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  1. 101,447 out of the total population of Thailand at 69,799,978 is 0.145 percent of the total population. Deaths are 0.00084 percent of the total population of the nation. Just to give some perspective.
  2. "There's a story around where 8 vaccinated baseball players all caught COVID. If you can catch it you can spread it." This is both true and quite misleading. They are all asymptomatic, which as we also know, are not high-risk vectors. And remember, we are talking positive test results, not illness, which since the creation of the term "case," means having symptoms of the illness. Rare breakthroughs "Of the more than 95 million people in the United States who were fully vaccinated, only 9,245 — or 0.01 percent — have been infected with the coronavirus as of
  3. When will we be able to buy a vaccine badge? A big V in yellow to pin to your shirt to alert everyone that you did your duty.
  4. "imagine back home if you are forced. and your family member dies..." That's actually a very interesting point. I wonder if there is a disclaimer you have to sign, and even if there were, would it hold up in court? My guess is not. Obviously, no one is Buriramland has thought about this very deeply.
  5. Also, I don't want to make any of the Buriramians feel bad, but whenever I cast a discouraging word as a comparison to some hayseed backwater mentality, I always say, "Hey! This isn't Buriram, you know?" Just sayin'....
  6. "One caveat: If we got ill and recovered during the first wave, that was so long ago, the immunity could have expired and we'd get sick in this 3rd/4th wave." I'm not at all sure that's correct. And by the way, I was reading today that a growing number of "experts" are saying that you don't need booster shots, either. So that would go against what you said. But regardless, governments and big pharma will be telling us to get a jab every six months to a year from now on, just watch. Science be damned.
  7. "...current devastating and most severe wave ...." Could you be a little more dramatic, please? What not "earth-shatteringly horrible," or "utterly catastrophic"? Come on, man! You can do better than that. What is it with vaccines? Vaccines are a way to " trick" the body into thinking it needs to make anti-bodies without actually having the sickness; therefore, those who have tested positive in the past, and are not now deceased, are protected in exactly the same way, only achieved via natural means. This is not a secret, yet why is this fact being ignored?
  8. What about those who had covid and recovered (the approximately 98%)? They have the same or greater (read: Chinese vaccine in particular) protection naturally as from a vaccine. Vaccines are a way to "trick" the body into thinking it needs to make anti-bodies without actually having the sickness; therefore, those who have tested positive in the past, and are not now deceased, are protected in exactly the same way, only achieved via natural means. This is not a secret, yet why is this fact being ignored?
  9. May 14th -- 10 new COVID-19 positive tests in Chiang Mai Province today. That's about 0.00057% of the population of the province. We are in a red zone? All masks, all the time? Restaurants all closed unless they offer takeaway? No outdoor dining? Gyms closed? Spas closed? On it goes? I don't know about you, but I would like to know who is making the risk management decisions for us.
  10. https://twitter.com/ThaiNewsReports/status/1392698081590743041 The latest color-coded map of Thailand has just been released: RED: More than 100 cases (3 provinces) ORANGE: 51-100 cases (4 provinces) YELLOW: 11-50 cases (11 provinces) GREEN: 1-10 cases (45 provinces) WHITE: 0 cases (14 provinces) ----------------- Wow, amazing Thailand. So sorry to state the obvious, but things are looking good, yes? So why the panic?
  11. I hate to rain on your parade, but how many of the positive test prisoners died? Don't we have that figure? Ah, right; perhaps it's because the number is zero? Nice work keeping the general public scared stiff. As long as the media and certain foreign blogger(s) keep associating positive test results with death, we will never get out of chasing our tail. "The wave from Songkran continues, and without folks understanding that without mass testing everywhere it keeps slithering along." I forgot; please explain to me again how more testing stops a virus
  12. Speaking of the Chinese vaccines.... Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that the “Seychelles, which has vaccinated a higher proportion of its population against coronavirus than any other country, is struggling to contain a new surge in COVID-19 infections, raising questions about the effectiveness of a Chinese shot the island nation has administered to the majority of its vaccinated residents . . . According to the health ministry, more than one third of new active cases are people who are fully vaccinated. Authorities in the Seychelles haven’t said how many of those cases aro
  13. "And many boos for the idiots who say it is not effecting younger people..." Uh...okay: I don't know where the prescription-filling doctor at Banglamung hospital gets his information, but if the OP happens to have a link to support this claim, I am quite interested to read about it. This smacks of ill-informed, scaremongering to me. More to the point, variants can be more infectious, but less deadly. This would explain the uptick in cases, and an uptick in deaths, as the newer strain makes its way into previously unaffected, aged folks with comorbidi
  14. Again, foreigners are the problem. No Thais do anything like this, ever! You have to marvel at the anti-foreigner sentiments on full display almost every day. I've always thought that the Thais only barely tolerated the foreign devils for their money. Now big noses are gone, mostly, and it doesn't look like any tourist recovery will be forthcoming for at least years to come, so it seems there's a bit more bravado in their racism. Or, to be fair, it could be that only foreigners in the news is selected for posting on this English-language forum board. I admit I d
  15. I assume this is the CoronaVac, aka Sinovac, right? My question is: If you want a vaccine, is this the one you are willing to take?
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