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  1. And when he gets drunk and starts shooting at innocent people, what is your reaction to that. He does not need a gun to do his job and probably like most Thai's has no permit for it.
  2. So if you buy a box of beer you need to carry it everywhere you go, same logic.
  3. And he needs to carry it all with him in case he gets upset by someone.
  4. You want to give him a medal after he looses the plot and wipes out some innocent people also?
  5. Why does this hotel worker require a gun and 43 bullets, and no valid reason to have them ?
  6. My condolences go out to the chicken's family. What is an exhausted pipe ?
  7. A Thai who owned the house next to mine tried this overnight rental a couple of times. He gave up after the second group complained about the old farang next door, his music was too loud You have to fight fire with fire and a few expats who like to party
  8. My uncle Somchai owns the cars and cash You cant talk to him as he went on a holiday and left me in charge. Maybe he not come back for long time
  9. So the government is going to ban all motorised transport. At least the old buffalo pulling a cart knows where to go, and when its time to stop
  10. This is quite rare, a taxi stopping to pick up a fare. Did he leave the meter running while waiting for the cops
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