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  1. I received my yellow tabian baan book today after a lot of bureaucratic hassle. Our small Amphur office asked for passport translation into Thai. I refused. Then they said another government office in Bangkok must do this. I refused. Then they said the Immigration must do all this. I refused and asked them to show my wife in which law book such instructions are written. Now things started moving swiftly: The law states that a falang with a long term visa is entitled to obtain a Tabian ban falang from Amphur offices.

    Then I had to show the 90 day address confirmation from the immigration. They said its fake. Then they wanted an official Thai document to see my name in Thai. I showed them my marriage paper translated to Thai. All fine :o .

    Bureaucratic hassle cut short pointing at the law.

  2. Riley wrote:

    The Bangkok Driving Licence Office state that they will only accept a Statement of Residence from the foreigner's Embassy when applying for a Thai Licence.

    Reading this forum I hearso many different stories.

    I applied in person at the Immigration for a Statement of Residence. We will ask your local police station first, they must confirm your address and send this paper to Bangkok. Then we will send this Statement of Residence paper to you, but it could take 2 months. Police here knows nothing about this and dont want to confirm my address to the Immigration.

    PS: I do regular 90 day address reporting to the Immigration, never any problem, maybe talked to the wrong officer the day I asked for Statement of Residence.

    But the police here can give me a Tabian ban falang quickly :o , no problem. We know your wife and she has a house.

  3. To conduct important business she needs a Thai name.

    Could you expand on that please? You sure do not need a Thai name to buy land.

    A lot of my wifes friends have gone trough endless troubles with landoffices when they showed Thai ID cards with family names of foreign spouses. Had to show husband passports, marriage paper translation followed by comments but your are a foreign national. Never ending discussions and delays and further trouble when buying car etc

    Some of these Thai woman changed their ID card back to Thai family names. No more problem with same landoffices.

    Of course it depends to which landoffice you go and who sits on the other side of the counter.

  4. I married my thai wife 17 years ago and we have just moved to Phuket.

    She has a thai passport with my family name on it but her ID card still has her maiden name.

    To buy land they ask for a thai mariage certificate (we were married abroad) to change her ID card.

    Is this just a translation they want or do we have to get married again.?  :o Can the british embassy help and are there any consular services here in Phuket or do I have to go to bangkok?

    Anyone been down this road? Advice please.

    1. Your wife is buying the land, correct.

    Or did she talk about about leasing the land to you in front of any official.

    2. Who is asking for a Thai mariage certificate, the bank or the land office. If its the bank they are silly, they want to put the nose into your private life.

    3. If its the land office they are wrong, never show them your marriage paper, thats where the trouble starts. Your wife is a Thai Citiizen and can buy land with a ID card anywhere anytime. No need to change ID card :D . She can do any transaction or business in Thailand with a valid ID card. Never ever change her maiden name in the ID card to your name. To conduct important business she needs a Thai name.

    PS: Our land office insisted my Thai wife to change her ID card to my name, she refused and stated that she married abroad and forreign laws applied. They accepted.

    3. Maybe the land office will try another one, ask your wife where the money comes from and she has to tell them it comes from her. A foreigner can not pay for land. IF you pay from your account you will have never ending demands for statements etc etc.

    When the land deal is signed let the wife pay trough her acccount in her maiden names account.

    Speaking from experience

  5. You can build this size of a pool yourself.

    1. Look for solid ground

    2. 25 cm floors and walls will do, use lots of steel.

    3. Casting, filling up CPAC cement in one step advisable to avoid cracks.

    4. sprinkle water for 14 days :o avoids cracks

    5. Granite tiles are not so expensive and cleaning very easy.

    6. 1 sand filter australian made with backwash and rinse.

    7. 1,5 HP pump needed to apply enough pressure for backwash.

    8. UV filter reduces chlorine consumption by 50 % :D and provides a pleasant smell.

    9. Run filter 12 hours per day in steps of 4 hours reduces electricity bill. Total running costs per month about THB 1000

    10. for chemical information you can look




    You can also buy 4x8 m fiberglass pools in Pattaya for THB 200,000

    Easy to install and repair and move to new place move your pool along.

    Do not hesitate to ask, I have some hardlearned experience about pool and water preparation.

  6. We all know about double standard pricing. The Philippines had to learn it the hard way, tourists just avoid that place.

    But a lot of tourists coming to Thailand are forced to pay these prices because they not have a Thai wife or girl friend booking for them. In the case of Thai Airways there is only one solution, report it to IATA.

    For daily use for bookings it can help :o sometimes if the Thai wife explains that her husband is residence here for 10 years.

  7. Lampard

    Your help to name some real good restaurants in Surin would be appreciated. Whenever we travel there we run into some unexpected situations like falang menue cards but no falang food available, cooking thai food takes more than 1 hour, complete wrong menues delivered :o , no ice available etc

    PS: We always asked local teachers, headmasters, falangs on site where is the best restaurant in town. Maybe asked the wrong people.

  8. Great idea.

    I like to name 2 in Roi-et City.

    1. White Elephant

    70 m from Roi-et City hotel

    Falang food mainly European. Very friendly service, special wishes always :o accepted. Snoeker, dart, UBC, free broaband Internet, Taxi service.

    2. 101 Restaurant

    50 m from Petcharat Garden Hotel, near all the entertainment.

    Elegant 300 places with live music. Reasonable prices, special wishes welcome .

