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  1. I have been shooting since I was a teenager, we lived on a farm so it was natural. I honestly cannot see why a good shooter needs a semi automatic, a single shot is fine if you can shoot straight, reloading is fairly quick as well. One shot is all you should need for killing game, if you cant do it you shouldnt be shooting anyway
  2. if you get a govt pension then all you need do is get a print a copy of it out and take it to your embassy and they will stamp it but you may need you to show them the original online, Australia has all your info online so you can log in(and print out) and show them that it is the original and they will ratify it for a cost, this is acceptable to immigration
  3. they need proof she has commitments in Thailand that she will want to come back for, children, family etc as well as a permanent job. Without this they usually knock them back as they have nothing to show that ties them to the country to return. The fact she works in a bar, has no regular payments going into her bank account doesnt help. We took a friend to Australia a couple of years ago to show his methods with plants at an expo, he was married but only a buddhist wedding, he didnt own land his wife did & his business was not registered, he couldnt show regular payments into his account so they knocked him back 3 times until he got his wife to actually state they were married and had a daughter plus listed all the land she owned. They stated in the knock backs that he would do a runner in Australia because he had no ties to Thailand that would make him return, your GF is in the same boat, until she can show she does have a reason to return she will have problems
  4. your bike is registered to be on the road, his dog wasnt and should have been controlled by the owner. Unfortunately many thais dont really care about their animals and just let them roam, you did nothing wrong the owner is at fault and should be paying you for any damage to your bike. I hit a shicken a few years ago as it raced across the road, the owner came up to us and was going off his nut, I walked to the front of the car and checked the spoiler for damage, stood up and said to my wife to tell him that the chicken didnt cause any damage so he doesnt have to pay me anything, he ended up walking off when he realized he wasnt going to get any money out of me, dont pay anything the dog should have been restrained and not on a public road, you were in the right
  5. our daughter is in her second year at uni(doctor) and originally was with 3 school friends from the same class she was in. One of them tried to kill herself last year and it turned out she did it because no one would do things for her or chase after her like her mother used to at home. The uni allowed the mother to move in with her after two of the others moved out, our daughter ended up moving out as well as the mother was making it hard for our daughter to study of a night with all her demands, any wonder some kids try to do it, too many are treated like youngsters instead of adults and babied.
  6. really have to wonder why so many keep giving these people their money, so many times we have seen the same scams with promises of big returns and they simply steal it all. When will people wake up that big returns are not able to be paid, stick it in the bank, at least it safer there
  7. if you have your non o visa extension valid till next year all you need is your re entry permit, I get mine done at the local immigration centre, the 20,000 baht is meant for tourists/short term stayers not those living here, I have never had to produce it on re entry but have my bank accounts here anyway with more than enough in them.
  8. those that picked up the driver and took him away should be charged, obviously not wanting his alcohol limit checked but they should also have helped the injured women. Will see if the police are pathetic once more and do bugger all to the driver and his helpers or do the right thing and charge them all, will depend on how rich he or his mummy and daddy are
  9. I fly into Don Meuang airport and catch bus #5, it drops you at wireless road(you have to let them know you want to get off there) and you walk a 100 metres down the road and its on the left, if your lucky there is a white tuk tuk there to drop you off
  10. I am in it but you still have to show it in your bank account, you actually buy tickets in it, it is not any type of bank account etc, I was actually buying my tickets when my immigration officer came into the bank and we talked about it, she told me to just have 400.000 in my bank account for 2 months prior to my extension so all I have to do is take it out and put it into my account then return it once it is done then repeat ech year
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