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  1. Are hotels open? If so I expect the hotel pool to be closed mind you I expect the sea is much cleaner than it used to be.
  2. I would have said so sorry and put the seat up until the meal came , Then I would have rammed it back full power and acted as though the seat broke. The seat would remain "stuck" in the position for the rest of the flight. Mind you that's probably just me!
  3. The tax for a car is not a lot and depending on the value of the car I would probably still insure it if it's an expensive car.
  4. Yeah that's what I thought . I would have thought you could have avoided it .
  5. I have bought a few new cars here and the reason thai people do not like bright green/Orange /red is because they say they look cheap and look the same as a taxi.
  6. I remember my son coming home from school and was told he was wrong when he answered a question saying "batteries" The teacher said he pronounced it incorrectly and it should be 'bal-eries" My son was getting so many questions wrong like this in verbal and written tests when in fact it was useless teachers. I could have got my Labrador to do better a job.
  7. My wife's sister has 3 kids and they usually take turns borrowing there mums phone in the day to play games with a very cheap internet daily package that gets slower when the data plan has been used up. Now she needs 3 smartphones and a good internet package. They haven't asked me to help yet probably because I dont visit there with the C19 virus restrictions .. It has its benefits...
  8. Oh the mighty baht so strong that no tourists will afford to holiday here in the future . It used to be so cheap, nowadays it's just slightly cheaper at best.
  9. I tried today they said 8 countries have resumed service and more on Wednesday
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