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  1. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript As a $0 taxpayer aspirant I usually request a copy of my tax return from the IRS using the above link. Yes, I know Turbo Tax tells me that they've sent my tax return to the IRS and the IRS has accepted it, but I sleep better knowing that the IRS got my tax return and is able to send me a transcript verifying that fact. If you pay $0 you neither get the warm fuzzy feeling of a refund nor the cold hairless feeling of seeing the money pulled out of your account. The transcript will indicate your AGI as calculated by the IRS.
  2. Haha, me too! This year I miscalculated the amount of tax-free space I had to accomplish my traditional to Roth IRA conversions and ended up owing a little over $10 for the first time in many years. I actually won't be able to convert everything before RMD kicks in, but I enjoy the challenge.
  3. Thanks for that. I tend to agree with you both on the substance of the matter and on the unlikelihood of it being enforced. However, the determinative factor to me is that it's non-refundable since I aspire to pay zero in federal income taxes each and every year. And finally I can't help mentioning how interesting it is to me that at least in this matter it's much easier to understand Thailand's tax code in translation than it is to understand the US code in English.
  4. Careful. The Foreign Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit, meaning if you don't have a US income tax liability you'll be getting zero of your interest withheld in Thailand back. Also, the limit below which you can claim the credit without filing Form 1116 is $300 (not $600) if you are filing single. It's only $600 if you are married filing jointly. If you have a US tax liability in excess of the withheld interest you are trying to get back and the amount of that withheld interest is less than $300 (if filing single), then it might be a good idea to claim the Foreign Tax Credit. O
  5. Interesting question. I don't know how you prove you're eligible for the exemption. I paid this year's tax, a very small amount under 100 baht, before I realized that I should have pursued the exemption as it is my only home. The yellow book proves you are registered as living there, but doesn't really prove that it is your only residence. The chanote (land and property title) proves you own the unit, but it doesn't really prove you don't own other homes as well. I guess I'll find out next year when I will try getting the exemption.
  6. The numbers entered are in the right place. But see the first big green pull-down? It's asking you to "Choose the type of your ID card" "If there is no number on the back of the card" "ID card, smart card" "Magnetic strip ID card" "No number on the back of the card" Currently, you have selected that you have a "ID card, smart card" and then have correctly entered the number from the back of your pink ID I suggest you try picking the second options (one right below the one you picked, circled in red) for "Magnetic strip ID card" "No number on the back of the card" and
  7. This can be useful for entering Thai text: https://gate2home.com/Thai-Keyboard
  8. Rolls over to new fixed deposit same as old term but at regular interest rate not a promotional rate. This is at Bangkok Bank.
  9. You can apply I believe for up to the last three years. There is a nominal administrative fee for filing late, something like 100 baht maybe.
  10. Surveys sent to customers among others. I have received a survey from Bangkok Phuket Hospital.
  11. Better medical facilities for serious cases.
  12. Well, it should be. Especially since it's much harder to obtain than a Certificate of Residence. But for some reason, Phuket Land Transport Office is an outlier.
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