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  1. This proves my point precisely. If one were to confront you vis a vis I am sure that there would be an interval of about one second before you started throwing your fists around. Although I wonder if you would be so quick if you faced an adversary who was just as willing to inflict injury upon you.
  2. and it also seems that some cannot remember what they have written previously. Perhaps this is the result of being hit around the head too much.
  3. calling me a minority tells everyone here just what they need to know.
  4. Only just the beginning. Tell everyone what they want to hear but do what we want to do. Easy.
  5. How can you call wantenly wanting to inflict pain and injury on another person a sport? It is gladatorial at best and as long as we condone one person wanting to inflict injury on another then our streets are never going to be safe. The difference between this and the other sports mentioned is attitude.
  6. I had one about 3 metres crawl over my foot one night but it was basically gone before I even knew what it was.
  7. If this is superior genius then there is hope for me yet. How do these guys get to rule the world and the rest of us have to shovel <deleted>?
  8. The answer is obvious. I measure the reactions of my subscribers on a regular basis.
  9. This whole thing is foregone. Trump lives to be flattered and the Chinese are the masters of flattery.
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