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  1. You better read:

    Thailand Fever by Chris Pirazzi & Vitida Vasant

    Private Dancer by Stephen Leather

    Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye as told to Stephen Leather

    Working With the Thais by Henry Holmes & Suchada Tangtongtavy

    The reason only four books were written, was that the other books were never finished. Author deceased...suicide, etc.

    By the way...can you refer us to the Massage shop? We could then give further input.

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  2. Enjoyed the video. You are sure to be a hit.

    You got the prices nailed....although I think it is wiser to live outside the moat (cheaper rent). We drive for 15 minutes (have bike rack on the car), and park the car on the southwest corner, near the park. From there, we ride our bicycles in and around the moat. In fact, the bikes stay on the back of our car always. We find that it helps deter tailgating, as the bikes wobble around and other cars behind us get nervous. They come in handy wherever we go...parks, trips, shopping areas, etc. Our home rents for 5000 per month and has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. Quiet neighborhood. The wife does not drink, so she is the designated driver.

    I realize some people want to live and play inside the moat..but we like it quiet.

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  3. We have all been "into" Thai girls before (especially the Isaan ones).

    The important part of this is keeping your finances and head straight once you are no longer in them.

    As long as money is not a factor, and you are not the jealous type (I would never want my girl giving any sort of massage...sexual or not).....then you should pursue the relationship..on a bf/gf type basis. Pen pals..etc. Each free to do what they want.

    Remember her leverage is.....she must give massages to other men until you pay enough to allow her to return to the farm.

    I attended a wedding 2 years ago in a small town in Udon Thani Province. Big sin sot, house built, pretty 22 year old girl with daughter.... Turns out a big loss for the Aussie man (in his 30's) . Her and her family chewed him up and spit him out. Dad drives the car and urinates in the toilet that the Aussie built, mom still takes care of the daughter, and that petty girl...well...she just wanted money....said she never loved him. Turned cold and she took to the bars (where her thai boyfriends/girlfriends hang out). Will shortly be hooking another. Her mom is friends with my wife..so I get the details. whew

  4. There are strange things happening at Bangkok Bank. I was at the branch in Silom about to withdraw money from the ATM when I saw my reflection in the little mirror at the top. It looked funny. I always part my hair to the left but in the reflection it was to the right. Then I looked back and saw a black guy at the back of the queue. At the same time at the machine next to me was a white guy. Behind him were a Thai couple. They were speaking in Thai.

    Instantly I knew this was not a good situation and ran as fast as I could out the door. And, of course, I tripped and fell on the pavement causing a street vendor to grab my arm like he wanted to help me up. I punched the guy in the nose, jumped into a cab and here I am home and safe.

    Ok, so does anyone know how the scam was supposed to work?

    It works only because the victim thinks they will profit.

    Works on greed.

    Same as all frauds. Nothing comes free...if it did, it would become a business.

    Since you never asked (very wise) you will never know what he wanted, or what this particular scam was.

    A curious man would ask him, or send the police to investigate him. Next time listen to what he says, write down the details, take a photo and call the police.

    A very beneficial way to approach this.

  5. I considered the RP as a retirement destination, and there are places there that I would live.

    But overall, the country is dirt poor, has high crime and has other negatives.

    Thailand is by no means perfect, but IMO, a better retirement destination than the RP

    As for the Philippines..

    They are, however, better drivers.

    and they use the proper side of the road.

    I can also make out what most of the signs say...and many speak english.

    Perhaps Thailand could hire some teachers from the Philippines, as driving instructors and english tutors.

  6. Not sanitary to share that goes without saying but or should I say butt cleaning a small area near the opening daily would probably be OK. Regular real full enemas would cause dependence and health concerns. In other words you wouldn't be able to poo without forcing it.

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    Not to mention...all the gerbils that would drown.

  7. You wound the window down during Songkran? Jesus.

    That ought to teach you.....

    People wait all year to vent. I think Songkran is a way to legally unleash pent up aggression. It is amazing to see how people can be allowed to trash private vehicles. No lines are drawn, and even businesses are water damaged.

