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  1. The one at T21 is under construction and has been for about a month. It's in front of the entrance to Foodland where the baht buses U-turn on Nua to go to the beach. A couple of big cranes on site today. It will be finished before we know it; that's the private sector for you.
  2. I have just looked at the BBC World News online. Headlines 1 to 3 are: 1. China strengthening her grip on Hong Kong. Fair enough. 2. Myanmar protest updates. Yes, again fair enough. 3. Indian woman keeps flower embroidery tradition alive. No, no way can this be ahead of anything about Covid, the Pope in Iraq, Aussie political sex scandal, New York political sex scandal and dozens of other topics of world relevance. BBC World News on TV is no better. It spends ab inordinate amount of time describing how wonderfully diverse it is that it forgets it's main function which is re
  3. I am sure Manual worked at Fawlty Towers. He was from Barcelona.
  4. Buffalo racing would get a big crowd but would make a mess of the football pitch.
  5. Let us know when you have 20,000 spectators watching school childrens' athletics, football or anything else.
  6. I have BTV and have had many issues this year and I think Covid is to blame. They, and others, will have lost a lot of customers and their revenue has suffered greatly. I pay 250 a month, and have not had a price increase in 4+ years, so don't expect a top notch service. They are doing their best with what they have.
  7. A football stadium with no top class team to play there after Pattaya United cleared off a couple of years ago. This vanity project could end up being a white elephant. Might there have been better things to spend the money on?
  8. La Baguette also have a branch on Naklua Road in front of the Woodlands Hotel. It is very busy at weekends with Thai customers mainly. They look well heeled to me, but I suppose looks can be deceptive.
  9. There is a place on Naklua/Pattaya Road about 100M past the Lumpiniville condo complex, on the LHS coming up from Dolphin Circus. They have plenty of stock.
  10. Sat on the 7pm bus Ekkami to Pattaya. Last bus us 8pm. Got the 10am Pattaya to Ekkami this morning; 2 hours journey time
  11. Thai potatos are not "chippers" like UK Maris Piper or King Edward.
  12. I am on the beach and there are plenty of Thais visiting as the long weekend starts. It is nice to see those beach vendors who are open with an influx of customers. No booze today but they are still here in big numbers. Let's hope it continues to be busy over the whole weekend.
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