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  1. Thats what i tought too,but why not make it on the spot? Instead of make me feel like a criminal,and I anticipate my next custom passage hopefully with no argues...
  2. Ok when settled in Rayong,me and my wife went to immigration because they stamp me a 60 days instead of 90 days in Bkk,so as the IO look at it my wife explained what happened in BKk,and the IO was surprised by that so he go speak to his superior and that men told me it should never happen and will investigate that was 3 weeks ago,friday my wife received a call from the superior and said that there's another Canadian man with the same name as me and that men was not clear with Thai immigration,he also said that they compared the fingerprints of the other men and me and I will have no problem next time.... I don't know if that true but I'm confused about that story,and no excuses....
  3. Ok every year i do a Non O multiples entry (Thai wife) just came from Canada,i always been up to to date with my visa,the custom lady ask me when i go back to Canada i said april after if i have sufficient money for my stay i said yes she ask how much, 5k Canadian dollar she say ok follow me went to a small office one officer come ask me to show the money,i tell him taht's my wife that have the money on her,they go look for her a the luggage claim,she show the money and they said ok you need to show the equivalent of 7k cad then i told them i have money in my Kasikorn account,he said you need to update the bankbook my wife go make the update and i'm waiting,the thing is that i have only 11k Bahts in that account just text the wife to put money in the account,so just want to know what i should after what are my rights? Thanks
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