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  1. Isn't the Government fronting up for the discounts ... and discounted flights?
  2. They need to review their pricing. Expats are not going to pay what they charged pre-Covid.
  3. Brighton Grand in Naklua opened about 6 weeks ago for the same reason, I believe.
  4. On the baht bus from Jomtien this morning and saw a coach (remember them?) with seemingly Thai passengers pull into the Beverley Hotel. It looked like they were guided into the entrance by a waiting soldier. Quarantine hotel?
  5. Did my extension this morning and I am back end of Sept with my bank book. Lady took a photo of me today, never had that happen before. I don't know if it was for official use or personal. Probably the latter. Hope she has sweet dreams.
  6. All HiSos with exclusive designer face masks.
  7. Goodbye Covid, hello cholera? Maybe not since everyone doesn't drink tap water here.
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