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  1. champers

    Help Me Im starving

    Continual pounding away is sure to make you lose weight, though your arm might ache a bit. Enjoy.
  2. champers

    Smog in Pattaya

    I can see the sea from my condo today; yesterday I couldn't.
  3. champers

    Smog in Pattaya

    My Thai girlfriend assures me that all the pollution in Thailand is a result of extraordinary volcanic activity in Indonesia and it is volcanic ash blown over here from over there that is causing the problem. So now you know.
  4. Rules and laws about ownership can be circumvented by putting businesses or property in the children's name. Thais do it too.
  5. champers

    Best way to get an elderly relative around

    I have used baht busses out of town. You can expect to pay 800 to 1000 Baht per day. In town I have negotiated about 600 for half a day to Pattaya Big Buddha and radio transmitter lookout point in a taxi. Taxis don't use their meters here.
  6. champers

    The official Manchester City thread 2019

    Have they not got better things to spend licence payers money on?
  7. champers

    The official Manchester City thread 2019

    You sure about that?
  8. champers

    The Mighty Auchinleck Prevail

    Was Dan Druff missing from the Ayr team? He is head and shoulders above anyone in that side. After the A1, 80/ is the best thing to come out of Scotland.
  9. champers

    Saudi Arabia blocks Thaivisa!

    Wasn't blocked on BBC. It was all over the papers here, well Bangkok Post for sure. Much debate in BP about the plight of the Bahrain/Aussie footballer being held here. I imagine it can be difficult to know what the Thai government is not telling the populace because, well, it is not telling.
  10. champers

    The official Manchester City thread 2019

    Garry C*ck would have been a more appropriate name.
  11. champers

    North Pattaya beach now clean

    The actual beach is quiet; I reckon most of those out under the sun are Russians. I sit under a brolly on that stretch and there are many Western Europeans there; mostly German. Your fellow Scandinavians will mostly be in Jomtien. Most Brits will be South of Klang. Many Chinese under the brollies, very few Indians. They don't like to pay for a deckchair.
  12. champers

    Help Me Im starving

    Ah, yes. Apple are my faves. If they ever start doing corned beef ones I will be in nirvana. Do you think Greggs will ever open a few branches here?
  13. champers

    Help Me Im starving

    Pies at 7/11? I wish.
  14. champers

    Nongprue cracks down on sidewalk vendors

    You come here for the crowded pavements?
  15. Sorry. I meant how many Thai taxes do you pay? My argument is that in the UK you paid for NHS treatment indirectly via all those taxes you paid. I presume you only pay UK Income Tax now. In Thailand you just pay for health treatment directly to your provider, as and when required. Be aware that Thai hospitals are very keen on prescribing drugs, the more the merrier it seems.