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  1. Firstly the German intelligence people couldn't fault them and now the British seem to be warming to them. I can smell cheese.
  2. when the blood starts to run out of one end the brains start to run out of the other.
  3. Interesting though that Elon Musk and Tesla are supposed to have just transferred many of their operations bases to China.
  4. No. The UK has just installed Huawei 5G. If anything happens the Chinese will turn on the oppressors. History tells us the UK was always a part of the ancient Chinese empire.
  5. Chinese economy = destroyed. World economy = destroyed. Trump = to blame for it all.
  6. Ever hear of the Boy Scouts. Baden Powell started them for exactly the same reason. To be able to take the place of soldiers who were needed at the front line and if necessary even there too. As for prejudice, I believe that I will always be prejudice against injustice.
  7. I usually open a paypal account in both countries using the bank in each and linking my debit card from the bank in each. Not always the cheapest but very convenient and safe.
  8. and we see all of these tear jerking photos at every turn but we never see anything of the 45 million souls that Mao killed.
  9. Mad Max 1 time. I can understand why everyone driving a car carries a gun.
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