carry the fluke.
  8. In the news articles she states: "We have literally been told the doctors at the public hospital will have to remove Anthony’s lung because the drugs he needs are too expensive if we can’t pay for them.” So first its a "cheap" hospital (in January), then in May they go to a "public hospital", which is then referred to as an "internationally recognized hospital" on the GoFundMe. And I really have a hard time believing that a series of antibiotics to cure a lung infection would cost more than removing the lung itself. Treatment When a melioidosis infection is diagnosed, the disease can be treated with the use of appropriate medication. The type of infection and the course of treatment will impact long-term outcome. Treatment generally starts with intravenous (within a vein) antimicrobial therapy for 10-14 days, followed by 3-6 months of oral antimicrobial therapy. Antimicrobial agents that have been effective against melioidosis include: Intravenous therapy consists of: Ceftazidime administered every 6-8 hours OR Meropenem administered every 8 hours Oral antimicrobial therapy consists of: Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole taken every 12 hours OR Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid (co-amoxiclav) taken every 8 hours https://www.cdc.gov/melioidosis/treatment/index.html https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4236584/ Ceftazidime (one dose every 6-8 hours for 10-14 days. Max would be 4 doses/day x 14 days = 56.) Max dosage is 2 gm and it seems to cost about $50/2 gm so $2800 US. Meropenem (one dose every 8 hours. 3 per day, 14 days = 42 doses.) $126/dose (max 1gm/dose) = $5,290 US. Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (6 tablets/day for 3-6 months = 540-1080 tablets. Cost for 20 tablets - $5.00 (Walmart) = $135 - $270.00 So total cost of the meds would be around $8,360 assuming maximum dosages for the maximum prescribed time. Now the prices will be different in Cambodia. Assuming they use the proper, name brand drugs and not some much cheaper generic knock-offs. Still a long, long way off of £20,000 ($24,600 USD) I'd say.
  9. Story smells worse than that Fermented Fish dish that is killing everyone. I knew it before I even clicked on the story. Sure enough, got the GoFundMe link in there. What a surprise. Seems they've reached 75% of their goal. (It started on 14 May by the way.) In the Mirror he's a "Brit Teacher" but in the Daily Record he's a "Sick Scot". No health insurance. Gets sick and goes to the hospital on 25 January. Supposedly gets better. Almost immediately goes out and buys Insurance with coverage starting 4 February. (His partner claims "he seemed fine" when they applied for the policy.) Supposedly starts a teaching job on 20 Feb. Schools close in March (because of the virus I guess), they start to work from home. He gets (really) sick again in March. Doesn't get better. Supposedly loses 20 kilos in one month. Still very sick in April. Apparently didn't go to the hospital at all in March/April despite how sick he supposedly was. Goes to the Hospital in 1st week of May. 8 weeks after getting Insurance. 2 weeks later tries to claim on insurance. Insurance company says no. (It's almost like they've seen people do the exact same thing before ! Get sick, buy an Insurance policy and then try to make a claim on it within a couple of weeks. Kind of like people who hurt themselves at home and drag their @ss into work and then try to claim they were hurt at work.) They make a GoFundMe and then (tell ? sell ?) their story to a media outlet known for such stories. Now of course they want to blame the insurance company. Reminds me of the 2 Irish guys a couple years ago. Sold/Told their story to (the Mirror was it ?) about how they'd been "drugged and raped" in Thailand and their insurance company wouldn't pay for AIDs tests. Of course, they never reported the "drugging and rape" to the police and claimed they had the tests done after they returned home. However the real story supposedly was that they'd been out partying and having unprotected sex with some of the local boys and then went to the hospital to get AIDs tests and wanted their Insurance company to pay for them. When the Insurer refused, they went home and sold their story (and probably used it to get tested at home at well). Update. Apparently the guys partner Alana contacted an "online Facebook news site" to correct the story (somewhat) as they claim that the Daily Record misquoted them. (No reason given for why they apparently didn't contact the Daily Record though.) Now it's: "He is in a chronic condition and I refuse to take him somewhere where he might get ill again or not receive the same medication. After being in this hospital for 3 weeks, Anthony has recovered somewhat and in the past few days has been more mobile. He has been fever free for a week, and his abscess has finally shown signs of decreasing in size according to the last tests! This is great news for us and it means the antibiotics are finally taking effect. The doctors are very hopeful that he will be able to stay one more week on the intravenous antibiotics, and then they will keep him for another 3 days under observation, with only oral antibiotics. That would make it a full month being hospitalised, and he will hopefully be back at home by the 2nd or June. After he is finally released from hospital, we will have to ensure he continues with his rehabilitation and he will continue to take oral antibiotics for a minimum of 6 months or so." https://cne.