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  1. I have to ask. Why would anyone spend millions of dollars in order to get this job if not for the fiscal advantages that come with it, and please don't say that it is because they are nice guys trying to bring peace and joy to the world.
  2. The real problem is not the internet. It is the people who use it and unbelievably seem to have forgotten that in the end it is still just a computer game. We now have 'social' behaviour of a kind that was unheard of not so long ago. E.g. courts making decisions based on 'social' behaviour. Why can people not understand that 'social media' is just a game that we play on our computers and not a life reality.
  3. One is a moron and the other has a son that is a bandit.
  4. You are right. None want him but everyone will vote for him just to get rid of Trump.
  5. So it looks as though Covid 10 has been around for a very long time then.
  6. My trust of all media went up in smoke years ago. Especially after I found out that Murdoch owns most of it.
  7. Well, like all else that boggles the mind, it makes Murdoch et al much richer.
  8. Just reading the other article about the cult guy that got 120 years, so it seems that there is no amount of stupid people that will follow him, Trump that is.
  9. Don't worry mate, you are not alone. The upside though is that if you are half intelligent then you will have no problem finding followers. People are sheep.
  10. Someone must have cut off their internet connection so they are screaming about not being able to make a living now.
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