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  1. we are on PEA price plan 1.1.2. Average monthly unit price incl taxes, discounts etc is 4.5 baht per kWh, so not too high. price plan is not our issue, rather the possible future discontinuation of the current setup (one bill, supply hosted by the 3rd party, private meters in all houses).
  2. sorry I was not clear on the legal terminology...none of the residents own the land nor house, rather they own 49% of the company that owns land and house, and are the sole directors of the owning companies. so all houses owned by company, and currently all occupied by the company director, for reference, water supply contracts are all direct to PWA, and are all in the name of the companies owning the land
  3. yes will have to go talk there anyway, it's just that would be kind of easier if would know how things work prior to go there, just for language reasons. just thought if someone who had been involved in village development would happen to have some experiences on the practicalities around the topic...
  4. ...hmmm...how that would limit the supply arrangement? PEA policy or practicalities dependent on whether owner is natural or legal person?
  5. yes every house owner owns the land plots under them, with separate chanotes and xxx/yyy address, and house book. currently all in company name. 3rd party is just a service company that hosts the contract with PEA (and possibly owns the transformer unless PEA own it). no relationship to land or house ownership originally this was supposed to be a village of something in neighborhood of 20-30 houses, however when the financial crisis hit, only part were ready, and the land planned for the rest was sold off due to financial issues. I actually dont know what wa
  6. We have a small 'village' of 10 houses. Electricity supply (due to historical reasons, which is another long story) is arranged so that there is one transformer with one meter and one supply contract that is in name of a third party company. Each house has own meter, and every month the one PEA bill is divided proportionally to each house based on the units recorded in meters of each house. Actually I am not familiar about the ownership of the transformer itself whether it is owned by the 3rd party (a service co) that takes care of the PEA bill or by PEA (are both possible, or transformer alwa
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