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  1. I think an "Angel" working the Immigration website for the 90 day online reporting is working late today.


    Although the website is down, I figured I would check my email for an approval notice.   Guess what?   The Angel of Online reporting has sent my Approval !   Just need to print it out...whenever they go back online.


    Great weekend for me....I was bummed out on waiting 3 more days.


  2. I did mine for the fifth time, 4 days ago.  The site was up and running, accepted, and gave me a TM number for Pending.  Checked every day, and still Pending.  Today it was up and running (9am) but just now, I am getting the message  "Failure of Web Server Bridge".....while using IE (always worked before).


    Lucky I did it 14 days prior to the due date, so I can afford to wait another 10 days for a reply.  My previous 5 online reports worked great. 


    crossing my fingers....anyone else have luck this week?



  3. I use tahr puppy....

    It can utilize ubuntu tahr packages. Best thing is, it loads into ram. If you don't save anything, All traces disappear when you turn off the computer.

    Pretty slick.

    You can save on the thumb drive that you boot off of....if you need to.....or just put everything you want to save on dropbox, etc.

    Great backup...and great way to carry your own operating system around. I used to bring mine to the store and plug it into a laptop, before I bought it. (With permission)

    You can actually keep a backup of your system on dropbox, if your laptop gets grabbed/confiscated by customs.

    Nothing on the hard drive!

  4. The main problem you face is that Thai university degrees are not held in the highest esteem internationally, for reasons which have been extensively detailed here and elsewhere.

    They are not regarded at all outside of Thailand

    What a load of BS. You certainly don't have a single clue as to what you are talking about and therefore your opinion is worthless. Love of how this forum loves to sh#t on everything about Thailand. /s

    As a long term frustrated employer, I can tell you that what he says is only slightly exaggerated. There are, however, a few good Thai Universities that have acceptable standards. The problem here has been that many universities sell degrees to students. As an employer having interviewed 100s of Thai Graduates in various disciplines, I found that only 1 in 128 was able to answer simple questions about their subject. These questions being easily answerable by 11 year olds in the UK. As I have discussed this problem with the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education over the past 30 years, I do know what I am talking about. Education standards must be greatly improved in Thailand and there must be no more selling of degrees, nor issuing degrees merely for attendance. For these reasons, overseas employers certainly do not hold Thai University Degrees with esteem, with only a few exceptions.

    "1 in 128 WAS " lol

    cat is out of the bag ....

  5. Just did my 2nd online 90 day report; ( last one was sept 2015) I had left between then an now a few times so didn't need do the 90 day rpeort...

    took all off less than 5 minutes

    didn't put in flight number'

    4th page

    Step4 : Acknowledgement (TM.47)
    Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days (Online)
    along with the transaction date /time
    Bar code;
    when i go check status it says pending
    and also list my last online report
    wow, Well done Thailand

    Same here.

    Three successes so far ...3 reports. Not much of a problem but I had to dust off IE browser (something I never use). Once I got that clicked, i have the site bookmarked...and a copy of all the info in my document folder. I open the folder and plug in a few lines here and there...and bam.

    Doing my fourth in about a week or two....if any new problems ...I will post.

    Make sure all your ad blockers and ghostery (I use them alot) are off...and no vpn (I use vpn on Opera and Firefox)....

    probably will want to enable javascript as well...should already be on...but some people turn that off for security reasons.

  6. Appears to be broken today! Successful last couple of times but when entering the same info as last time get the "Report to ....." message when submitting the first page. No change in my details and not left the country since my last report.

    No..not broken

    Works every time. Been using it for a year.

    Only problem is that I had to use the dreaded IE explorer (which I hate).

    Just careful to click on the acceptance, and drop down boxes. Dates in order.

    If you make a typo, then start over. Takes only 5 minutes.

  7. Yes, That's why third world Japan drives on the left and first world North Korea drives on the right.

    cheesy.gif Touchee! You beat me to it. In fact from what I can make out, with the exception of some of South Africa, all of the 3rd world countries drive on the right.

    I see a lot of posters on TV using the term 3rd world incorrectly, in particular to describe Thailand - clearly they have no understanding of the meanings.

    Although to be fair the term has morphed slightly from the original designation of countries into 1st, 2nd and 3rd dependant mainly on alliance during the Cold War period, it is now also used as a descriptor for socio-economic development status.

    However Thailand does not fall into 3rd world category by either definition of the term. It was classed as 1st world in terms of Cold War alliance:-


    And in terms of its current economic growth and development it is not in the 'least developed' category:-


    It can be seen that the Philippines does have 3rd world status regarding CW alliance, but it also does not fall into 3rd world as far as economic development goes.

    The 3rd World in terms of socio-economic growth :-

    silly boys.............lol

    it was a joke...i wasn't being serious. You guys are too sensitive..but it is funny.

  8. They drive on the wrong ( American ) side of the road. Too freaking hot. Haven't been there; however, if the food is as bad as other posters say, not interested.

    Like Thailand, the Philippines has its share of horror stories about women. Lang Hancock is the most famous example.

    A majority of the countries in the world drive on the Right side of the road. It was influenced by France, Russia and the US.


    Today, only four European countries still drive on the left: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta.

    Yes. Only 3rd world countries still drive on the left side.

  9. Sorry just to clear this up...you are all in the UK?

    If so leaving a young girl all night in the care of a 15 year old has to constitute an offence in itself I would have thought.

    People hire teen babysitters all the time. However, a 15 year old boy would not be suitable for watching a young girl. Especially when there are two. Boys do masturbate at this age (go figure), and their hormones are flowing.