    It could be a fun holiday....with some containment. I am surprised that more fights don't break out. I thought I could handle it...and I did....but I got miffed at one farang who put on a big haughty smirk and squirted me harshly..aiming only for the eyes and ears...for more than half a minute. I had no weapon, so I ran in (his) bar and grabbed the nearest bucket and soaked him good. He started whigning about how I can't do that in the bar (he was at an entrance and thought his location gave him immunity)

    Hah...fat chance. He who hides behind skirts will be be the first to receive. Neither one of us enjoyed this.

  8. This is my first sonkhran in Issan, so I cant really comment.

    Throwing water over people and also bike riders is stupid. Back in 1992, I was riding my bike around a corner in Central Pattaya and there was a water truck with fire hose it knocked me straight, everyone laughed except me covered in blood and plenty of gravel rash.

    The Sonkhan ceremony is very nice, where they wash the elders hands & feet but all of this water throwing is just stupidity.

    It is chaos in Chiang Mai. No control.... If you like that sort of thing. I tried it, and could never go again.

    We enjoyed it at first...but 7 hours of being splashed, squeezed, and dancing...I lost all my curiousity. My face (at first smiling and enjoying) was one of utter defeat. We had to walk from Loi Kroh to Huay Kaew, to pickup the car...(more than a few kilometers)...and I had never experienced such a trial. Traffic, Noise, constant moat water thrown forcibly in my ears, ears and mouth, wet sandals slipping on every curb. I hugged my car when we got there. We had dry clothes and changed, but I almost got foiled at the end. Two farang (cute) girls wanted to squirt me...I had to slam shut the door..just in time.

    Lazy boy chair today...big screen. garden in front....no water and dry as a bone. good life.

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  9. most likely fully clothed.


    Ok...if it was a cramp, and everyone panicked..I understand the result. If it was just being in deep water, and being tired...there is something you could do.

    Best thing I learned was how to relax your body, lay on your back (tilt head backwards. Only exhale half the air in your lungs at any time. (Not good in rough seas...but in calm salt water you just kind of float).

    It is a good technique to rest for a while, if your are exhausted. We call it drownproofing. If you practice this in a swimming pool a few times, then you will have great success in salt water.

    First thing I taught the kids.

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  10. I pay 5000 baht for a 5 bedroom/4 bath house on the outskirts of chiang mai. A similar house in my home state of New York would be 60,000 a month.

    That blows away all the other deals combined. Not to mention the free snow removal here.

    I can't afford a vacation back in New York...the hotels are 6000 baht a night *even in the dead of winter * for a 3 star hotel. Here in Thailand, on the beach, it is only a third of that.

    LOL all the way to the bank............... send more margarittas, I am running out.

    PS....property taxes back in New York s.u.c.k. As do all their other taxes.

    that negates the savings on fresh apples and steaks. for the year.

    Had to add the following obscenely high costs of living in my home country compared to Thailand.

    All in baht

    Heating (during winter)....15000 per month

    cable internet................... 5000 per month

    electric/water...................4000 per month

    taxi service....................... 2000 per trip

    Insurance (all)...................4000 per month

    restaurants (all).................double or triple for average food

    garden/snow removal........2000 per month

    walking in the park/atm retrieval...............possibly cost your life.

    A trip to the Dentist (a few cavities)..........15000 minimum

    A divorce............(don't ask, that is why I moved here)...your life savings and your future earnings.

    lol.....no comparison. add all that to 60,000 per month for rent...and 20,000 for groceries.

    awwwwwwwwww forget it. I save nothing there. Here I save 1/3 my income and live three times better.

    These expenses are all unavoidable...so comparing salmon eggs and cavier is unfair...and foolish

    construction/plumbing/elect.... no need to say...out of this world...(2000 per hour)

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  11. >> The investigation had been suspended after it rained heavily and because of a staff shortage due to the Songkran break.<< Quote

    Welcome to Disneyland!!

    Investigation suspended because of rain!!

    And for Thailands finest it is more important to party, than to solve crimes.

    Anyone surprised??

    Probably rain has the same effect on the job as getting a haircut on wednesday does.

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