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  1. This: is literally me right now. Drinking coffee and staring at the computer. Even the same hairstyle (though my skin is a bit whiter). Probably the same look on my face as well. Which is why we need the "default" emoticons (and more like them) ! Someone should start a poll. Or Petition. Or Pub crawl ! (You know, when the bars open again.) Emoticons matter !!
  2. The hospital gave me Ultracet (Tramadol and Paracetamol) after I had surgery to repair broken and dislocated bones in my wrist and foot recently (motorcycle accident - fully insured). I try not to take pain medication normally. I don't want to mask the pain and then do things I shouldn't be doing (i.e. trying to walk to the store when I'm not supposed to be walking as far as the bathroom according to the surgeon who repaired me). However, I had to take a few (1 tablet, 3 times a day) in the first couple days after the surgeries. Then I stopped as the pain was manageable without them, thou
  3. Lol - TV did an April Fools post a few years ago where the story was that effective (whenever), we would be able to do 90 Reports at 7-11. It was hilarious ! So many people bit on it before looking at the date and remembering it was April Fools. Paying such bills (property tax, water bill, etc) is so much more convenient than having to go all the way to City Hall to do it, or setting up a new "Third Party Payee" and going through the OTOPs (to set it up and again for the payment) - especially for something you may only need to do once (or once per year). I guess that's why 7-11s (and
  4. Yeah, but of those 1.500 emoticons, probably 95-98% never get used. Ever. The 2 categories that do get used are the "Smileys and Emoticons" and the "Default", which has the best emoticons. As they were working fine before the "blip" and are in the "default" category, one might be tricked into thinking it shouldn't be that hard to restore them. Can't think of any reason why they wouldn't want to restore them. I'd always kept hope that they'd actually expand the "default" category as it had far more useful and entertaining emoticons than the other categories. So I wouldn't have to
  5. Yes. A simple removal and spraying/drying of the screens will help the air-cons run more efficiently as the air flows through the screens more efficiently. Even a light "banging" (outside preferably) or giving them a brush with the broom can help remove a lot of the dust that clogs the filters. This was a major issue when I was in Afghanistan. The place was dusty almost year-round with a real fine, powdery dust. The filters would plug up and people would keep cranking the temperature on the air con lower and lower as they weren't cooling very well. This lead to a lot of burnt out motors. In
  6. Lol - I spent so long on my post I never noticed that one. I stand (sit) corrected, though I am a bit surprised that story made it to TV.
  7. We were always taught to make sure you were safe first before doing something like wandering out onto a busy street. For example, last year I was riding in Buriram. Turned onto highway 24 (West), went a short bit and turned at the next U-Turn to go East. As I was doing the U-Turn I saw a large hunk of rubber (blown tire) in the middle of the Eastbound "fast" lane. Did I stop in the middle of the road, get off the bike, grab the debris and walk it to the side of the road ? No. I parked on the side of the U-Turn "wide-out", put my hazard lights on, waited for a car to go by, then went
  8. I haven't noticed anywhere (or really looked) but what happens if say you take the Sinovac now and then maybe 2 months from now you take the Pfizer (or another high efficiency vaccine) ? You'd think it wouldn't really matter and that it would give you even better protection (like wearing a condom and using a spermicide for example to prevent pregnancy). Scary that they don't seem to really know if you can still transmit the virus after being vaccinated. I can imagine a whole mass of outbreaks happening from "vaccinated" people infecting "non-vaccinated" people. At least people aren't
  9. I think the doctor was just there for the photo-op. I spend a couple days in a couple hospitals recently, from a little district hospital in Rayong to BHP in Pattaya and the Phaya Thai hospital in Sri Racha. In every case, it was a nurse that was administering the assorted needles of whatever they kept filling me with while I was there (mostly pain killers and anti-biotics I think).
  10. The problem, as was demonstrate in Chile not long ago (using the same vaccine) is that people don't think it's "50/50". They assume that once they have the 2nd jab that they are immune and no longer have to worry about things like masks and social distancing. That, and an early "re-opening" by Chile led to a dramatic rise in infections despite them being one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. (Apparently a lot of people in Chile thought that they would be immune after just a single dose of Sinovac). I have no doubt that people here will also assume they are immune even after
  11. Oh great, so now he has about a 50/50 chance of catching (or not catching) covid by using the cheapest, lowest efficiency vaccine available. A few weeks ago it was noted that, at best, the Sinovac vaccine is about 50-54% effective after the second dose, with the higher efficiency attributed to a longer period between the 1st and 2nd jabs. There was even an article where top Chinese officials noted that their vaccine wasn't very good. I wonder how they'll try to spin it if a month from now he ends up testing positive for covid.
  12. Looking at some numbers, it seems Bang Lamung has around 300,000 population and Pattaya about 120,000 for a total of 420,000. (Remember that while Pattaya is "within" Bang Lamung, and Chon Buri for that matter, it is a "Special Administrative Area" just like Bangkok and doesn't fall under Bang Lamung or Chon Buri administration). Also remember that yes, there are waaaay more than 120,000 people in Pattaya. But the rest of those people are not "registered" as residents of the city. They count as residents of whatever district they are registered in. Which is why when there are national elect
  13. Maybe that's the "local" price. Even though I was there with 3 Thai friends, it was obvious I wasn't a "local". I thought it was expensive. It was 5,900 for the test and 90 baht for the 2 cotton swabs and the little plastic vial they were put into (medical supplies).
  14. I was at the Phaya Thai hospital in Sri Racha a couple times rcently. At the end of April, they didn't have any vaccine at all. But 2 days ago they informed my that I could now register to get vaccinated later this summer. I asked which vaccine and they said the Astra (AZ). No Sinovac (thanks goodness), but no Pfizer either. However, the Pfizer could be approved and here by then so who knows. I'd rather wait for that one. Never asked the price but at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, they charge 5,990 baht to do a covid-19 test (which is mandatory before any major surgery apparently). And i
  15. Kerryd

    Small flies

    They do seem more like fruit flies than gnats. Don't recall ever being bit by one. I do notice them around the garbage can after a day or two if I throw something away that's not "dry". Just saw my first one in almost 2 weeks this morning. Maybe it's dried up enough for them to fly around again (or a new batch has just hatched). Seems near impossible to get rid of them long term. You can put up glue strips/traps, keep the screens closed and spray the rooms with bug killer once in awhile and that'll probably keep them to a minimum or at least give you long stretches without them (all going
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