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  1. I think within the village it come down to the Poo Yai Baan / Or Bor Tor, or the Tessabaan. The rural roads come under the rural roads department of the province (I think)


    Yes, correct. The money is another problem. At the time of Thaksin a 30 km rural road south of Roi-et suddenly gained attention and was paved. Reason: Thaksin visited a small village in that area and the governor of Roi-et province arranged pavement. Another example: The rich owner of a home builder and cement shop in a small town won the local election. Reason: he paved a lot of dirt roads before the election (using his own money).

  2. Pattaya is sleeping back into one of those rowdy places where you find bad mannered people. Last time I was in Pattaya, there were Russians on the same floor and they stayed up all night drunk/fighting. I got no sleep

    I had the same experience in Jomtien, Soi Welcome: Full of russians, menu cards in russian. English menu cards sometimes not available. Lots of bad mannered guests, Shouting at service staff. These R..... guests are all night drunk/fighting. I got no sleep for 2 nights and left this Soi R.... !!

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  3. I agree. If you require an old age home, this would be the place to be. thumbsup.gif

    Really? Have you seen some of these residences? There are minimal occupational and physical therapy services available. Thailand does not have a cadre of geriatric care specialists. Unless one has a personal advocate to monitor care, one may end up sitting in a soiled diaper in deplorable conditions. Do you know what the treatment facilities are for those with age related dementia? To the best of my knowledge, unless one can pay a small fortune, there are none.

    In any case I doubt Germany is sending its elderly to Asia. More likely to former east bloc locations in the Eu such as Poland and Hungary where German language services are available.

    My snide remark of course would be to mention Pattaya is a place for ........... but, it's christmas time and I am overcome with goodwill.thumbsup.gif

    There are some residences like this in Hua Hin and Phuket and a very remote village in Buriram. This Buriram residence appeared 3 times on German and Swiss TV in 2011/2012. As it looks some germans stayed a few months in this residence. I don`t know if occupational and physical therapy services are available and what treatment facilities are for those with age related dementia?

  4. Saan

    Go to Global House in Roi et. They are really experts and provide very good advice. They have sediment filters, water tanks, Mitsubishi water pumps (recommended) and instant water heaters for your bath room and circuit breakers etc. I really appreciated their advice when I built my house.

  5. Is this true? "There are villages in Isaan that are almost entirely comprising foreign houses, where the whole village is almost entirely houses purchased by foreigners for their Thai ladies”.

    I have lived and worked in northeast Thailand for many years and never seen these villages. Where are these villages?

    and is this statement true. "A clash of expectations strains many marriages, and more than half end in divorce,” said Prayoon Thavon, manager of international services at Panyavejinter Hospital in Udon Thani".

    Half the marriages? Where I live in Ubon most marriages seem to stay together.

    Perhapos I had better get out more.

    There are villages in Isaan that are almost entirely comprising foreign houses, where the whole village is almost entirely houses purchased by foreigners for their Thai ladies.

    I have seen these deserted villages, comprising foreign houses. Example: Ban Chan 20km west of Yasothon. More than 40 villas purchased by foreigners for their Thai ladies. Falangs gone, Thai men sitting in front of these villas happily drinking beer all day.

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  6. I used a PVC water tank and had algae problems. unsure.png Then I used fiberglass and found some very small fibers in the water. crazy.gif Then some locals clap2.gif recommended to use a stainless steel water tank from global house and I covered the tank with a small roof. Wow !!! Now I have cool and very clean water smile.png

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  7. I built a house, swimming pool and resort with bungalows in Phanomphrai 25 km south of Yasothon. Global in Roi-et recommend local builders which are good for thai styled houses. blink.png My thai wife found a local builder for the house and resort. Had to supervise it every day in order to meet my request for good quality. Everything is rock solid built thumbsup.gif Material was bought in global house Roi-et.smile.png 16 x 8 meter swimming pool was built by a Pattaya pool supplier.

  8. I can help you . You are looking for land/ house 50 km south of Roi-et. We have land and house for sale 50km south of Roi-et. Just 1km to to center of this city in a upcoming suburb.It is a house with swimming pool and a resort. Built to solid european standard. European/thai run well established business. All in best condition. All paid. Chanot.The resort can generate nice profit for your thai family.


  9. There is a Swiss or French guy there in Phanom Phrai that has a resort. I have never had the chance to go there but he told me that it is the only one in the area with a swimming pool.

    Worth a try to find him to have a yarn over a beer when visiting the family-in-law.

    The resort Sawalak has some acomodation maybe suitable for honeymoon :o . The swimming pool is closed until next year.

  10. Just returned from Roi Et, and a very nice visit with two Thai Immigration Officers... My friend was able to do his 90 Day Report, and the Head Officer told me that they would be there every month on the 10th & 20th to do 90 Day Reports, Visa Extentions ("O-A" / "O-B" and Tourist) as well as provide other Immigration Services... He asked that we "Spread the Word" so that their visits can continue...

    For those of us who live in and around Kalasin, Roi Et and that area, it will be really nice not having to drive to Mukdahan or Nong Khai for such services...


    Good news :o

    2 years ago we asked the governor of Roi-et to initiate this. He made it happen.

    Another good example of foreigner friendly province Roi-et :D .

  11. Yeah, if you think that its a bureaucratic hel_l here in Thailand then go have a stint with the Italian authorities....makes the system here in Thailand look like a well oiled machine.

    I doubt that I'll land a job paying over 40k to start with....but I can always hope :D

    So it looks the long haul to Penang and hope that I get a multi 'O'. It wont be until next month but I'll let you know how the situation is down there once I've done it.

    The situation is the following at Penang. read my post about Penang.

