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  1. By the way, it would be nice to have that function on links elsewhere too even though it wasn't there in the old layout, for instance in subforums like: https://forum.thaivisa.com/forum/31-phuket-forum/
  2. Thanks for the new layout, it makes the forum easier to read; however, I miss the "?do=getNewComment" at the end of the links in the Topics box at the right hand side when reading a topic - as seen on the screen shot below. Now, the link leads to the first page in the topic instead of leading to new comments. The link to new comments still works if I manually add "?do=getNewComment" at the end of the links; thus, it should be possible to get that function back.
  3. Shouldn't it be "December" instead of "January"? Otherwise, I need it explained.
  4. It is very simple, and it is no secret; they contained the virus. The western countries and the countries in South America, where the virus is now rampant, even had much more time to react than the Chinese had. We may not have wanted to use the same effective measures that China used; however, we could have limited the virus considerably with earlier and more effective actions.
  5. I agree regarding the mixing of Thai citizens and foreigners; that does not make sense.
  6. I got an e-mail yesterday from Longstay that they do not know all the requirements yet. However, I hope you are right that there will be different requirements compared to applying at the embassy. The current listing at the Longstay website mentions health insurance, while the embassy in Denmark mentions health insurance from a Thai insurance company; the latter will be of no value to me because of deductions. That would mean that I would have to get an additional insurance policy from my usual insurance company.
  7. I am usually not the first in line to defend the decisions of the Thai government; however, in this case, it makes perfect sense. The non-testing of Thai nationals is because a Thai has a right to enter his own country. The same goes for citizens of most countries in the world. They have accepted the extra risk for more covid patients with certain visas; however, they decided not to that with the new STV. That, to me, is logic as they want to open up for more people with as little extra risk as possible.
  8. They can arrange flights. For instance, there are no flights I can book from Copenhagen to Phuket.
  9. Because a higher percentage of people from high-risk countries may turn out to have covid after arriving even though they tested negative before travelling compared to the people from low-risk countries. That may lead to more covid hospitalizations in Thailand and a higher burden for the hospitals.
  10. Can't do the accent, but still: I didn't see you at last years cousins get-together. (or siblings get-together if it needs to be even worse)
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