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  1. The fact that you are this naive shows you know nothing about Thailand. Like it or not - it is open season on farangs everywhere - in the workplace, on the street and that goes double for those operating in grey areas. It is definitely your choice to sing publicly in any mall. But it is also BIB's choice to shake you down, fine you and possibly toss you in the slammer on at least threaten you with it. Finding gainful (legal) employment as a singer/entertainer in a hotel bar/restaurant is one thing - but that is definitely not what you're after.
  2. Using a metal rod is way OTT - what an idiot. Anyhow, a typical farang's life is at the lowest rung on the social ladder, in terms of importance. Irresponsible dog ownership and archaic animal cruelty laws just add fuel to the fire.
  3. Typical Thai knee-jerk reaction to blame everything else, but themselves. It's not rocket science, Somchai - just make sure each one of the frikken immigration desks is manned at all times!! Do you want a calculator to figure out how many personnel are required to man all the desks?
  4. I think you have conveniently left out bits and pieces of your story - maybe there is something you are not telling us. If the documentation you submitted was complete and you truthfully explained your background - educational and employment history, I don't see any reason why they would not issue you an ED visa - especially if you were applying for a university course. However, it is true that the consulate in Delhi routinely issues (and later voids) Non-Imm visas of all categories for various reasons. Definitely a great earner - "money, but no honey" I wouldn't be surprised if they have gotten over zealous with their void stamp.
  5. If you really want to do this, better make it as above board as possible. Try to find one of those co-working spaces that can get you a work permit. However, even these are not bullet-proof options. The only truly legal way for you to stay here is with a work permit and extension of stay, based on work. Or marry somebody (a foreigner) who is already (legally) working here and you can be their dependent (Non-O). Other than that, it's TR visas and we all know how that can play out.
  6. They wanted to reassure the public that the stealing was fortunately committed by a Thai - an occupation in which foreigners are often stealing (no pun intended) jobs from Thai's
  7. Can enter Schengen at the earliest (stamp in at immigration) on 31 July 12:00 AM local time, and must leave (stamp out at immigration) of the Schengen area by Sep 29 11:59 PM local time.
  8. Yup, the most realistic indicator that I've seen is Numbeo. The average salary of a person in Bangkok (degree or not) is around 25,000 baht - that sounds credible. This is a broad across the industry average, but if you drill down, there's many factors that will influence wages e.g. educational background, English speaking ability etc. Those who can speak English will earn considerably more than the average Somchai.
  9. Why would you want to sing in a mall as opposed to a bar? Anyhow, suggest to avoid these sort of idiotic ideas in Thailand. And yes, you'd probably need a work permit and singing in a very public place like a mall is the worst sort of publicity you want. Just stick to karaoke.
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