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  1. Western Chinese food? Panda Express you mean? What an abomination.
  2. It's a real shame that no one, even a foreigner, understands the basics of good Chinese cuisine, street food included. All these dishes pictured are some "fusion" mess that retains none of the spirit or flavor of either source. And only 195 baht for padthai goong? Wonderful. Sixty baht for "Garlic fried rice"? What a bargain. At least no Chinese will want to go eat there, that's a cinch. Spend one hour at the Shilin Night Market in Taipei and you'll know what I'm talking about. The first person to open a place serving these foods and dishes ought to not only get an award, but probably a fortune in customers.
  3. People should pass an IQ test (and an EQ test) to be issued a passport.
  4. So as of today, the 5th, we could say that Thailand has had only one local (domestic) case of covid in the past 54 days.... One could say then that covid is pretty much in the rear-view mirror now, right?
  5. "It's been 21 days in CM since that one case courtesy of Phuket." And how many days was it before that? I was at least a month, or was it?
  6. What about before the one eight days ago? What was the one before that? I'm trying to get a sense where I can say, "We've had one local case in xxx days."
  7. Only 58 deaths out of a population of nearly 70 million sounds like pretty good news to me.
  8. Mr. Barrow might know this, as it seems to be his hobby to keep track of these things, but for at least a month (I think) all the new cases reflected in the government daily releases appear to be from returning Thais from other countries. I'm curious if he or anyone knows definitively when the last wholly domestic case was recorded by the government (Department of Disease Control -- Covid) in Thailand.
  9. Avoid Zenni like the plague, unless you just want frames. There are a couple of measurements they don't ask for, or lump together which will result in useless lenses for you. I speak from experience. Never again.
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