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  1. In today's economy, trying to get something for free is really churlish. Particularly when you are not hurting for money yourself.
  2. "...charged with growing and manufacturing marijuana without a license." Uh, okay. So where do you get this license?
  3. "So that should mean that the state of emergency (COVID) decree should now be repealed so we and all the tourists can go shopping without a mask etc from now on." You do realize that the state of emergency is serving a dual purpose now, don't you?
  4. "....a group of around 40 Chinese tourists ...." I fully trust a news source that can't even figure out exactly how many people came into the country.
  5. "I just entered my wife." Jez, we really don't need to know about your sex life....
  6. "...this is a catastrophe ..." How? They will have done their 14-day time. They will be fine (as they are already since they were just tested) but that's not the point. The point is that the whole program is not designed to allow any meaningful number of tourists (real tourists) back into the country. At this rate the nation will never recover.
  7. mmmmm..... happy pipe.... Apparently, the TAT governor has said that there are more Chinese coming on the 26th of this month from Guangzhou. Reportedly, 147 of them who will -- and I am not making this up -- according to Mr. Governor's guesstimate, spend 800,000 baht EACH. That's a cool 117.6 million baht right off the bat. Prosperity here we come (again)!
  8. Hey! Get up off your butts. Following the bikini run, there will be the, "Sustainable Erection Run" with free, mandatory blue pills for all participants. This is an up and coming event which may be hard for some, but the more you keep it up, the better you'll be at it. It's a fun event so don't be mad if someone beats you.
  9. Errr... they don’t speak Chinese? Hey! I speak Chinese! Maybe I can wear a mask and come back in mixed in with the "tourists."
  10. Like a broken record, I will say again, until the authorities get over the notion of the (unattainable) goal of never having a single covid positive case in the country, we will NEVER reopen in any meaningful fashion. Fourteen-day on arrival quarantine is NOT sustainable. The big thinkers in Bangkok must know this, so what is the end game here? We safely got 39 Chinese in for long stay....we're on the road to recovery! Shall we move forward with another couple dozen? Yippie!
  11. So...you'd think that these "tourists" would be under pretty intense media scrutiny from now on. In particular, when they get out of detention. Where will they go (on their "tours")? Where will they eat? Will they be welcomed by the local population? As an example, I'd like to know what this fellow and his wife do for a living such that they can spend 14 days in solitude, with their 3 beautiful and well-behaved kids, and then at least another 14 days of enjoying the holiday destination of Phuket. I think "Occupation" is a field they had to fill in on their embarkation card, no?
  12. By the way, why are the "tourists" wearing 25 baht rain suits? How is that useful for any possible covid response? This is totally showboating for the brainwashed, in my opinion.
  13. "No. Originally we were told it was 120 coming in each 'batch'. Reality strikes, with the real numbers 0 from the first (cancelled) flight and now 39 from the second. That makes them 101 down so far on the original TAT claim." No, you are misinformed. The 120 was a total fake. That was, admitted by the Thai government after the fact, the number of INQUIRIES on the program. No one had paid anything for the scheme. Indeed, the number officially released was 41. Now we have lost 2 people. Where are there? Are they still in the wheel well of the "chartered flight"?
  14. Is this thread an ad for "Katana Sashimi Pattaya"? Did I miss the "this is ad content" message?
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