<deleted>/2020/05/24/hospitalized-scottish-man-speaks-about-uk-news-report/?fbclid=IwAR0zfTYWXINnlxGESLVledtZiP0X0hGV3haA73EqSpPNknPJV7h73mSjwL8 No mention of "pay or we remove the lung now". Oh and he is a smoker and she thinks his "cough" was from him trying to quit ! (Seriously.) "He developed a continuous cough, which we started to think could be a cough due him quitting smoking at the time." I used to have a cough and when I quit smoking the coughing stopped soon after. Never heard of anyone starting to cough after they quit. Oh look in the comments on that story. In the "Update" she doesn't say anything about "pay up or we remove the lung". Apparently she said exactly that on the GoFundMe page as well and then edited it to remove that bit. Seems she decided to "soften" her story and switch the blame from the hospital to the Insurance company (looks like she doesn't want to upset the wrong people). Still sounds like a load of BS to me. He hasn't posted anything on his FB page since April of last year. She doesn't post much herself, including nothing at all between the end of Oct and the 1st of March. And from 1 March to 14 May she makes a total of 2 posts. From October until May she makes no mention of her partner. Zero mention of the "love of her life" being sick, "getting better", buying insurance, starting new jobs, working from home, getting really sick again, going to the hospital on 3 May or staying there for 2 weeks. Until she starts posting almost every day from the 14th on. Same pic of the guy each time despite posting different pics on the GoFundMe page. GoFundMe link on every post. Looking at the stories (and where they were printed), the GoFundMe and their Facebook pages, I'd say it's all BS. The story has all the characteristics of a scam story. No mention of what city they're in. What hospital they're in. Make sure the photos (if any) are very generic and can't pin down a date/time/location that someone could check.
  10. <deleted> ! Ze German was working for Le Frenchman ?!?! What is this world coming to ?!?!? If word gets out to his native Fatherland, he may never be allowed to go home ! Even Merkle would be hanging her head in shame ! If you click on the link, the photos on it aren't censored (not sure why TV is doing that if the source isn't doing it). The article in the link is in Thai though.
  11. Holyfield still has one ear to give to the cause and Tyson probably needs a free meal ! They'll play it up in the media and see if anyone is stupid enough to bite. Just like McGregor/Mayweather. They teased it for ages to see what kind of interest they could stir up (as in how much the Pay Per View might rake in) before actually scheduling that joke. Still waiting for some boxers to sue the various Federations for concussion symptoms they want to blame on (whoever has the deepest pockets). You know, like some athletes who barely throw punches a few times a year (against opponents wearing hard plastic, padded helmets) do.
  12. Let's hope the RTP are as on the ball when it comes to catching those <deleted> that left a cage with some endangered Slow Lorises in it to starve to death when they moved out of the place they'd been renting.
  13. One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble. One night in Pattaya makes a hard man crumble. One night in Hua Hin makes a hard man...........wish he'd gone to Pattaya or Bangkok instead ! I always thought of Hua Hin as the place people went when they were too shy to go to Pattaya. They want to be in Pattaya but are worried about "their image". However, by living in Hua Hin, if anyone asks they can say they live in the same city that the Royal Family has their "summer residence" in (Klai Kangwon Palace) to make themselves sound "respectable". You know, as they sip their tea with their little finger extended and their noses so high in the air that they risk drowning every time it rains. Pip pip and hoighty-toighty HiSo wannabes !
  14. If you are thinking about volunteering for something, be careful. Technically in Thailand if you are volunteering to work for some organization, that is considered "work" and you need to have the proper Visa and Work Permit. After the Tsunami in 2004, a lot of people poured into Phuket to work for various organizations. About 6 weeks (?) later, the government announced that those people would have to start getting work permits because they were taking jobs away from Thai people. Don't rely on "Well I heard this" or "Someone said that" kind of anecdotal "proof" that you don't need a work permit. All it takes is for one person to have a bug up their butt and report you. If Immigration comes along and decides that you are working illegally (even if you aren't being paid and it's for a "charity") you could be arrested and deported. Think about it. They bust and deport bar owners for serving a beer in their own bar ! Make sure you know, for certain, before you start. Any reputable NGO should also know the rules and be able to tell you. Have you tried a Google Search for NGOs in Pattaya ?
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