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  1. I also have a son and daughter at the Suk Soi 71 school. We have friends with kids at other international schools like Pattana. On the plus side St Andrews is considerably cheaper than the other "big name" international schools (although I wouldn't say cheap), it's a smaller school with a good "community feel" about it, class sizes are OK (not too big), standard of education seems compatible to the other international schools and our kids love the school. On the negative side the school is lacking in sports facilities and sports options, the school is on a relatively small lot of land and whilst not currently over- crowded there is high demand for new enrolments and it's pupil size is growing. As a previous poster mentioned its best to visit the school yourself as all the schools have their own pros/cons and atmosphere. We are certainly very happy with St A.

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  2. This is Thailand and she knows that only politicians with her surname are ever found guilty and sent to prison.

    Yes this will tend to happen in many countries when the Prime Minister sells a large, prime piece of Crown Property in the capital city to his wife in a rigged auction at a price significantly below market valuations. Of course in the case involving her brother the prision aspect never eventuated.

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  3. Tamvine, yes that's correct (and therefore no need to carry the red "Alien" book) and have immigration stamp both your passport and blue PR book. As also noted by one other poster, completion of the arrival / departure card is now reversed (ie same as a Thai traveller) whereby on departure from Thailand you complete both the arrival and departure card, they remove the departure card and staple the arrival card into your passport. On return to Thailand they remove the arrival card.

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