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  1. I like the Philippines but retirement in Thailand is much easier, with respect to visas. I don't keep 800k in a Thai bank, I get a Verification of Pension letter from my embassy, thai immigration accepts it in lieu of money in the bank. As I recall the Philippines requires $10,000 US in one of their banks with a verified pension.

    Alternatives to SE Asia? Back to the USA for me smile.png

    no money required for I card if you have a filipina wife ....

    much, much different.

    I was divorced from my filipina wife, but passport says i am still married....Voila !!!!!

    Hadn't thought of this before now, but as there's no such thing as divorce in Philippines (you'd need to annul the marriage) if you were to divorce your wife outside of PI I guess in the eyes of PI immigration your still married

    True..if Married in the Philippines. We were married and divorced in San Diego. Perfectly ok.

  2. You have to admit that even the Filipinos don't want to live in the PI...at least the ones that I've met. Where do you live, btw?

    Incorrect. I know many who have married friends...and myself 30 years ago...and lived in the states. They all want to go back to PI..... with money of course.

    same idea as the Isaan gal returning with the fat farang wallet and making her mark.

    In the Philippines, it is very tribal... People in a Barrio are like a big family. It is the social interaction that is missing completely where I live in Udon, now. The Filipinos are all out in the streets mingling with neighbors, singing, drinking outside and kind of hanging out. Thai people stay indoors when at home. Filipinos stay outdoors....and group up. It is kind of festive. They organize into Barkadas (packs of close friends) and roam around... They miss that alot

    If you ever really talk to a Filipina/Filipino in the USA ....they will seem happy, but you can see they miss their Barrio and Barkada of friends... and will get misty eyed.... You need to see how happy they are when they get back herE..

    The part about Thais staying indoors is not the way it is where I'm at. We're always outdoors in the village way up north. Only go inside for sleeping and bad weather.

    The reason is the "Siesta"(inherited from the Spanish era).... and unemployment. Most Thai's are employed...and so not outside...Most people in the Philippines are unemployed.

    The farms in Thailand are obviously out and about.... but most Thai's fear getting dark. People in the Philippines are darker,

  3. Very true. Just think of the money Thailand would save on Medical expenses alone,if they used us as volunteer bus drivers. At least let us check out the brakes, tires, lights and horn.

    I would certainly tutor college girls, at no expense..should they want to meet me for a beer at the pub.

    We could be volunteer jet ski inspectors.

    Not to mention voting station monitors. However...Beer quality control would benefit the most.

  4. Talk about black magic and foolish lotto guessing...

    this old crazy lady kept coming to our house (when I lived in very old, haunted one).

    We did not realize she was looking for magic numbers to win the lotto.

    One morning we found her clapping her hands and dancing in our driveway...

    I asked my wife, what was she shouting about. Turns out our dog just shat two

    long coils. Somehow, when the stuff hit the ground, it read "69". The old lady

    actually wrote it down and ran to the secret lotto building in udon.

    (They have these backrooms that look like wallstreet, with numbers flashing all over.

    Many play lotto as a business...same as some weirdos who play vegas or horses

    for a living, instead of for fun.

  5. So, Steve from Miami, is it OK to call you a seppo?

    (C'mon, have a laugh - sounds like you need it - smile.pngsmile.pngsmile.png)

    Calling sombody a name that implies a tank to hold poo poo...?

    Now that is insanely crude........ and that is where the trouble begins...


    It will only bring retaliation of terms like Fahtsukers for your countrymen.*having fun?" wai2.gif

  6. Storm heading from the north.

    Very gusty winds in San Sai. Hope for a nice cool evening.....I hear the wind howling from time to time..

  7. There will always be the tourist who shrugs off the high fare as part of the territory. Easy pickings. Big important man who comes to Bangkok, hits the bars for a week, and spends double that he would doing the same thing in Newcastle..or Perth

    Wish they would do some homework... and nail down some kind of limit on what is good deal for those who live here.

  8. I think the murders of 2 Brits on Koh Tao have been blown way out if proportion.

    2 murders, 1 young girl's death from natural causes {possibly drugs}, and a French guy possibly suicide, in my mind does not make Koh Tao the "Death Island" the "Murder capitol of Thailand" or "the place one goes to if they have a death wish."

    It is still a beautiful place to visit.

    Name any place in the world and there will be crime stats that will show it to be dangerous.

    People visiting Thailand need to be more concerned with wearing their helmets on motorcycles than with being murdered.

    I think the number is in line with murders everywhere....but this is a small island....and there has yet to be any resolution..if ever.

    The killer/rapist might still be in the area.

    Unless we already convicted the two Burmese guys.

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  9. Give me that over your tiny condos with noisy city views and crowded streets any day. Not everyone needs to be living elbow to elbow in a hot, crowded city.

