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  1. The elite MC taxi jacket, ''Worn to be proud'' and ''Proud to be worn'' ......it don't get much thicker than that...
  2. I totally agree ,these smoke belching wrecks have destroyed Pattaya north....period
  3. I Translation....we don't have a clue , we have never had a clue and honestly, we don't see any clues on the horizon...but the free seafood buffet was Amazing...
  4. Looking for a little pat on the head are we....well done you can read thai...and want the entire TVF to know....
  5. Then its official ,the Giant air cleaner is the only thing in Thailand that doesn't suck...
  6. Casino's ...Take a Kamagra and feel the love...
  7. Saddly Pattaya beach is nothing more than a boat launch and beach rd is just another freeway / motor coach parking lot...and our air smells like diesel/2 stroke all day long
  8. Saddly this is the only way to clean up the air ,as thais refuse to respect the environment, and obey laws and enforce standards...unless its a one day war, or a grandstanding photo opportunity
  9. Those glasses look very very thick mabey he just lost his way..
  10. In a Nation that can't even control its vehicle emissions and plastics abuse, this would be nothing more than an opportunity to skim some cash...No, Thailand is too in love with its diesel engine.
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