    All had refusals for type O multiple entries 1 year because they used Penang the first time. I met one lucky man, he obtained a multiple Non O 1 year, because he used Penang for the second time.

    PS: The consular officer turned my marriage paper up and down and said , not valid for Thailand :D . As I pointed out that this paper was translated by the Royal Thai Consulate in my home country showing original Consular stamps and signatures and was approved already once by Suan Plu Immigration Bangkok he changed the topic :o


    said : This office does not issue any multiples the first time you turn up here, this is the new rule of this office.

    I think to be on the safe side you should apply in your home country or in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

  12. Has anyone recently had any trouble obtaining Mutiple entry Non imm o visas?Last year was simple.Any changes?

    As from now they are only :D handing out singles 'to people getting their first O visa in Penang'.

    I have been told so and another 6 people I talked to. All has refusals for multiple entries 1 year because they used Penang the first time. The consular officer said : This office does not issue any multiples the first time you turn up here, this is the new rule of this office. :o . I met one lucky man, he obtained a multiple Non O 1 year, because he used Penang for the second time.


    We are building a home and the water supply materials at the following web site are from my stand point the way to go - again quality veres price will dictate many years of trouble free use.

    I have checked these out and if anyone was building in Thailand I would diffenately recommend this piping for their home.


    B K Cross

    I would recommend these black pipes, they are flexible, UV resistant :o , used by the public water authority for connections to private homes. They are exposed to the sun, no problem.

    You must not burry them under the concrete, you can install them outside, anything happens you will spot it quickly.

  14. The light goes on.

    Now I understand why they rejected my request for marriage visa 2 times and gave me a retirement visa.

    Immigration really do not seem to like the marriage visa option.

    First time Suan Plu rejected with the excuse you are over 55 , no marriage visa. Thats the new law.

    Second time you have already a retirement, we can not change anymore and by the way you had more than 800 k on the bank when you applied the first time, thats why we gave you a retirement

    and Sir, you have to leave the country and start the whole procedure all over again if you want a marriage type visa.

    Stupid me having more than 800 k on the bank at time of application, wanted to build a house and just transferded money from abroad before the application.

    Stupid me :o

  15. My wife and I were in Roi-Et last week and the week before. Two seperate visits.

    When we tried to find an hotel in Roi-Et c/o TAT in Bangkok we were told that all hotels were full.

    Unfortunately TAT does not recommend good 3 star hotels like Petcharat Garden with swimming pool for THB 600 per night.

    They recommend overcharged hotels like Roi-et City for THB 1400. Besides this Lonely Planet is really outdated and publishes 15 year old stories.

    Roi-et is called the smiling city :o of Isaan:


    Very friendly city with good restaurants like White Elephant, KFC, Pizza Hut, Lotus, very beautiful lake, swimming pools, sports club, golf places, parks and attractive live music restaurants, etc

    Enjoy the smiling city :D

  16. Fantastic Detective work as usual. "Traces of Pesticide" were found. Who are they kidding, it is pesticide at the right strengths?

    M-150's principle ingredients are:

    1. Taurine [2-aminoethanesulfonic acid]. 4000mg/l

    Its derivation is from ox-bile, although it can be sythesised.

    Hazard: It is toxic by ingestion.

    Use: Biochemical Research and Pharmaceuticals.

    2. Caffeine 330mg/L

    Derived from Coffee or Kola nuts.

    Hazard: 200 micrograms per mL has been found to inhibit activity of the enzyme DNA polymerase.

    Use in soft drinks limited to 200mg/L

    Seem like they have been exceeding the safe dosage. Not sure I want to drink a deritive of Ox-Bile [Always wondered how Red Bull became the name of the more famous brand of energy drink].

    Coca Cola have launched their own brand of Ox-bile energy drink called "Burn".

    Still these drinks are very useful when you are feeling under the weather. Need to make sure I dilute it with a quick drink of water afterwards.

    Note: Coca-Cola contains caffeine and Phosphoric Acid.

    Phosphoric Acid is also toxic by ingestion and inhalation. It makes an excellent rust cleaner and I used to use sell it in the UK when I was in the Vehicle Wash Manufacturing Industry. I use Coca Cola to free off rusty locks, works a treat!

    Does this mean Coca Cola should also be withdrawn from the shelves?

    Put a small piece of liver (meat) in a glass of Coca Cola and watch the result ?

    20 minutes later the liver is dissolved.

    Phosphoric Acid works efficient.

    Happy days for our liver. :o

  17. He criticised the policy of giving easy loans to villagers without verifying how the money is spent. Nong said many borrowers used the money simply to buy motorcycles or mobile phones.

    All over Roi-et very poor people driving brand new motorcycles, 3-4 mobile phones per family. Motorcycle dealers stacking money. Money source from the 1 mill Bt fund.

    Pay back later or never.

  18. I have gprs built in already and I am using 1-2 call prepaid for normal phone calls. When I bought the phone at Telewiz they set it up for me. Whenever I start GPRS I get the message we will now deduct THB 30 for set up. And THB 30 is really deducted from my normal prepaid phone card.Asking Telewiz to rectify this they said you wanted it, we can not change anymore. If you want to use separate prepaid GPRS services we will have to sell you a new sim card first and then we will install prepaid separate GPRS for you.

    Thats it.

  19. The Royal Thai Consulate in Savannakhet, Laos works very efficient. Staff is very friendly. Not many tourists there. The same applies to the Thai immigration office on the other side in Mukdahan. Very friendly and helpful.

    Downside: Only single entry visas of any kind issued at the Royal Thai Consulate in Savannakhet

    PS: Come out of the Immigration building and turn right take the first left and you will find the best reasonable priced french food restaurant in Laos: Restaurant Paris

    breakfast: wow

    steak: wow

    french fries: wow

    coffee: wow


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