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  1. did my marriage extension in December, took around 90 minutes all up including waiting, the lady on the desk knows us well enough and has a chat while she does it, double copies of everything, she just checks them, gets me to sign the copies after she stamps them, gives me an extension till the due date of the approval and a receipt for the payment, couldnt be simpler but will do the money in the bank next time. We had the immigration police visit us last year for pics but that was a unusual for us and we live in town.
  2. mate, I have been diving for over 40 years, civilian and armed forces, you dont take newbies into deep water on their first dive, sounds like you have no idea, do you even know how it comes about and what he would have had to do to get it, this is why they need to ensure newbies dont panic and breathe normally under the water and shallow water does that
  3. great but they have not done US and Australia, even Russia and these 3 are all major tourism countries for Thailand, really have to wonder why they did countries with few tourists first, maybe because it was easy and required less work
  4. was this man learning to dive, if so should be shallow water to ensure he was ok with being under the water and able to breathe normally before being taken down to a depth where this can hit you, really sounds like the instructor/dive master wasnt following the right procedures but hey, this TIT
  5. need to make it law that anyone caught riding on the footpaths will have their bikes seized and destroyed, its the only thing that will get a reaction, these idiot riders simply dont care about anyone else. Even in walking markets they ride through the crowds , I have been hit a few times by their handle bars, they are simply too lazy to walk like everyone else. Until the police actually start coming down on these idiots it wont stop, heavy fines and destruction of their bikes is the only way it will be stopped
  6. you need to remove the oxidization from the acrylic paint as well as removing any loose/flaking paint, a good wash using sugar soap or similar then a good sand, you can use either an acrylic undercoat or oil based under coat then a light sand and dust off followed by the oil based. Acrylic is actually the better paint on exterior finishes as long as it is washed down every 12 months to remove the oxidization as this is what causes it to break down if left on, acrylic also will move/expand with the heat where as oil based will crack. Biggest problem in Thailand is getting decent paint, I have seen and used a water based gloss finish here, holds up very well and should out last an oil based paint
  7. bugger, looked so good I put in an order, beef biltong, spicy pork sticks and droewars
  8. I vary between paraquat and glyphosate so weeds do not become used to either, I only spray around trees(for 6" out) where the brush cutter cant go and do so wearing boots and a mask, weeds cannot be controlled as I cannot dig around the trees or I will destroy roots, pulling them is beyond a joke as getting any workers apart from the brush cutter has proven to be impossible. I offer more than double the daily wage for a few hours work and none want to do it, seems manual labour is too much for most of them and when I have had a few come along they simply stop working if I leave or dont show up again even though I am there working with them and I am disabled, laziness appears to be rife. I would love an alternative but they are going to ban both paraquat and glyphosate which was what they started using instead of glyphosate in Malaysia, my trees (over 500)are a hobby for me, it gives me something to do with my time and they are not a financial proposition for me, by all means, all those saying these sprays are not needed come in and come up with another method that is proven, when done as I do it is controlled, no over spray and not near any food sources, admittedly the farmers using it are idiots the way they spray it but when done correctly it can be controlled, I would have no problems if they left glyphosate on the market but that is going as well
  9. great, they need to keep jailing the reds and yellows for what they both did, both are guilty
  10. thing is if they want it to be better then they have to start paying taxes so the govt has the money to spend on what they want and none of them want to do that, they simply want everyone else to pay for it.
  11. 07 Feb 2019 14:02 International Transfer, This is what is listed on my account with Bangkok Bank, same every time I send money from Australia
  12. does this mean chinese are allowed to buy land/houses(pic is definitely not a condo) and not just condo's or is it condo's only?
  13. had my new nissan now for 10 months, brilliant on a long trip as the seat have lumbar support and are adjustable, great ride too, handles the road well and corners ok, think maybe the different models are very different as my wifes Toyota pick up(work) is no where near as good a ride or as comfortable, lumbar support makes a world of difference and the suspension as well. We also have top brand tyres on it, also makes a difference
  14. hot crumpets with butter and honey or orange marmalade are yummy, bugger this post, havent thought about them in years since moving here
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