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  1. "...had a death-denying dash across the divided highway in order to obtain the copy of my new one year extension in order to dash back and apply for a re-entry permit. " I asked them to make the copies for me, and they did. Without a fuss or snooty look at all.
  2. You know I want to say it.... >..< But I'll let someone else go first.
  3. "...so no problem there." I was flipping through the channels on TV and hit some AXN American series and heard that line. I was wondering, in the States, what is the "age-appropriate" dating age spread. For example, there's a white-haired man I keep seeing around Meechok Plaza with a trophy babe. He's probably in his early to mid 70s and she's probably in her early 30s. There's clearly some financial incentive there...but that's not the issue. But is this "age-appropriate" dating? An age spread of over 40 years? She's his daughter's age. For the Westerners who are not jaded by seeing vast age differences in foreign men and their Thai ladies all the time here, what is the proper gap to be dating "age appropriately"?
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