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  1. She probably felt sorry for the monk in the other temple who could only take upskirt photos of a girl cleaning candle wax off the floor and just getting pictures of panties!
  2. And 40m tourists will be coming to Thailand next year because we will get rid of all the ridiculous paperwork currently required to come to Thailand. The compulsory quarantine will no longer be required. The minimum wage will be increased to 1,000 baht a day and a law for compulsory happiness will be introduced.
  3. No face masks or social distancing no wonder it wasn't advertised it would have been closed down by the BIB.
  4. The water might look clean but all the sewerage from Pattaya is released into the sea by the plant just next to the start of walking street. I haven't seen any upgrades to that plant in the last 25 years in spite of all the extra hotels and condos.
  5. TIT! Appeal being found guilty when you have pleaded guilty. Seems rather strange. In most countries if you plead against the term of a sentence you are very likely to get the sentence increased particularly if the sentence was reduced in exchange for a guilty plea. Maybe the brown envelope might work in a higher court.
  6. Probably the parents of the real leader of the gang could afford the brown envelope. The school had to make an example of at least one pupil. Passing him on to another school if he is the trouble maker will just move the problem to the next school.
  7. The offices of certain officials are overloaded with ¿paperwork¿ or should that read brown envelopes? Maybe the assistant OAG couldn't find his warrant to appear as it was under a load of ¿paperwork¿
  8. Daft to count a death as a covid19 death 28 days after someone has recovered from covid19. It should be noted that the UK is one of three countries that does not report the number of people who have recovered from covid19. This might be the reason why they could be recording road deaths, for example, as covid19 deaths. Even if someone has covid19 it's not a covid19 death it's a road traffic accident!
  9. Obviously with only three Committees being formed which are likely to come up with different conclusions a fourth committee will need to be formed to determine which committee has come up with the correct brown envelope conclusions (sorry completely independent and impartial conclusions). Then at least another year of the Statute of Limitations will be used up. Another committee will need to be set up to see if it is possible to pursue or renew the charges. The lawyers of Boss will appeal the reinstated charges and this will be appealed up through all the courts and by the time this has been done maybe the magic date in 2027 will have arrived.
  10. Banning motorbike drivers for one year for not wearing helmets and confiscating their motorcycles for one year would have the desired effect of making the idiots not wearing crash helmets wear them.
  11. Projecting numbers whilst there is no clarity about compulsory quarantine on arrival in Thailand and the possibility of further quarantine when tourists go home makes all these projections nonsense. I certainly wouldn't take a holiday for say 3 weeks when a further 4 weeks would have to be spent in quarantine. 7 weeks off work and 2 weeks of expensive quarantine in Thailand and the equivalent of 4 weeks jailed up!
  12. I personally don't think that the issue of health insurance for Non-O Visa holders after the covid19 problem has been addressed yet. There has been no clear announcement that retirement Visa holders are being allowed back into Thailand yet. Hopefully when they are it will be made clear that the old regulations about health insurance will remain. That is Non-O Visa holders will not require compulsory health insurance. I am 73 and the highest affordable cover that I can get is for 400,000 baht with an insurer based in Thailand. They will continue to cover me until I am 99.
  13. I have both AIS and True. At different times of the day one or the other can slow down rapidly particularly when children come back from school or workers return from work. I use both as a hotspot if the wifi signal drops on one of the providers. A post paid unlimited 30gb wifi on True is 321 a month. The quoted speed only works for part of the day. Everything depends upon where you live and the time of day you use your mobile phone wifi.
  14. Soon the story will change again. It is possible that the impact speed might have been 80 km per hour if the policemen had been driving at 90 km per hour and the other car at 170 km per hour. Any speed can be chosen from brown envelopes!
  15. The stupidity of the overspending of certain Governors has, in the main, caused this problem. Typically both the Democrats and Republicans add their own extras into a bill and refuse to budge if those extras are not in the bill. It is stupid to pay unemployment benefits of US$600 a week as that is more money than many of the unemployed would get if they returned to work. The Democrats are sticking to this us$600 and asking for bail outs of various Governors who have overspend in the past years. Some new Green Deal rubbish has been added into the covid19 bill. No wonder they won't agree. They will blame Trump to score points in the upcoming election. Dam the poor people out of work this is no more than political infighting!
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