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  1. Yes , as I stayed at the old one .This is a complete different hotel now ,rooms are so much better
  2. Changing too Bangkok bank today , they offer 1,65% for 9 months , better than just leaving it in SCB. 16,000 baht for 9 months , that is another small holiday to Bangkok. Or at the new hotel The Riverie by Katathani in chiang rai.Went there last week , is is one of the best hotels we have stayed in . 4.5 stars .Better than Le Meridien 5-star hotel
  3. A little , instead of kicking goals we are kicking points // went to my bank today as told them I wanted to invest my visa money to a term deposit .Bank said I need a work permit.. Been ok for them have the money for over 7 years ..
  4. Hahahah that is why you sent them to the penal colony ,. Australia
  5. been here 9 years and nothing has ever gone missing from my properties, I find the thai people very honest on taking other peoples prperty.
  6. Once again the officers at the immigration office were so good and happy . Went there today for my 90 day report , seen a friend there and before you knew it , I was called to the front desk as everything was finished .. It was about 4 minutes. Only in Chiang Rai you get service like this .
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