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  1. I'm bewildered why an adult would want to get circumcised anyway?

    Perhaps wanted to convert to the Jewish faith.

    More likely, he wanted the high and tight look.

    anyways....he probably won't be doing this a second time. Furthermore, his sex life is pretty much over for quite a while. All that hooker money can buy him a new cellphone.

  2. It is much worse...the mom was probably shot and killed.....just to have the tusks sawed off.

    Her baby, mourning at her side, was locked in a cage for 2 months and transported to Phuket.

    She has been chained there, for what seems to her to be an eternity...eating junk food and posing

    with fat tourists....half blinded by the flashes. Now half mad, she sways from side to side...and has

    visions of growing her own tusks, with which to gore the stomachs out of passing tourists...Just waiting.

    Do mum's have tusks?

    I stand corrected....only ladyboy elephants have tusks.

    switch the scenario to "father" vice mom...... ok..I embellished...but still sad.

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  3. We all love your story, because most of us had similar ones......and this is no joke...we all had broken hearts in Asia.....

    The second time I came backpacking to Asia, some 27/28 years ago I fell deeply in love with a really nice girl in Chiang Mai.....and I also taught, this is the one. The one I am going to stay with for ever......she was not like all the others, she was different.

    It happened that I had a multiple country air ticket with Philippine airlines 6 months validity,Thailand, Indonesia , Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand again,....at this time. True a good friend in a travel agency in Europe I could get a great deal on this flights, I had to pay for the furthest destination (Europe-Indonesia) and got two free stops, every additional stop was only approximatively a 1000 thb extra....

    Bummer,....I felll in love on the first stretch of my travel, in Chiang Mai.....so I still had to go to all the other country's..... witch I was a bit reluctant to....but it was such a good deal, so I decided to continued my trip. My girlfriend came with me to Bangkok and we separated with great regret in the airport,......the way she cried made me feel so much in love. My exotic girlfriend,......!

    My next country was the Philippines, where I met gorgeous exotic girls again, and so easy to get, but I was so in love with my Exotic Thai girl that I did not have a taste. I had planned to stay one month in every country so I travelled only 14 days in the Philippines in stead. Next stop, Indonesia ? the same I met great looking girls and in Jokjakarta and Bali....and despite it was a Muslim country some were so easy to get, but I did nothing, I had no feeling to cheat on my girlfriend. Instead of one month Indonesia I stayed 14 days. Next stop, Vietnam, you guest it, same same, so much in love with my Thai girl ! that I never wanted to cheat her,.....despite all the gorgeously beautiful girls that were willing to stay with me,.....to make a long story a bit shorter.....I came back to Thailand after cutting short all my trips,....and when I got back to Chiang Mai to see the love of my life !!! she was with another guy !!!.....and she told me she met him on the train that got her back to Chiang Mai just after we left each other in tears in Bangkok....

    Its just a story happening to me some 27/28 years ago, needless to say, I learned a great lesson there. I was young and I took it as a lesson, as it had some Influence in my further life. I learned from it in different levels.

    The next years I had the same deal with Philippine airlines and I did all this countries again for a few consecutive years every 6 months for some ten years. I had Girlfriends in all those countries, short, and long time ones. Until Philippine international Airlines got bankrupted, not due to my travels, but the man in charge of Philippine Airlines was a playboy and was more on golf courses than taking care of business.....I still fell in love hundreds of times after that but it was one of the best lessons that really counted in my further life...a great character builder...

    I married the right woman some 15 /16 years later but I had the experience to know it was the right one.... and I met my Thai wife by accident without looking for it.....

    I will not tell you what to do, or not to do, make your own decisions and bare the consequences. such is life welcome to the real world.

    I hope you learn something from it,....You are young ! follow your heart, and if it brakes ? fall in love again, and again, and never stop falling in love....life is so great, live it ! take everything as a lesson....good or bad.....learn from your mistakes. and from other people's mistakes. ...

    Best regards.

    Nice trip...met girls all around. Manage to see anything else interesting?

  4. It is much worse...the mom was probably shot and killed.....just to have the tusks sawed off.

    Her baby, mourning at her side, was locked in a cage for 2 months and transported to Phuket.