    I live in a spacious, comfortable apartment in a very peaceful setting down a quiet soi in Bangkok. Don't judge city life based on the crowded bits you see as a tourist.

    I might barely fit that "tourist" description....I have lived in Asia 20 years...and hardly a visit back to the States.

    Plenty of us small village lovers....here, Enjoy it, if you want.... your choice...but definitely not something I would enjoy

  10. Home is home.....I think most people settle into the lifestyles they have always lived (for the guys that come looking for girls, that takes longer, lol). If you took morning runs before, you'll probably do the same here. We all have a life routine, and so according to our economics, I think we don't live that much differently. However, there are the exceptions, the farangs that hang around the bars all day, drinking, complaining, getting a cheap hooker and trying to make themselves manly. They don't have much of a life here, but they didn't have much of a life at home, either. The one Op says he has his house, car, etc., which is great for him, but my monthly budget will never extend that far. Like the other Op, I can afford to live comfortably here (i.e. studio apartment, scooter, occasional nice night out), but a little research shows I can live back in the US for close to the same, if I live with similar conditions. In other words, if I go back to the US, I'd be riding a scooter, not a 4x4.

    What I usually notice in Thailand is that many guys come over here just after retiring, and then expound on how wonderful life is, because they have this new "freedom". But they lived only a brief time as a retiree in their own country, so of course it is a different lifestyle. When you don't have to wake up to be at work every day, you don't have a house to maintain, and you no long have that "keep up with the neighbors" mentality, those years of stress melt away. Beyond that, I personally would say about 80% of the guys I know that either have just come here, vacation here, or are thinking of coming here and one main goal....get laid as often as they can. That eventually wears off, and then they settle into their lifestyle, and that will often mimic what they did at home.

    One thing on this forum I have noticed are guys saying you must stay in a village, live the simple life, get a wife, that's the only way to experience the "real" Thailand. That's a crock of BS...that's like saying in the UK you have to live in the slums to know the "real" life, so everyone living in cities must be living under "false" pretentions of the country. That's just a personal preference....you want to live in the village, that's ok with me. I don't, wouldn't want that lifestyle back home either. I don't think I understand more or less of Thailand regardless of where I live. Same as my home country. East coast is different than west coast, the cold states are different than the warm ones, the beach areas are different than desert. If you think living in one area makes you understand the country better, then I think you are rather shallow in your viewpoint. Life is what you make of it, wherever you are.

    Good..except the cites normally are where the slums are....and the farang owned, small village home (usually new and spacious) are comfortable and relaxing.

    Nothing beats nice a big garden or orchard, pond and large country home. Give me that over your tiny condos with noisy city views and crowded streets any day. Not everyone needs to be living elbow to elbow in a hot, crowded city.

    Examples....Some parts of NYC (or London)...can be just as irritating and slummy as Bangkok or Pattaya. Whereas some villages nearby...are vastly superior for living (scenery, quiet, yard, friendlier).. That should be pretty self explanatory. I don't see any false pretentions about the country being a choice for "many of us" over a small apartment next to MacDonalds.... ugh

    Thailand just is not that large. Plain and simple. Live quietly...and fly down to a beach/tourist infected area...when the feeling strikes you. A thousand baht.

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  11. Some people sell everything to come here...and then buy everything here.

    After a few years, they start thinking about selling everything here and going back.

    Then, when they realize what they have come back to, they start missing things in Thailand.

    Reality is, for me, my income is pretty good for living a great life here..although a bit lonely.

    My income is not enough, however, to live at the same level back home. (I have no back home..really)

    I would have to pick a location out of one of the fifty states in the USA and show up with a backpack,

    leaving a middle class life here. My wife would not be impressed.

    However, in two years, I receive my social securtiy and then I can do either place, or both

    (6 months on and 6 months off).

    I am not overly attached to Thailand, but there is nothing remotely similar in the USA...

    No credit there for two years....(have to rebuild credit from scratch). Wife would earn more there.

  12. One bar/restaurant place at Imperial Beach, San Diego, had broken the code on how to cook a steak

    Every Monday, they would have thawed out sirloin steaks...each presented on butcher paper.

    You simply go in, pay 7 usd, pickup your steak and toss it on a large BBQ. All the seasonings were handy, as well. People would order beer and chat with each other at the indoor BBQ. Cooking times and tips were put on the wall.

    It was very nice, going there and grilling them up just as you like them. There was also a salad bar, roll and french fries included in the price. Nobody complained how the steaks turned out, as there was no chef to blame.

    There was another place in Waikiki that did the same, but you had many choices of meats and seafood.

    I wonder if anybody thought of opening a similar operation? I would enjoy having a place like that in CM.

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