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  1. mate, I did exactly the same thing, told them to use Kerry as they deliver it asap
  2. anyone having trouble with this pathetic service and their delivery times, from Bangkok to Surat Thani is taking 3 plus days, ordered frozen food, it took 3 1/2 days and when it arrived all the dry ice had melted inside the foam box and we had to toss some of it away because everything had thawed, the meat was actually warm so had probably been sitting in the back of the truck in full sun for 2 days. Now we are waiting on another delivery that has taken 4 days so far, they put up on the tracking we requested a re schedule which is a total lie and probably to save face, this has to be the wors
  3. daughter had her first sinovac vaccine last week as she is training to be a doctor and is doing her time after uni at the local hospital, she stayed with us for 2 days to make sure she was ok, all she complained about was soreness around the injection site on her arm
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