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  1. Burst water mains are not uncommon in the West so why should the Far East be any different? Have local residents and businesses had supply restored?
  2. A report this morning says that visitors can come if their home cities have no reported covid infections for 30 or more consecutive days. That seems reasonable to me but rules out huge swathes of India, Europe and the US. OK for parts of China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Oz and NZ.
  3. Two correct scores: Mersey derby and Sheff Utd v Fulham which was my banker. I tipped a City win too.
  4. I hear they were at Terminal 21 and people were donating cash to their cause. Don't have to sit on the beach to be supportive.
  5. The movement is growing so more will surely follow. More power to their elbows.
  6. Nat Phillips should be in contention at age 23. Otherwise, I don't see how he is still at the club and not been loaned out or transferred.
  7. The "beautiful roof frame" proposed by the City Council in the OP should be like the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas ... when things get completely back to normal.
  8. I think that if the protests at weekends in Bangkok become a fixture then people will come here in greater numbers to stay well away from them. The protests in Pattaya have been relatively small by comparison and have not been disrupting transport and causing shopping malls to close like they have in the capital.
  9. This is an advertorial so subject to hyperbole. The hotel looks good but is far from World class. I would expect an en suite jacuzzi, many more flowering plants, wheelchair access to the beach plus many other features.
  10. It could be construed as bribery at worst, unethical at best by those ambassadors who come from countries where acceptance of such freebies is nowadays off limits. Hardly looks good back home too, going on such a jolly when millions are under lockdown. A polite refusal should be the response to the invite.
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