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  1. 3 hours ago, apetryxx said:

    Disclaimer, I love trains. As a retired airline pilot, I take the train whenever I can. No long security lines, one leaves and arrives from the city center and weather is rarely a problem. For trips of 5 hours or less you can’t beat the train. 

    As to the snarky comments about not trusting a Thai to handle train engineering duties at 160 KPH, this is pure racist drivel.  There are plenty of intelligent hard working Thais flying planes, doctoring in complex specialties and working in disciplines that I can only marvel at. Keep your moronic statements to yourself.

    But maintenance is another story, its the not so educated that do the repair work :omfg:

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Booboo101 said:

    Im very confused as I live in Hua Hin and can see the cement pillars being built, I thought these were for the high speed train, not the dual track train.

    So after only having a ramshackle ancient one track rail system, we are now going to get a dual track rail system on stilts plus a separate high speed train ?

    Soon it will be an elevated 2 track ramshackle service

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