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  1. So true. No woman more honest than an honest whore.
  2. Why do elephants paint their balls red? So they can hide in apple trees. How did Tarzan die? Picking apples.
  3. Damn..............brown!!! and all this time I thought that was another way of saying sunburnt Irishman.
  4. My first reaction is always.............."where do these crazies come from", but I would not be surprised if I was told that the military has at least a dozen such plans on the books.
  5. I don't know. I think I can smell an ambulance chaser of two in some of this.
  6. Well said but in the end I think Dolly is like me and just doesn't give a toss.
  7. Has she really convinced herself that someone anywhere would want to sexually harass her?
  8. What does it matter the UK or France or anywhere else for that matter. He is discussing the core of the topic and I believe that is about people having certain feelings about others.
  9. All this from someone who obviously has more experience with men than with women.
  10. but the naivety is even worse, which is of course exhibited by the presumption.
  11. Never lost, got rid of. Listen little man. If you want to take someone on then you are more than welcome to come at me but before you do I suggest you load up with 50 or 60 years of experience first because I believe that the next woman you have will probably be your first.
  12. Wow!!! Insults have become much more imaginative from when I was learning to swear in Thai. We learned simple expressions like, Na Hee. Oh well. Just as well.
  13. many on here. Doesn't this speak for itself. Most people who have seen crocodiles in a river don't usually go swimming there.
  14. Where do you think I learned the attitude from? That and having 4 previous wives who fortunately never got a cent out of me. I cannot teach experience and wisdom to the naive of the world however.
  15. I think the answer is simple enough. The guy refused to pay her as much as she believes she is worth. A common misconception held by many in all countries.
  16. Firstly the German intelligence people couldn't fault them and now the British seem to be warming to them. I can smell cheese.
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