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  1. The order will go into immediate effect in 8 years time as many of our finest would complain if they had to hand back the contents of empty brown envelopes.
  2. We will only prosecute the students who attended the marches because we are a fully Military Government.
  3. I thought this was a video released by North Korea. It makes visiting Thailand seem like a doddle no mention of the 22 step process or the compulsory US$100k insurance, clearance to fly certificate, pre flight covid19 tests, the fact that you can't smoke, drink alcohol in your room or use the expensive balcony you pay extra for etc. etc. There maybe people who see this video who will think how nice and then get turned off for life from going to Thailand because of the lack of truth in this video.
  4. I used an agent as I don't have a UK credit card. The agent had to go to Bangkok twice to hand over the documents and paid the passport fee with his credit card. If you go yourself and just miss out one document you must go back home and make another appointment with the agency appointed by the UK Government to process your child's passport. This is definitely a case where a good agent is worth there weight in gold. If they make a mistake they have to make that second journey.
  5. Even though there was an amnesty I continued to file my 90 day reports as normal as I didn't want to get caught in the mammoth queues once the various amnesty periods ended. If you file before 26th September you shouldn't get a fine but the queues might be huge. Use an agent to avoid the queues it will be cheaper than paying a fine next week.
  6. The money has to actually be transferred to a Thai bank or it's not recognized as income for Immigration Visa purposes. Then your bank certifies the money has been transferred from abroad and that the monthly amounts exceeded 65,000 baht. If you draw money from an ATM machine directly from your home bank account you're also getting very poor exchange rates. Your only choice is to use an agent unless you want 800k earning 1% interest.
  7. Lucky you went today lots of idiots think that the Government will give a last minute reprieve today so the next few days will be murder unless you use an agent.
  8. New day new rules for tourists. How can any tourist even make a plan to come? The latest idea being floated is that potential tourists isolate themselves at home before they fly to Thailand. So if this stupid idea flies there will be an effective 4 week quarantine period if you want to visit Thailand.
  9. "Easing of restrictions?" What a ridiculous idea. The hoops to jump over are immensely complicated and expensive and require 2 weeks of effective imprisonment. No smoking or alcohol allowed paying extra for rooms with balconies which can't be used and being confined to your hotel room. A fantastic start to a holiday and when leaving your prison most of your favourite restaurants will have already been closed down for lack of customers. Pattaya is in a death spiral and I have heard that Phuket is in a similar situation. Thailand will get bad reviews very quickly from dissatisfied tourists.
  10. 150,000 overstay tourists soon going home will be interesting to see how many contract covid19 within a week of getting home.
  11. This is fully explained in blank writing in all brochures issued by the brochures of the TAT. Obviously prisoners are not allowed to smoke or drink nor to use balconies. However being worried that this might deter tourists coming to Thailand it's not clearly set out in the conditions of bookings. However those booking a room with a balcony pay a high premium. This is done to remind farang tourists that they are not welcome in Thailand but are fodder to be ripped off.
  12. Just looked at the infographic produced by the Tourist Office of Confusion. It has 22 steps to follow before you can get released from prison. I doubt if even 22 people will bother reading the infographic. It is extremely difficult to understand.
  13. At the moment only business people and Vietnamese people are allowed in and they need to take a covid19 test before boarding and upon arrival. Only flights from Tokyo, Seoul and Taipai currently allowed to fly in from overseas countries.
  14. Just looked at my 90 day report. The back of it has a copy of another guy's passport with his date of birth etc. Brilliant for a person who wants to steal his ID.
  15. Fun will start with undercooked cold fried eggs with chicken sausage and lukewarm tea served at 9am. This will be followed by loud music for most of the day. In Thailand the louder the music the better/more fun it is. Most rooms won't have balconies unless you pay through the nose so all you will get is a lousy breakfast and incessant noise.
  16. Yesterday I read that the Government is considering adding a requirement that people coming to Thailand self quarantine in their home countries for 2 weeks before getting on a plane so coming to Thailand will require the equivalent of 4 weeks of prison. The Government Quarantine hotels are grossly overpriced and I understand that you are not allowed to leave your hotel room Who in their right mind would come to Thailand who has money when they have loads of money and can go to countries without such draconian rules. When I came here as a tourist a top requirement was a plentiful supply of decent restaurants. Over half the restaurants in Pattaya have closed down most permanently. I will see pigs flying before tourists coming in on this ridiculous scheme.
  17. When the Government has made it clear that there won't be another extension I can't understand why so many people think that they might change their minds at the last minute. In any event I doubt that the requirement to drop the Embassy letter will happen. Too big a loss of face. To avoid queues this week I suggest that late people needing an extension use an agent.
  18. I have been to Phuket twice and will never go again. The price gouging is outrageous. It starts at the airport with the taxi touts and tuk tuks. It's in bars and restaurants on the beaches, hospitals. No point picking individual places it's everywhere. I advise friends from the UK not to go there. Even the weather is worse than most seaside resorts as it is not protected by mountain ranges like say Hua Hin or Pattaya.
  19. I assume that the emergency will be to hose down protestors and not fires in spite of uncle Tu promising no violence against the protesters!
  20. In normal circumstances it would be disrespectful to nominate a new Supreme Court Judge before the burial of a highly respected Judge like Ginsberg but these are not normal times in the USA. I think it wrong that politicians vote in judges because that doesn't provide for a real separation of powers. It will tilt the Supreme Court to the right for a very long time. A Supreme Court ruling shouldn't be right or left wing it should be impartial.
  21. Both in the UK and in the USA people living in care homes died in large numbers because they were close to others with covid19. Wearing a mask reduces the risk of contracting covid19. The answer to your question must be that it's easy to spread the disease by talking to people who have the disease if both of you don't wear masks or socially distance.
  22. According to worldometer only around 10,700 people in Thailand have been tested out of a population of over 69m so it's impossible to say with any accuracy how many people have had the virus. What is known is that about 65 people a day die from road accidents which is more than the total reported as having died from covid19 in the last 7 months. Less care is being taken in taking temperatures and many places are open until the early hours of the morning in Pattaya. Social distancing is not happening in bars and discos. If the virus is around it will spread quickly.
  23. This will be called the Extra Paperwork Pequired Department "EPPD4" (Always sounds better to have a number in the title). It won't work in conjunction with the TAT as the latter's rules are making it too difficult for people to come to Thailand. A committee of 200 people will be formed to discuss how to simplify and codify the rules of entry into Thailand. This committee will report its findings within 180 days for consideration by the cabinet who will make recommendations to parliament within 60 days. A referendum will be held for Thai people to decide whether dirty farangs should be allowed into Thailand within 90 days of the Parliament approval of the referendum. Assuming no hitches a decision should be reached within a year on how to integrate these two departments and then they can start working on proposals to safety allow tourists to come to Thailand. These proposals will be put to Parliament for debate etc etc.
  24. The American system of political parties choosing judges stinks. The judges are appointed for life so the Court can swing to the left or right dependant on who dies when a particular party has control of the Senate and is President. It's tasteless to begin appointing another judge when Ginsburg hasn't even had her funeral. In the UK judges are appointed by fellow judges. The Law Courts are separate from Parliament.
  25. Unless the people who gave false evidence of his speed are prosecuted Boss will be able to use their evidence in his defence as there are wide discrepancies in his estimated speed. Also the police who didn't prosecute him for the cocaine in his system because they claimed it came from dental treatment are effectively giving him a defense to that charge unless they are charged with negligence with carrying out their investigations.
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