    She has been chained there, for what seems to her to be an eternity...eating junk food and posing

    with fat tourists....half blinded by the flashes. Now half mad, she sways from side to side...and has

    visions of growing her own tusks, with which to gore the stomachs out of passing tourists...Just waiting.

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  5. I am available to send money. Currently have 600,000 plus, but need the ugliest lady boy in the entire world (as I never trusted cute lady boys).

    If you are, as above, you may take all my money. Please send private email.

    ladies are not allowed to reply......and imposters...bugger off.

  6. When I was growing up...the more people told me not to love the girl...the more I loved her.

    That one turned out bad to...and she was a New York Telephone Operator...(I was 14)

    she schooled me on how to do it, and she got pregnant (assumed it was mine). abortion...married another guy a year later

    I will skip the rest of the story, except to say I am retired military living in asia.

    You probably will go for her. good luck. Nobody learns the easy way..I never did.

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  7. This is not rocket science.

    She is entertaining several men while you should be entertaining several women at the same time.

    She had a life before she met you..... so ...if she is attractive at all of course she has other men attracted to her besides you

    No need to get serious about any particular girl in any big hurry because there are so many available Thai girls.

    No need for you to commit anything to her and no need for her to commit anything to you.

    Just enjoy yourself and let your relationship drift to the right or drift to the left and then, if need be, let the relationship fade away. ...and no hard feelings.

    Sabai, Sabai.......Sanuk, Sanuk .......so do not ruin a good thing and turn all emotional while trying to read into her and or the situation too deeply.

    There is too much chance for you to be dragged into "who knows what sort of drama will evolve" so ...just enjoy what you can while you are with her and just be on guard as it is prudent to be on guard no matter where you are and what ever circumstances you are experiencing with any women in any country....but more so here in Thailand as you are vulnerable and subjected to events and circumstances that are not of your making and or all too often not in your control......so.......be forewarned and approach with caution.

    The long term expats on this website do not want to be listening to your tales of woe and despair 6 months or 1 year from now while most people do not like to be harsh and have to say: "Told you so"....or ...."You were forewarned"


    Actually, having read my fair share of the long term expats posts on here, id say thats exactly what they do want!!!

    True enough..... while there are plenty of people that like to gloat while knowing other people are having self inflicted problems.

    Part of human nature.


    I would like for him to prove us wrong...but chances are, if things turn out the way most of us have predicted, it is not likely he will apologize.

  8. I can see the difference very easily in MOST cases. My Thai wife gets mistaken for a filipino on occasion in Canada.

    I was in the Middle East a couple of years back with my Thai wife and the Filipino girl on the till started talking to my wife in Tagalog. She was really surprised when my wife said she was Thai.

    Almost the same experience.

    I took my filipina wife to mexico and they tried to speak spanish to her.

    Funny...she even understood them when they said kumusta.

    Things got weird when the Mexican then switch to Thai, after I told them she was not mexican.

    and even funnier....In the Philippines, Canadians are often confused as Americans....even the black ones.

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  9. A filipino is strictly a man. (filipina is girl)

    A Thai can be girl or boy or both or.....combination of some or all

    Anyways, I have trouble with telling puerto ricans from mexicans and blacks. They all got that same sicilian tan...that the italians have. Quite similar to a Filipina.

    I would say Thai girls are more closely related to Chinese..except the dark ones.

  10. Each device will have their own MAC number. If you open the router page you will see who is connected and can control access times and such. Each also gets an IP number within the network.,02,03 etc.

    Your router had an external IP number which identifies it's location. Nobody interferes with anyone else unless they share files and such, or join a Home Group.

    Be aware that, if you do not set up a password for your router setup page, that anyone utilizing that router can reconfigure it. Many people never assign a password (I do not mean wifi password...I mean router page for setup). Some people may just decide to block the MAC Address of other users, so they get more bandwidth...at least for a while.

    You can see what the default id and password is if you google the type of router you have on the internet and specify "default password". Anyone can do this..and it's worth a try (for example ..in a hotel late at night, and the router is visible)

    Also spoofing MAC address will sometimes unblock you (if you are blocked)

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