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  1. an extendable steel baton is easier to use, I got one for street dogs that like to attack you when you are out walking but it does have other uses, comes with a small pouch that attaches to your belt
  2. peta is a BS group of idiots that will lie and use innuendo to get their agenda across to people, you only have to look at what they did with aussie sheep farmers, in the US they were stealing peoples pets and putting them down, they put down all the animals they are supposed to be protecting, they are just so full of BS. Our local monkey school treats their monkees that well it isnt funny as do most of the people that use them, there always are the bad ones but most are good and treat their monkees just like family and far out weigh the ones that treat monkees badly. Peta only records the bad
  3. thanks mate, been checking the voltage when it clicks, its dropping to 188 volts and a bit lower, doesnt back up till it drops to 150 volts, battery was placed in it on the 27/9/2016 and is telling me I will have 36 minutes of back up with no power, watching the average voltage it is between 202 and 214 volts
  4. if needed she can get an export permit at no cost(my wife got one), you can download a commercial invoice from the web at no cost and keep a copy on your pc as well then fill in the details then just add the purchsers name etc when they buy, dhl can do the shipping although their pricing have gone up with covid, its all straight forward really
  5. hahahahaha, I am amazed at how many thai men think with their little heads only, they marry then want to have their cake and eat it too so have multiple ladies/mia nois even when their wife is a really good looking woman. I have stopped associating with one person I considered a good friend when he started banging one of his work associates, he has a great wife and kids but that was not enough. This really shows why so many thai ladies want a farang husband, they dont want butterflies as partners and too many thai men put drinking and womanizing ahead of their wives/partners although in this c
  6. we have moved into a new house we had built and I have noticed that every time something is turned on/kicks in(water pump, air con, microwave, water heater etc) the PSU for the computer clicks the same as when there is a power outage. Its as if the power to the house cannot provide a strong enough supply to run everything, we are off the main road with 7 other houses(plus a set of workers sheds/accommodation) connected before the power gets to our house with the first house around 100 metres from the road, does anyone have experience/knowledge of this sort of problem and what can be done.
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