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  1. well if he fired several shots and only hit the car once he has to be either army or police, they are the really bad shots
  2. from what I have seen boredom rather than burnout would be the biggest problem for workers, line and facebook are the only things that keep them occupied these days
  3. while the north may like him thaksin did a lot of damage to Thailand and Bangkok residents still remember it, ptp is probably still on the nose to many which does explain his reluctance to be associated with them. Independent or future forward are probably the best bet to do well in the election, time will soon tell though
  4. my wife got a call from her friend in Phutthalung this morning, her husband was shot and killed yesterday. Wife informed me that it is suspected one of his competitors in a government building contract he had won wasnt happy they had lost so took steps to remove him, she told me this sort of thing happens a lot in region. Not surprising really, these contracts are worth a lot of money so become very competitive and in some cases like this can be deadly.
  5. looks like there will be a lot of kickbacks coming to those running the show, 380.8 billion by the usual 30% graft means there could be some big financial gains for some
  6. thats individual wealth not companies, this is about the ones that own all the companies in Thailand so there is no competition, they control who can sell what which controls who makes all the money
  7. we buy feta at macro, it tastes ok actually, blue container, Apetina feta cheese
  8. here we go again, subsidizing farmers, so much for being part of the world market and accepting the world prices, better off just closing the country out of world markets if farmers have to be subsidized when the world prices drop below what the farmers want, they want the sales/world market without the risks
  9. cant say I have ever seen a real copy of much software in Thailand, even when you get a new computer it is loaded with pirated software, all the computers in businesses/govt departments run pirate copies. Maybe if the govt departments used genuine software they wouldnt need to do everything with multiple paper copies and could do it on computers instead, easier and simpler as well as a lot quicker but that is probably being too hopeful
  10. why dont the courts just seize all their assets at the time of the trial then redirect them as needed, would ensure the victims are paid and the convicted criminals cant ignore the court orders
  11. and can we actually believe this 3% figure or is it a another face saving one once again like all the other figures they make up when things are going down the gurgler
  12. they simply refuse to recognize that if the made the police enforce the current road rules this figure would drop, they also need to purchase cars instead if pick ups(bet someone is making a fortune in kick backs on that one) so that they can patrol the roads instead of sitting in the offices. Road bikes would also be a good idea but again this would be too much to expect from any thai govt or the police force. Much easier to make up committees to think up BS ideas & write/complain about the many deaths than to actually do what is needed
  13. transfer wise is great, have used air bnb and it was great too, facebook is fine and allows me to keep in touch with friends over seas, dont use twitter, not a digital nomad or back packer, someones age doent bother me and the last 2 are pure speculation on your part. Looks like another BS post with no real meaning for most readers in here
  14. 13 y/o and his parents need to be charged, this is half the problem, the police do not enforce the road rules, he is too young to be legally riding and his parents should not allow it. The amount of under age riders you see is beyond a joke, you even get them driving cars under age with no recriminations from the police, pathetic, just more road fodder
  15. nice try to dismiss the truth of the matter, doing it while Bangkok was flooded and then personally delivering it to thaksin was the reason he was charged, he went behind everyones backs to do it to please his master. Nothing will change the fact he was not following the lawful procedure, it was a total farce on behalf of the ptp to please thaksin, they did as he told them too as they always do.
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