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  1. 2018 Toyota Vio E for sale in Chiang Mai. This 1.5L, automatic has just under 20,600km on the odometer. One owner who is extremely good about keeping things neat and clean (washed after each trip). The car has been used exclusively for trips; it has never been used as a daily "around town" car. I am posting this for a friend who will be leaving Thailand. Price is 400,000 baht, firm. No negotiations. If you are interested and want to talk to the owner or arrange to come have a look, please call: Sven at 063-578-6410 (English l
  2. Did you ask what he wanted? If he's too out of it to really understand, would such a total upending of the few things around him that he gets grounding from upset him?
  3. "...the second wave." Given the nearly statistically insignificant number of deaths (and hospitalizations) per population here, this would not even qualify as a ripple.
  4. "Spend the first two week of your fortnight holiday in quarantine."
  5. "He noted that being vaccinated was one thing and meant the person would not be able to get Covid." This is false. There is nothing that can stop a circulating virus from infecting people. All a vaccine does is mitigate the effects of infection -- either resulting in the infected person having no symptoms or mild ones. There is NO evidence that vaccinated persons can't transmit the virus. This is the big loophole that world governments are overlooking. A "vaccine passport" is no assurance that the holder can't infect others; only that he or she, if becoming infec
  6. "They learned his name only because he was able to tell them. Note to runners and cyclists: keep a copy of your passport with you when you're out on the road." Who cares what his name is? Do they need to know his name to give him emergency care? To bring him to a hospital? Don't you think knowing someone's name is the last thing you need in a situation like this? Whatever would happen, you can sort out who a person is later. By the way, what is with all the rubbish on the road?
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