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  1. I had one as well needed a hammer as well if i remember
  2. I remember the Vauxhall senator at the time i had a Suzuki Gsxr and the police used to enjoy chasing us in those senators
  3. I got a robin reliant story for you. I was about 17 years old qnd a group of friends were at the park drinking a few cans of beer on a friday night when our friend Jeff and luke came aroung the corner in a robin reliant which had flames coming from the engine. Anyway luke jumped out the passenger side without any problems but Jeff also jumped out and got his foot caught in the seatbelt He ended up getting dragged down the road with the robin now engulfed in flames and us lot chasing it to help. The Robin came to a stop . Jeff managed to get away from the burning
  4. A thai friend was going about 120kph in the overtaking lane and moved back into the 100kph lane just where there is a camera and got a ticket for doing 118kph Not sure how you can avoid this . How can you overtake at 120kph then slow down to 100kph to keep within the law. Mind you he is an unlucky sod you should see his missus.
  5. Anything from 60-120 so long as you have your hazards on your good to go
  6. I find the first bottle of any thai beer usually Leo is awful and i try to finish it quickly. The second bottle is awful but slightly easier to drink. Now the third bottle seems much more enjoyable and i like the taste immensely .
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