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  1. Today on my exit from shopping I noticed a real estate booth which was promoting mentioned resort. I actually see them at least 6 months already everywhere but never took interest. As I saw they had a video playing which showed the immense pool , with beaches annd huge waterfalls, so I took a closer look. On their video it showed that the pool was 5.600 sqm ( WOW) complete in Maldives style. The resort would exist out of 7 or 8 buildings and they sold 70% in just 10 weeks. Wonder why it takes more than 6 months to sell the other 30% but whatever. Then they also promoted their resale units at discounts of 1 million and more. So I have no idea where exactly this building is, it said Jomtien beachroad, but it looks really too beautiful to be true. Is there anyone has some more info about? I guess that since they are promoting for 6 months already and sold 70% in less than 2 months, that construction must have started and in advanced state already. Anyone bought there, or maybe living there? How are the chances that this will be built or not built, and that if completed it will look anything as shown in the video. \ I look forward to your comments.
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