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  1. I cannot help but wonder as to why she has not back doored to China by now.
  2. Always amazes me how guys have got money to throw away. Either that or just born naive.
  3. I think you will find that people do have a right to expect much more from these celebrities based on the fact that they earn indecent amounts of money. Same goes for sports stars. I wonder if they have ever had to lay bricks for a living.
  4. When will men ever realise that they are just a life support system for a .......................
  5. I used to live in Geylang, Lorong 6, back in the day. She was a tough town then.
  6. Looks as though she would give good head. I can hear it now. " Can I have a little Grimey tonight?"
  7. Since when was the death of a Ho such big news.
  8. Taiwan is now making noises about accepting refugees from Hong Kong.
  9. Confuscious say: Act first, defend later. I am not sure if the expression "plausible deniability" originated in China though. Who dares wins. Fortune favours the bold. Let the Americans talk while we move forward.
  10. I don't think he was looking for women. Memories are a wonderful thing. Many of us remember life when it was much more casual. This is what S.E. Asia offers. The world has become just too over regulated for many of us so we seek escapism. Trouble is that escaping costs a lot of money.
  11. This is not about colonialism. This is about a regime brainwashing millions of poor souls into believing that the CCP are the best thing in their lives. It begins in kindergarten.
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