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  1. Youngest international captain.
  2. Did you know that 75% of statistics are made up? Not many people know that ... well only 14.27% actually.
  3. There will be "help" at the polls, as per usual. Vote early, vote often.
  4. That's Mark Lillis; he hasn't aged well. I think his son is playing as a goalie somewhere. Josh?
  5. It is clear to me that this is an insurance issue. The question is: did Cardiff get round to paying for it before the plane crash? They must pay Nantes what is due and then recover monies from their insurers, if insured. The owners must also tell Neil Warnock to say nothing more. I suspect some of what he has said, at a very emotional time, may be used agsinst him. Kudos to him and the CEO for attending the funeral.
  6. Reading lost 4-0 too so it is as you were.
  7. Good to see Foden getting a start. It will be of great value to him playing on a mudheap against a bunch of cloggers who will spend the game trying to kick him off the park. Keep your fingers crossed he doesn't get seriously injured. Or maybe .... no ... surely not.
  8. He must like picking a fight during Cobra Gold with US Military. I wonder if he has won yet. He must be doing it for Thailand.
  9. I would be more interested in the music than the bikes, but if it's inaudible I'll pass.
  10. Not strictly true though. He actuslly got 15 milliion quid to make him more filthy rich than he already is. But that doesn't scan.
  11. At 3.20 I was sat on Pattaya beach as all the bikes; and some cars; came by. They looked like mostly young Thais. Should that be unusual in Thailand? Have they pushed away the older farangs in any way? Is it just the way things are these days?
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