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  1. Sigh. Apparently simply statistical analysis is beyond the comprehension of many. The number of people they surveyed (4,127) is a "sample portion" of the population. It will always be a tiny fraction of the whole. In this case, it works out to .006% Of the 4,127 responses, roughly 370 (9%) indicated they might chose Thailand as a destination. 9% of GB's population (est at 66.65 million) works out to about 6 million people. (I know it's outlandish but when it comes to surveys like this, reality is an inconvenience to be ignored if it doesn't help and praised it it does. Common sense
  2. Do moto-taxi guys who screw up get sent to "inactive" posts (i.e. street corners in the outer edges of Nong Prue) until things quiet down ? I seriously doubt much will come of this as it simply won't be worth the time or effort to prosecute and then put the guy in prison for a couple months (or less). Slap on the wrist, maybe 3 days penance in a local temple and then relocate to a different taxi stand in a different part of the city.
  3. Right now Thailand uses a lot of "Native English Speakers" - from places like India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and even some African countries. It seems that almost anyone who can sort of string a sentence together in English can foist themselves off as a "native" English speaker, especially when talking to someone that probably has an even poorer grasp of the language. How they are going to attract 10,000 Canadians though will be the mystery. Not long ago every part time worker in places like MacDonalds and Tim Hortons were demanding a "living wage" of at least $15 (Cdn) per hour for what
  4. I'm guessing that a lot of people have a hard time using a normal smartphone for more than just making calls and maybe scrolling some forum threads. Many won't have a computer at all. A lot probably have no idea that it can be done online (or how to do it). A lot of the conversations I overheard this morning were in non-English languages (including the one old German guy who was very upset after sitting outside for over 20 minutes waiting for the girl to come collect his passport, then when he went to the door to ask, the young guy at the door pointed at the queue, then he pointed at the se
  5. OK, things have changed a bit. Again. They are not doing the "collection of passports for 90 Day reports" in the morning like they've done the previous 3 times I've gone. I eventually gave up waiting for the girl to come and collect our passports and joined the long queue to enter normally. Next change. They are having a problem with their computers (or scanners or printers or the system in general). As a result, you have to get a photocopy of the "face page" of your passport and a copy of the last 90 Day report beforehand. Then, and only then, will the front desk give you a queue num
  6. Lol - the other day a bunch of us (me and some Thai friends) were down on Jomtien Beach. There was a standard "Thai" bathroom across the street - 10 baht (bring your own tissue). About 50 meters up the road was another one - 5 baht (bring your own tissue). Previous to that, near a spot we go to in North Pattaya, the closest public toilet is also 5 baht. Luckily most of them seem to be located close to a 7-11 or Family Mart (for those that don't use their left hand and/or need small change). I don't think I've seen a "3 baht" toilet in 20 years. Not since the one on Soi Lucky next to the
  7. "No Foot Passengers" means no "walk on" passengers. It's really NOT that hard to figure out. They (apparently) are only going to allow vehicles and their drivers, at least initially. So poor old Mr & Mrs Somchai who get off the public bus and walk up to the ferry hoping to get a cheap ride to the other side of the Gulf will be turned away. There are a number of reasons they might not want ordinary passengers on a ship that has the capacity to handle over 500 of them. Perhaps they feel like having fewer people in the beginning will let them iron out the wrinkles in their procedures.
  8. I've spent 16 hours on a crowded train (from Bangkok to Chiang Mai). I've been on crowded planes for 12+ hours (from embarkation to disembarkation). I've spent weeks cooped up in a crowded navy ship (back in the days when it seemed like 2 out of every 3 people smoked and "no smoking areas" didn't exist). 20 hours (give or take) on a passenger ship on the open ocean with limited smoking areas ? I doubt it will be a major concern as far as "breathing" or "covid" is concerned. I suspect the ferry will never run to full capacity so it's not like it's going to be standing room only in a sea of
  9. Only 400 baht to fit and balance 2 tires ? That sounds like a pretty good deal. I didn't respond to your original post as the last time I had a tire changed, the little shop charged me about 500 baht to removed the wheel (from the bike), change the tire, re-install the wheel and then "balance" it (strictly be doing some measurements it seems). (It seems fine as I've gone on a couple long trips since then with no issues.) The time before, I had my front tire done by a bigger shop who removed the wheel, sent it to another shop to have the tire changed and the wheel balanced, then reinstall
  10. They seem to take pride in putting things on shelves based on what the packaging looks like instead of what the product is. I've often found a product (like ordinary spices or other condiments) in 2-3 different locations because someone apparently thought they looked like something else so they stuck them together (or just crammed them into whatever open space they could find on a shelf). Big C (South Pattaya) is bad for doing that. Tops (at the Chill) is not that big but they too have similar problems. In the dairy section they will stock Cottage Cheese in the short, round containers ne
  11. I have found them in almost every supermarket I've gone to. Tops, Big C, Makro, Friendship, Tesco. They are usually located at the end of wherever the "coffee" products are shelved, between where the "coffee" ends and the "tea" (and/or cocoa) products start. Note: that means after all the instant and "3 in 1" coffee products too. I think I found one place (Foodland ?) where the filters were close to where the coffee "beans" were located. Might have been Friendship. Usually there are only a couple spaces reserved for the filters and they often come in 2 sizes. (Pretty much just one brand
  12. Note with the Chinese. They have been expanding their influence rapidly over the last few years, mainly by loaning poor countries (Burma, Cambodia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Djibouti to name a few) tons of money - in exchange for certain "rights". Like how they "supposedly" have a long term lease on the Ream Naval base in Cambodia despite the Cambodian PM's claims otherwise. (The same base where they suddenly decided to raze 2 new buildings the Americans had built for the Cambodians, shortly after the lease deal - that doesn't exist - was approved). Sihanoukville is an hour's drive north of t
  13. It seems the issue about the "20 floors" has to do with there supposedly being a limit on buildings restricting them to 20-30 floors (or there was such a restriction at the time) and the Bali Hai project was going to be 20 floors higher than that (and the city council, lead then by the current mayor's brother, supposedly objected to the height but were over-ruled). The 2014 article in the Nation didn't mention where that "20-30" floor limit came from, just that the protesters were using that as one of their points along with the project being "within 100 meters" of the water. (See below.) Wh
  14. Same land. Wonder how they acquired it. I'd have thought it would be tied up in the courts for decades with people trying to get their money back from that scam. I had to laugh as it was something like 3 years after the scammers took off and their website was still showing live camera feeds of the cement plant they claimed was supplying the concrete for the project. Except people noticed the plant was right in the middle of where the building was supposed to be and the cement being produced was being trucked off somewhere else. The website was still flogging condo units as well. I was temp
  15. Much better angles on them in those photos. When I saw them it was at sea level from quite aways off.
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