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  1. To answer the OP's question I suggest ONLY buy bitcoin and Ethereum. The rest are <deleted> coins. Ive been into cryptos for many yrs. Ethereum has been hacked and who can forget the crypto kiddies scaling issues. But it has evolved a lot and has some of the smartest brains in IT working on it as does bitcoin. Forget all other coins especially XRP Just buy bitcoin and watch it rise to over 100k and beyond in the coming yrs.
  2. XRP is just a token that is mostly owned by the CEO and cohorts who are selling millions every week. The price will ALWAYS be suppressed. Thanks to god that I sold that <deleted> coin last yr. BTC is the only one worth buying IMHO
  3. This comment alone tells me you have no idea what you're talking about.
  4. can't believe you would be thinking about burning plastic. Jesus wept, this is not Indonesia.
  5. In the past few yrs Ive read many different members categorically stating that they wish that they had not gone down the company route. Absolute nightmare and a few members of this forum said that they reverted back to individual situation and desolved the company. Also, if you keep your bank credits below a certain level then you can pay minimal tax. Thats why businesses keep changing banks all the time before it gets to 1.5million baht in bank credits (based on a certain amount of transactions). Your accountant will know the rules
  6. My friend is intending to move to Thailand and not work. He is well off but asked me how much money to live here long term. ie how many millions of baht to retire here permanently. He has visited a few times as short term tourist but never long term I told him he should have budget of 100k a month minimum. If he is aged around 50 and lives to 80 then he might need 36 million Essentially I said to him he could easily spend a 100,000 a month in Bangkok living quite well. Any thoughts on this. I expect this is the first time this kind of thread has ever been r
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