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  1. Free agent, I think. His dog makes more headlines than him these days.
  2. Had a look on Wikipedia about Robert Mak and Vladimir Weiss. They were both in the side that beat Chelsea to win the 2008 FA Youth Cup. Also in the team were Ben Mee, Kieren Trippier, Daniel Sturridge (another Bolton loanee) and Andrew Tutte who is currently in the Bolton squad as a DM. This is just prior to the Abu Dhabi buyout.
  3. Is he a Brazilian? Ukraine had one last night who came on early as a sub and was then subbed off himself later - a bit humiliating.
  4. I think red, blue and white horizontals was Holland. Mazy dribble from ex City youth Robert Mak leads to Slovakia taking the lead. Wladimir Weiss, another former City lad; and Bolton loanee; on the bench.
  5. I know this is being smart after the event, but I have just seen today's new offering with the 2 pretties sat on a couch. I have no idea what they are talking about, Aerosoft apart, but having seen the ad just twice I already find it hugely annoying. Be careful what you wish for. Come on Scotland, hoots mon!
  6. Is the expat community in Thailand free of people of a criminal inclination who indulge in nefarious dealings? I think not and I doubt you do.
  7. That is the same as what I but you have edited out the relevant part of my post. Naughty, naughty!!
  8. The Government already has your passport and visa details along with phone number and address. The concern must be about identity theft by full-time criminals, especially people smugglers.
  9. If 3 EURO 2020 games tonight isn't enough for you, fear not, PPTV is showing Brazil v Venezuala at 4am and Colombia v Ecuador at 7am. All Thai times; commentary will be in Thai, I presume. Invited guests Australia and Qatar previously withdrew from the tournament so 2 groups of 5 now and top 2 from both groups go into the semis. Enjoy or endure!
  10. Who knew there was so much money in flip flops?
  11. Koh Larn is closed to tourists now; it's a Covid thing. Who knows when it will re-open.
  12. The reason you ended up with him is because Chelsea showed him the door; and now they want to buy him back.
  13. How about a report in page 2 of today's Bangkok Post? Approval from Anutin, so could possibly be countermanded by Prayut.. You can check the online version of the BP.
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