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  1. Exactly the right thing to do! It is so shocking how many people on this forum just decide on a drug or a treatment and go right out to get it from practically anyone . Remember after the treatments start before heading off for a more inexpensive treatment option get measured again to make sure your deficient levels have improved properly. I got NO results from the testosterone Androgel. 1 in 5 don't according to its manufacturer. So the 4 months I spent with a rather expensive clinic did me ZERO good. I did find a good clinic tho.' And consider a little exercise. It does wonders. Whatever you can handle. Good Luck
  2. And even more entrenched our Federal Drug Enforcement Agency spends 25% of its enforcement money on pot. If you will pardon the pun the homegrown legalize pot movement seems to be taking off. I live in Illinois and our governor wants it by the end of the year. 11 states have legalized and 13 have decriminalized it. The magic 35 number seems just around the corner. I don't smoke it or enjoy it but hate seeing my tax dollars wasted on enforcement of our draconian laws.
  3. It looks like lots of US states will be legalizing pot this year and next. If the US states finally equal 35 they can legalize pot backwards thru a constitutional amendment. I saw in a survey that less than 5% of the geezers in the Senate thought it should be legal. I don't know if they have surveyed the house but it has gotten a lot of younger more knowledgeable reps this last cycle of elections. The feds are going to lag behind the states and behind the general population in the US. Might be because so many federal law enforcement agencies get huge funds yet to combat marijuana. The pols hate to upset their real constituents.
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