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  1. I worked on an oil rig and I used to travel in and out of Thailand on a 28 days cycle like this man. I never had a problem coming back to Thailand and I also did the same for many years from Africa to Singapore, only when entering Singapore I simply mention to the Singapore immigration officer that I am a rig worker and then he simply let me in with the proper stamp. Why does Thailand cannot do the same as Singapore? Singapore's immigration understand that I am simply going to work overseas for a month then back to Singapore to spend my money and this on a continuous basis, a win-win situation for both of us. I am not an illegal immigrant or a refugee, simply an international worker with a good salary.
  2. An advice: Dump that girl and find another one when you finally come live to Thailand. Do not fall for that scam, they will then in time ask for more for reasons that only them know...
  3. When traveling to Koh Chang I now try to take exclusively a tourist bus because with a local bus all thai will close the curtains and fall in a rapid comatose state. Then I cannot enjoy the beautiful Thai landscape scenery and I feel like living in a dark tin can waiting for 9 hours to escape this imprisonment, of course I suffer myself of a dangerous state of insomnia... It is my experience that nobody can sleep as fast as a Thai in any situation, I must know my wife is Thai...
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