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  1. I have to drive to Phuket from Surat Thani next month to do my passport renewal so it is a quick one stop trip at the consulate, is this possible or will I be denied entry/exit, this is really rediculous
  2. hahahahaha, when is this geriatric alcoholic going to lay down and die so we can all have a rest from all her garbage
  3. my aussie passport expires March 2021 and my extension is due in December this year so I will have to get my new passport before hand as I doubt they will renew with only a couple of months still on the PP. The aussie embassy has told me I can go to either Bangkok or Phuket to do the renewal, I emailed them as I was wondering the same thing, will covid slow/stop it getting back in time but they said no. I will be making an appointment to do the renewal in Phuket next month to give it a few months just to be certain
  4. our pump comes on for about 10 seconds every 15 seconds or so(its a german one, 2 years old), so we only turn it on to shower or do the laundry. Trouble is the town water pressure is extremely poor for most of the day and sometimes there is not enough pressure to even run out of the taps in the second floor, they laid new water pipes through the area 18 months ago and built a new pump station on the next street over, used to be a reasonable pressure with the old pipes and no pumping staion too so I guess they now turn the pressure pumps off for long periods to save(pocket) money. Will have to check the pump by turning off the valves either side and if it turns out to be under all the concrete will have to run new pipes externally
  5. dogs are supposed to be locked in their yards by law as well, if they are roaming the street then the owner is at fault and you can lodge a complaint with the police etc. One of our neighbours used to let his dog wander the street, it was not friendly plus crapped all over the street but after we had an argument about it he got the police involved thinking because he was thai he was in the right but we had a video of it all & the police told him he had to keep it inside his property or if not on a leed, rarely see it these days, you are allowed to protect yourself if they attack though and their owner is then responsible as well
  6. get a water pistol or spray bottle and fill with water and bleach, a few squirts in the face should make them back off, I actually bought an extendable steel baton a few years ago that will drop a dog very quickly if I connect with them due to a group of dogs that would try to attack me from behind, havent had to use it yet but it is quite compact when not in use and attaches to you pants, (snip) that I have used, they take off pretty quick when hit in the butt
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