    I would definitely have an adult present in the house.

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  10. Really amazed that after a 10 year marriage you and/or wife were not aware of this - the main reason for tourist visa refusals for those actually making tourist visits is fear that they might be considering what you took as an option, As she had the tourist visa am sure at the time issued was made clear only good for a short visit (but understand that may have been years ago). You at least have time to make plans and if health improves perhaps can actually be together during the immigrant visa wait (if the plan is permanent stay). You might check if there is some compassionate grounds available if indeed you can never return to Thailand.

    The US Embassy has a very clear procedure outlined on their website. Tourist visas are not what one uses for settling down in the USA.

    I do understand that we are able to settle down in Thailand on non immigrant visas. (extensions of stays on non immigrant O visas..for example).

    USA is about is strict as it gets. Hope your post persuades others to read the US Immigration website. When I formalize our marriage with the US Embassy here in Thailand....I will certainly not expect my wife to immigrate to the USA on a tourist visa.

  11. For us...it was that I had no address in the USA, since 1995. (Yes ..20 years straight living in southeast asia). They also asked why I did not work (unusual, as I am retired military with some disability). We were told I needed an address in the USA for six months, and could reapply. My income is enough, and my wife is self sustaining..(owns property/car/business...and has a daughter in college ).

    Worked out for the best, as I am waiting for my son's documents to be completed (in the Philippines). I will travel with him and setup a home in the USA until he obtains employment. The home will be leased in my name. Once he is stable, I can fly back to Thailand and apply for a tourist visa. Surprisingly, my (live-in "wife" of 5 years) has done her research, and is not thrilled with living in Oregon. Her married friends all want to come back here and live in Thailand. Her two daughters live here.. We save a bunch of money, and can live very well. My social security will start in two years....and we will have bought/paid for...all our requirements by then (debt free with 3500 usd a month). It is quite an adventure.

    The US Embassy actually did us a favor, by turning her down. The exchange rate went from 29 to 36 since her refusal..and all the negative news in the USA has really turned us off. Her friends in farangland are soooooooo envious that she can stay and live with me here (for now).

    Just wanted to say....sounds like your income/job description ...did not cut it. Perhaps she had applied for a visa recently with another guy? My guess is that she sounded vague, and they figured you wanted to marry her there.

  12. Curious. Are you sending baht to a baht account at kasikorn? Can paypal convert your foreign money to baht? If so, what kind of exchange rate? I use XE, but am willing to try paypal if it is cheaper/or a better rate. XE cost 21 usd to send to the Bank here....and they convert my dollars to baht, before wiring to my Bank of Bangkok Baht account. Takes 7 working days..but no sweat. I only do this four times a year.

  13. Vietnam has every reason to distrust Americans, but creating a visa on arrival would be more beneficial. The length of visa is not so much the issue, as having to deal with the corrupt Vietnamese visa system.

    Every reason not to trust?

    Ancient history by now....

    and by the way...we lost. Sometimes we just don't nuke.

    thats why they can trust us. Look at Japan..they love us...and they got nuked.

  14. The wife loves her suzuki ertiga.

    Lots of flexibility and configurations with the three rows of seats. The third row is just for small kids, however. Under 800,000 and very comfortable. I can sleep in the back of it, on long trips. It has aircon front and back. Not too peppy though. Good mileage, comfortable, good storage and affordable. Very reliable.

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  15. Just tried to do the online reporting using Explorer.

    My due date is 9 August arrived in Thailand November 2014.

    Filled in every detail, used the search to enter my nationality ( so it is in English and Thai) completed the capatcha and got verified, clicked submit and got the pop up that for further information I should contact my local immigration.

    Does the system not work after office hours, or shall I better don't waste more time and drive to the office?

    I used IE successfully.

    I took somebody's tip and didnt fill in all the details. Try omitting all the boxes that don't have red asterisk, the non-compulsory boxes, even first name.

    But having said that I think your problem is that your due date is only 3 days away so you are outside the permitted time-frame. Have to apply online between 7 days and 15 days prior to due date, so you should have applied between 22 July - 30 July.

    So it looks like you'll have to make that trip this time

    I agree. One date I filled in was wrong...and I got the same notice. Once I corrected the date, it was all good. The website could be improved, by specifying errors, instead of the generic "contact immigration" message. Just do it within the allowed time window (as above) and enter your info carefully. Took me less than five minutes, and..as I am on the road, saved me a two day trip.

  16. Good news for me.

    Did my 90 day report online and it was a snap. Immigration is now back on my "friendly" list.

    I did the online report on Monday morning and it was approved by Wednesday afternoon. My wife called Udon Immigration on Monday, and asked if there was any problems with the online process. They laughed and said it was all running smoothly, and they have been utilizing it since July. Many successful approvals.

    I won't be attaching proof. I received an email telling me I was approved, and directed to their website. I put in the TM number and saw the "Approval" . Also printed out the notification, as well as the receipt with reporting date...to put in my passport.

    Loving this.

  17. Ahahah actually i want to ask slipper l... i live thailand and wanna bring my gf back for a visit. I have no home or job in usa

    She might need somebody to "guarantee/sponsor" her...like a relative. I have never tried it yet.

    I do know, that for a fiancee visa....the USA requires you to be employed/(or have retirement income) and you must have a home (Physical Address) for six months. I have that in writing.

    On the tourist visa, I plan on having a friend/family member sponsor her. I have not yet asked about the "physical address"...

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