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  1. Surely just paying the bar fines and subsidies drinks in bars would ensure ensure much more happy times or farangs
  2. Probably do better to offer buy one bar fine get one free. At least tourists visiting bars spend money that gets back to Isaan.
  3. Tomorrow they will insist that you employ a Thai guide to follow you every where to report where you are. It will help reduce the unemployment rate too.
  4. For the poorer Thais the major complaints are the Chinese who only spend money in business owned by rich Chinese Thai owned businesses!
  5. Shooting by rifles. Say 10 rifles but only 2 with live bullets. Then no body feels that they were the killer. Having people in jail for 30 odd years before they are executed is inhumane.
  6. Why even put the number 10,000 forward when 2,000 probably won't be achievable!
  7. Only 9,319 need to come in December to reach 10,000 arrivals then!
  8. They will lose Thai customers and the few farangs who are still in Thailand. Thais take the family with them and often drink heavily with their food.
  9. I doubt that once farangs find other places to visit that they will find Thailand as attractive as before. It's a very long journey and for example my daughter and her family come here to eat and party. However most of her favourite restaurants are now closed and the closing hours of most places she likes to go out to at night are the same time that clubs open up in London UK.
  10. PM 2.5 was over 80 on the 19th which is when people might have decided whether or not to have come to Pattaya. Today it's 24.
  11. Disgraceful the land was given to help the poor. They borrow against the land can't pay back what they have borrowed and it lands up in the hands of the rich who can now freely develop it!
  12. One less resort that I will visit. The Mayor sure is doing a good job of killing off the small amount of trade that the beach currently attracts by banning booze.
  13. The target at the moment is a paltry 1,000 a month and they reached 681 probably including some business people. Now with this magical package they think that they can get 2,000 a month. The bureaucracy and paperwork required to come here is too much already and who wants to spend their first week locked up in an expensive hotel room and the second week confined to the hotel grounds. TAT doesn't understand the meaning of travel bubble arrangements between countries with very low rates of covid19. Remove the restrictions on these countries apart from pre flight covid19 tests and by
  14. Could easily be from money parked abroad by rich Thai people in shell companies! Who knows. Certainly a lot of black money.
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