    The place where Thai and Falang go.

  9. Hi

    Has anyone ever been to the village of At Samat? It is just of Roi Et. I would be interested to hear about?


    It is 30 km south west of Roi et. A very sleepy :o Isaan village. Next shops, restaurants, accomodation etc etc in Roi-et.

  10. The copyright law is now applied to almost everything from selling copied designer cloth to playing copied CDs in public and running UBC in Restaurants etc, etc

    The law enforcement is carried out by government appointed organisations like Legasit (Legal Sitcom) etc

    Now what?

    UBC starts selling commercial packages for hotels etc but for small restaurants and bars its done case by case.

    Better doubleckeck :D with UBC, you could run into legasit random ckecks resulting in very heavy fines :o

  11. The same copyright law is now applied for almost everything from running UB.  in restaurants to selling nice Cuc.. cloth around the corner. Fin alw... de.. on neg... p..er :o    Working for L..t can be ve. pro..  le :D . Dr.in around in the mos. e..pen. B. W..ng the m..  e..ve R..x  w.ch  :D  :D

    Hesus Roiet. I understood your original post and the copyright thing was something that I hadn't thought about. But this post could you or someone translate for me. I, kind of, am wondering what it is you are trying to say, but I can't quite work it out. :D

    The same copyright law is now applied for almost everything from running UBC programs in restaurants to selling nice Cucci cloth around the corner. Fines always depend on negotiation power :D Working for Le...it can be very profi.. le :D . Driving around in mos. expen. Benz. Wearing the mo.. expe.ve Rol.x wa.ch :D:D

  12. Since she is a girl she will always be obliged to support the family

    First I've ever heard of this one?

    Sorry, I should say since she is the oldest child in the family and a girl, she will always be obliged to support the family.

    So in Surin and other places in Isaan they do help like this.

  13. My wifes ID is in her married name .

    Sorry for asking. Is it now your family name. If yes, the land office will not accept it. They will only accept Thai family names. So she needs an official confirmation from a Embassy that she is married to you.

    PS: Any further problem arising let her get a new ID in Thailand with only her Thai family name, but the old ID must get lost somewhere.

    I understood that I just had to sign papers saying that the money belonged to my wife.

    Did you send send the money from your bank account to her bank account. If yes this means you are paying for the house. It is foreign income originated from a foreigner. Double check the papers they make you sign. Your wife, not you, must sign a paper that this money on her bank account is earned by her.

    Good luck

  14. Once I move back to Thailand she will live with me and I will still send her parents some money.....but not the current 10,000 baht I'm sending now. Maybe cut it back to around 6,000 baht.

    This is usually a difficult task, once people get used to it, they do not want to step down. I do not know your girl friends educational level, but maybe some further investment in higher education would always produce some additional income for the family. Since she is the a girl she will always be obliged to support the family.

  15. There are many, many educated Thais speaking english. And in places like Bangkok, Pattaya etc the younger Thai generation speaks english well.

    But just outside these cities hardly anyone masters this language. Of course English becomes a subject in almost all the schools, but the children have no chance to practice it. So, if foreigners visit places outside the big cities the younger Thai generation can understand the foreigner but can in most cases just speak a few words. This is fact. But this is the same in many other countries, no practice of foreign languages outside the big cities.

  16. My Thai GF lives in the Sri Bung Ruang area.  She told me her family's monthly expenses average about 14,000 baht.  Her father pays 4,000 baht a month on a truck payment (used Nissan) and she says it takes another 10,000 baht for food, mobile phones, electricity, water and gas.  They live in an old house which is paid for.  Does this sound about right or is she 'padding' the figures a bit?

    Usually payments for used trucks are 24 steps or more and never ever more than 2,000 per month. Electricity 300, water 100, gas 200. Food max. 3,000 per month having 3 times meat per day . Mobile phone maybe 300.

    Max 6,000 per month, really |||| .

    Maybe family has some hidden expenses not known to you, 5 cousins, 5 uncles etc etc need some serious support, sick in hospital etc :o . Money distribution is very very common in Isaan.

    Padding, yes :D

  17. It could be that about THB 3000 per month goes legally to Legasit for playing CDs commercially.

    In our province  4 Karaoki bars installed this CD player/speaker/TV system. Very succesful business until Legasit (legal sitcom) came along one night cashing 4xTHB 50,000 on the spot for playing CDs commercially. Luckily these 4 Karaoki owners found some rich Chinese to pay the fines on the spot, otherwise the fines in a later court case could have gone up to THB 100,000 :D .  All the Karaoki places closed now because the p.. also co... some m.. for ..  purposes.

    PS: Playing CDs in a Karaoki bar requires now a permit besides the permit for running the bar, but nobody knew about this.

    So, if you buy some CDs for your friends Karaoki, Legasit could come along and  make you responsible and cash some nice money :o . The amount is variable starting from THB 10k up to 100k depending on your negotiation power :D .

    Hmmmmmm....that's an interesting aspect I hadn't thought about. When you're in the "business" you do need to think about the "copyright" laws. Could get to be very expensive. Thanks for that input. :D

    The same copyright law is now applied for almost everything from running UB. in restaurants to selling nice Cuc.. cloth around the corner. Fin alw... de.. on neg... p..er :D Working for L..t can be ve. pro.. le :D . Dr.in around in the mos. e..pen. B. W..ng the m.. e..ve R..x w.ch :D:D

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