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  1. But ... I've seen photos of them spending a penny.
  2. Best to get things done in low season when there is no-one here, though apparently there won't be anyone here in high season either.
  3. Yes it is awful, but the deceased armed himself with a knife and Mr Bullman looks like he was disabling his assailant. Is it telling that he is on bail and not in custody?
  4. I thought Bang Saen was full of university students, not least the delectable student doctors and nurses. The hospital will have to expand its geriatric facilities.
  5. Strachan it is v Blackburm for Leeds.
  6. Who is the only player born before 1960 to score a Premier League hat-trick?
  7. OP could always wade through 1200+ pages of Jingthing's Hit and Run thread.
  8. The scallops, or specials as I know them, are delish and highly addictive.
  9. Pig and Whistle in Jomtien is still going, just before the turn off towards the beach. I can reccommend their liver and onions and all day roast dinners. Also try BJ Lodge on Soi 3 off Pattaya Beach Road. Good portions at reasonable price. NB: BJ stands for Barry Jones, the original owner. A bit of a hidden gem. Sonjas on Beach Road Soi 4 has a good bar area and do food too, though not high quality. A few big Leos at 110 Baht a bottle should make you not care too much.
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