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  1. Wow mabey I am still a sexy man.....Amusing Thailand
  2. New standards just create a new cash opportunity for cival servants, right down to the emissions officers...
  3. I see enough room to get single lane traffic moving around that tail end tankcar, or could it be more thai showboating and drama....
  4. The sugarcane pollution cash pie......this is the big enchilada...
  5. The wife and I went second hand shopping ,looking for some used columns and window frames ,the store was full of good used ,but the prices were so high ,we bought new....The second hand/recycle market is way over priced...
  6. With a minimum wage of peanuts and little chance for a better future addictions run wild....PEOPLE NEED A DIGNIFIED WAGE...
  7. Mabey the driver just had enough of the tour buses,speeding, belching smoke and bullying their way around .....I know I have !
  8. The love is in my nose eyes and mouth...disgusting this
  9. Saddly most mini van, bus and motor cycle drivers are finally getting the hang of this exciting new multi texting ,driving and sleeping at the same time thing....JUST DRIVE DICKWAD !!!!
  10. With this type of foolishness , things can only get worse...
  11. Rampage !!!! ''to move through a place in a violent and uncontrollable manner''...run for your lives its the thieving foriengers..
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