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  1. He sure had the guts to run to the media and publish his bad judgement. Sinsod?? I understand she was a sex worker and he could have just barfined her daily for two years and got some change back. Well he sure picked out the fastest place in the world to lose your money...Pattaya. Its a common joke up here in Udon Thani how these girls..mostly already married to Thais with their own kids...can snatch up a gullible farang down in Pattaya or Phuket and wring him dry. An expensive lesson for him. LOL..I had this happen in the Philippines 20 years ago. Can't really blame the girls...the farangs really think these beautiful young girls need to be saved from their life of prostitution!!! By giving them free houses and cars/millions in sinsod...you are just encouraging their prostitution!

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  2. I am going to own up to this one. Truth is stranger than fiction, the classic old bars with their colorful characters are being replaced by High Dollar Yuppie Palaces. After 13 years in the Town of Subic, Philippines, I can tell you that many a retired sailor/marine/merchantman became "outdated" as the few hangout bars were taken over by the more ORGANIZED businessmen from Angeles City. We used to refer to some of these hangouts as "God's Waiting Room"...as notices would be posted of the dead and dying, almost on a daily basis. I have not been to Washington Square, but I sympathize.

  3. Tragic flaw in judgement and a recipe for disaster. Water, electricity and shoddy wiring. I noticed a problem with the automatic pump behind my house. There was a hole in the pressure tank which was blowing water on a taped connection. Taped connections are not properly insulated, and you can still get zapped if you touch them. I was lucky to see the problem, and I unplugged the thing. Two repairs already done on the pump and now is the time to spring for a safer setup. Just 3000 baht. I will be dam_n sure that the breaker switch is off and the wire disconnected before I grab the thing. Let this be a reminder to all of us with short patience. Do it right. My condolences to the Brit's wife and family...but I am much the wiser for reading this today.

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  4. Check out Golden Residence. It is near the Holiday Inn. Its 10 minutes from the southeast gate or just cross the river at the iron bridge and go 10 minutes up the road. Its across for a gas station that has a Tesco Lotus store. They give you two rooms with computer and wifi. Has big refridgerator and each room has a large flat screen tv and separate air conditioners. Try to get a room on the river side. One of the rooms is a living room with cozy sofa and chairs, long desk. You can ride into town on either sides of the river with a scooter. Holiday Inn has a great weekday lunch buffet and nearby is the Ratilanna hotel with a beautiful pool and fancy gym. I only paid 1600 for a month to use the Ratilanna facilities. You wont believe how good it is. The Golden Residence is off the tourist track a bit and little or no English is spoken. I liked being out there .. and met some good people.

  5. Seriously.. If you really want to get some fish on the line, then get away from the bar oriented/tourist trap towns and try some place like Udon Thani. You will find many gals more than willing to hit up on you. Even in the small gym I go to, there are staff members and college teachers that constantly ask my gal to find a foreign man for them. Its a normal thing up here. Do not expect them to move in with you on the first date, and be prepared that they may take an escort along with them. There is one store, not far from the airport, where you will see ladies that have their own shops. There are very few customers and they like to chat away with almost anyone that cares to say hello. OK...these are not the young, sexy bar gals that pretend to like you that many men prefer. As in many countries, divorce is on the rise and many of these gals have issues that might bother you. Children, families looking for cash to put down on a NEW car, etc. You most likely will run into some retired Phuket/Pattaya gals...but there are many that would not dream of going to those sort of places. Just take a walk around the park area at 5pm and notice the smiles and small talk. Very uplifting for me. LOL...yes, you will need to show you have some...$ power. Just rent a car for a few days...its enough. Get ready for a big family gathering right away. Networking works great here. no computer required....just get out and look decent and available. Udon may not be on the list of travel for most.... but its not the one horse town some people make it out to be. Pleasant enough for me.

  6. How many of us have used tape recorders to copy music and vcr's to copy music and movies in the late seventies?. I used to trade with my friends. In fact, many libraries in New York had machines and original records available to do this. Internet is facing government control... Most of the movies on pirate bay were low quality. I lost enough money watching first run movies that were absolute garbage to not feel guilty about watching a movie my friend had passed on to me. Seemed that I paid the same price to watch bad movies...as well as good ones. Although I am sure many would disagree, Pirate Bay, in my humble opinion provided free advertisement for first run movies. The man should be paid., not jailed. LOL. Remember parking our cars close enough to the Drive In to watch a movie without paying? I think almost every cop out there did that. He who has never traded movies with friends...please step forward and be recognized. Same for Music.

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