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  1. Just become something is freely available in Thailand does not necessarily mean it is legal. It means 'mai pen rai'
  2. Dream on if you expect all the answers to be handed to you on a silver platter. If you do expect free answers, go Google 'International Trade' , 'Cross-border E-Commerce' , 'Incoterms', 'Global Shipping'. Use the official EU website for more information: https://ec.europa.eu/trade/import-and-export-rules/import-into-eu/
  3. Most Bangkok condos are overvalued by at least 25%, based on my anecdotal experience. Some places could be over-valued by as much as 40-45%.
  4. The key takeaway for you is to avoid the big courier service providers - DHL / FedEx / UPS. They're a magnet for Thai customs. Furthermore, DHL acts as the agent on your behalf to take care of the (import) customs clearance formalities, so their surcharges can also quickly add up. Try to use a registered mail service or postal service to ship your goods into Thailand next time. USPS / Royal Mail / EMS can usually get through unscathed.
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