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  1. kevvy

    Rain .

    we got the water problem covered , tank and pump.. Now in the process of getting a generator . Just want enough power to turn on a light and computers.So at night time when I hear someone cursing , it is you ...As you as you are just a drop kick away .
  2. kevvy

    Rain .

    One of the days it went off 3 times .Every time my wife rings up the department , they ask is it raining all alot of wind.She has asked them many times why does it go off? This has been going on since the year dot . You would think they would get their act together after all these years . We are looking into buy a small generator .
  3. kevvy

    Rain .

    Had alot of rain the last 3weeks .. some days it has rain all day other days off and on .. score card electricity shutdown days off rain 12 18 keep you informed
  4. google search ,, eagle gate ...found this Eagle Gates Group CEO “Eddy McClough” has been outed as Derrick Matthew Keller. Keller, a US citizen, was arrested by Thai officials on Monday. Eagle Gates Group was a Ponzi scheme that surfaced in late 2016. The scam predominantly targeted Thai investors, largely on the premise of multiple marketing videos featuring Keller as CEO Eddy McClough (right). After Eagle Gates Group collapsed in April 2017, Thai authorities launched an investigation into the scheme. The investigation, conducted with the assistance of US Homeland Security, revealed Eagle Gates Group victims had lost around $52.2 million dollars. In December 2017 Thai authorities arrested two local suspects, with additional warrants issued for eight foreigners. Since December the suspect list has grown to thirty-two, twenty-three Thais and nine foreigners. Derrick Matthew Keller was apprehended whilst posing as a tourist in Phuket. In an initial interrogation, Keller claimed he was working as an actor in China. During this time he was contacted by a Singaporean national, who eventually hired Keller to ‘pretend to be an executive of a company‘. That company was of course Eagle Gates Group, and lead to hilarious marketing videos like this:
  5. kevvy

    Rain .

    Great to see the rain come tonight(tuesday) as it was a welcome sight. As usual as the rain comes the power goes off.There was no thunder just a good shower of rain .After the water going off and on for 3 days now this .They can spend a fortune on buying their armoured cars and submarines, but cannot give money to local government to improve communities.
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