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  1. The thing to understand is that the right you and others demand is not to decide whether to put yourself in harms way, it is to put other people in harms way too. I could not care less if you decide to risk your health or life by doing stupid things. I do care if you put other people at risk. By the way, I don't think any of us is cowering in fear.
  2. The economy is also effected with no lockdown. The governments did not just copy China, they did what they know is working; now, in 1918, and even further back through history. The problem is the people that do not adhere to a lockdown, insisting on their right to endanger other people. An example: Back in 1711 Copenhagen was successful in keeping the plague away - until a boy from Helsingør (city of Hamlet fame) broke the lockdown and brought the plague to Copenhagen. 30 per cent of the population in Copenhagen died.
  3. By the way, Denmark just announced opening it's borders to some of their neighbouring countries - but not to Sweden because Sweden do not have the virus under control.
  4. So, you are able to see a spike in people feeling a bit sick in their homes? The rest of us cannot see a spike until it begins to appear in the hospitals - which means after 2-3 weeks. As you say, the factors in the various countries vary. Then, why not compare Sweden with the countries that look most like Sweden regarding population, health, social systems, etc. That is Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Sweden is doing significantly worse than those countries. In those countries, you see a clear evidence of benefits compared to Sweden - much fewer deaths (and not much difference in the economy).
  5. Social distancing is the one thing that works very well to stop the spread of the virus. Lockdowns are simply a way to enforce social distancing; and perhaps also a better way to teach people about the importance of social distancing. Maybe that is why we have not seen the virus spread too much when some countries began to open up. I simply do not understand what you man by "not signficanrly different". How much difference do you need before you will call it significant? They have death numbers more than four times higher than Denmark and even more compared to Norway and Finland. First, there may be other factors in play in Thailand (like temperature and humidity); second, you will not be able to see an effect until after two or three weeks.
  6. I would hardly call four or five countries "many other countries". Belgium is leading; however, you cannot compare the numbers from Belgium with numbers from other countries as they count suspected cases as well. Then there is Spain, the UK, Italy and France with more deaths per capita than Sweden. Sweden will overtake France in a day or two. Sweden is leading in daily deaths from the virus, and not even the worst-hit countries had more deaths per day at the point of the epidemic where Sweden is now (+70 days since 1 death per 100.000).
  7. You had two different answers regarding the plate. I can confirm what SooKee says. I bought my Honda Click in Bangkok and have had it in Phuket for five years. No problem with the yearly visit to the Transport Office and no problem with the police. It was the same with the old bike, bought in Bangkok, renewed tax in Pattaya and then in Phuket for three years.
  8. Did you not understand that you cannot compare Sweden and Belgium? In Belgium they count deaths that no other country counts. Like, if two persons in a care home die and had the virus then every death in that care home is counted as a corona death. Think again about the Swedish economy being alive and well. The European Commision expects a 6,1 per cent decline in Sweden this year. Six countries are expected to do better, including Denmark with a 5,9 per cent decline. The average for Europe is a 7,4 per cent decline with Greece, Spain and Italy close to a 10 per cent decline. You do know that the basis for that prediction was if they did nothing? And that they did offer other numbers if they tried to stop the virus from spreading?
  9. Hm, I have never heard about a 30-day limit. Do you have a source for that information? Anyway, I have never had a problem bringing six months supply of various medicines; I have been doing that for ten years now.
  10. By the way, after a dip for a few days, Sweden is again the country with most deaths per million per day. No other country has had this many deaths per day at the same late point in the epidemic. Also, Sweden will overtake France in most deaths per million today or within a day or two.
  11. You cannot compare the number of deaths in Belgium with the numbers from other countries; they count the deaths quite different. Other countries only count deaths when people are confirmed to have the virus; Belgium also counts suspected cases.
  12. I have a few times had the rear wheel lock up when pulling the left lever on a wet road, even then, the front wheel did not lock up.
  13. Hindsight? Maybe for the Swedes; almost every other country could see the problem - "almost" refers to Boris Johnson and Donald Trump that needed to see the big numbers before they understood what exponential means. Brazil's Bolsaro still doesn't understand. Occam's razor would indicate that the virus did not spread in Japan rather than indicating the miracle that Japanese people get infected yet somehow do not die from the virus. No, I cannot explain the few deaths in Japan and some other countries; but rather than suspecting miracles, I will wait for the scientists to find a reason.
  14. Mind you, Stockholm is only one city and by far the worst-hit area of Sweden; thus, the percentage of people with antibodies will be much lower in the rest of the country. I am eagerly awaiting newer numbers of people with antibodies in Sweden and other countries. I surely do hope that I am wrong and that they are close to herd immunity (whenever that occur). Regarding Japan, yes not so many fat people; however, they do have an older population and age seems to be very important with deaths from COVID-19.
  15. They will probably have fewer infections in a second wave as those with antibodies will slow down the virus even if there is no herd immunity. And they are nowhere near herd immunity. However, the preliminary numbers indicate it will only be slightly fewer infections. Hopefully, we will soon get more accurate information about the number of people with antibodies. In Sweden and elsewhere. Remsedivir is only the first step. It will help some, but now the scientists know that it is possible to treat the decease; thus, they will come up with other medicines. Maybe a mix of medicines will give the best result as with HIV. You are absolutely right in pointing out the distribution of a vaccine; not many consider this and it will be a huge problem. I do not think any country is even close to achieving herd immunity. The experts I have heard from all say that achieving heard immunity from natural infections will take from 1 to 3 years. Also, if Japan had enough infections to achieve herd immunity, they would have had many more deaths.
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