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  1. 5555555! Yes, those women, Asians and darkies haven't had an original thought in their heads for the eternity of time! It's entirely due to White Germanic males! Are Jews White Germanic Males? How about Frenchies? Scandinavians? Russians? Seems that your thesis may not withstand much scrutiny. But you seem a highly curious and intellectually open individual, so allow me to add to what no doubt is a lengthy reading list. https://www.biography.com/news/alice-ball-female-scientists https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/5/130519-women-scientists-overlooked-dna-history-science/ https://listverse.com/2013/10/14/10-groundbreaking-women-scientists-written-off-by-history/ There are several women repeated within these lists, but together there are 15 or so excellent examples of what I was talking about. Now those are only the ones we know of, meaning that this likely has been happening throughout history and still today.
  2. Another excellent post that exposes the real thing underlying this brave "hero" and his steadfast refusal to wear a "nosebag". And your solution is perfect - full criminal and civil liability for passing on the virus for people who deliberately refused to take any precautions.
  3. I understand that this is what seems to be the case according to "common knowledge", but is it true? I am guessing that the same sorts of systemic prejudices that we see everywhere exist also within the Nobel Committee. I know it is certainly the case with respect to many of the women pioneers of science, many of whom are simply not known because their discoveries and work were simply stolen from them along with the credit by their male supervisors. Remember, women weren't even ALLOWED in universities until well into the 20th century in many places.
  4. Oh, well, those have to disappear due to "errors" by the investigating police, nothing to be done, statute of limitations and all that, move along, nothing to see here! As this will have been his first offense, the drugs charge will be dealt with by some swanky rehab facility that combines "drug treatment" with quarantine so that he gets that taken care of in his first 14 days back, then the speeding will be ditched for lack of evidence. And there we are! Free and clear, minor drug infraction on the record and Somchay's Your Uncle!
  5. Excellent post and well summarized points. I would note the first one in particular - the fellow who claimed that "more Nobel Prizes are won..." as being indicative of a deeper issue that is common to the USA, UK and Thailand. That is the fundamental "myths" they have constructed as their "origin story" and accepted as unadulterated truth rather than the obvious propaganda it always was. Thus, the rich see only that they were smart and took risks so believe they're an individual success, whereas they don't recognize that their friends and family gave them a leg up and they always had the resources to avoid the consequences of failure. It's a closed circle of ignorance that feeds upon itself.
  6. Thanks to our TV British friends for providing further evidence, although not actually needed, that the observations were spot on. Even an article specifically explaining why you are fools only spurs further behaviour of exactly the sort described. No hope for such selfish societies.
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